*MAJOR SPOILERS* The Ending of Captain America: The First Avenger

*MAJOR SPOILERS* The Ending of Captain America: The First Avenger

Did Joe Johnston leave a giant blunder in Marvel's latest blockbuster?

I saw Captain America on both the midnight showing AND opening day, so you know I mean it when I say that I absolutely loved this movie. I intend to write my review later on in the weekend. However, one giant thing has been nagging me about this movie, and that is Steve Rogers' heroic sacrifice.

Did he really have to perish? In the movie, he claimed that there was no time to waste and that he had to get the plane into the water. But wait.... why was there no time left? The bombs that Red Skull were planning on dropping had to be deployed by the pilot of the ship.... who happened to be Steve Rogers. Couldn't he safely fly over the US without triggering any of the bombs?

Furthermore, how was the plane inoperable? He was clearly able to steer the plane towards the ground. Why couldn't he just do a 360 degree turn-around back to England?

And last but not least, wasn't the cosmic cube what was powering the whole ship? With the cube gone, wouldn't the plane just crash into the ground anyway? I'd be happier with this reasoning because at least Steve Rogers would have died no matter what.

I'm not normally one who searches for goofs in movies, but this one was too big for me to not notice. It's one of the most momentous moments in Cap's life and the Marvel Universe, and I'd hate for it to be tainted by some pretty lazy film-making. Did anyone that went to see this movie happen to pick up on something that I missed? Is there an explanation for why he had to sacrifice himself?

(P.S. In case you didn't catch this before, I'm not picking on Captain America. I loved this movie and I'm simply pointing this out in hopes someone will correct me.)
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ThomasRochester - 7/23/2011, 2:29 PM
i think it was technically gliding at that point so he steered it into the ice, because it may have been able to glide to a populated place ?
albertross2000 - 7/23/2011, 2:36 PM
Well if he doesn't crash into the water the the Avengers would never find him frozen in the ice.
Echo4 - 7/23/2011, 2:57 PM
on my third time wathing Cap i watched that seen very close as thishad been bothering me also.I assume that he was somewhere around Greenland when he decidecided to put it down.The shot just after he sits in the the seat shows the insterment panel.one panel shows that the plane is still on corse to New York and the second one shows the planes status. The status panel show several red systems implying that the plane waa having major problems,i assume that the loss of the cube disabled most of the systems so Cap had the choice of riding it out and seeing what happened or given the apeed of the plane and the assumed power of the bombs, he was able to insure it was stopped by putting it in the water
shaxbert - 7/23/2011, 3:00 PM
Better question: Did you really have to put the major spoiler in the title of the article itself? Good lookin' out there, chief!
sigh - 7/23/2011, 3:02 PM
Your article title sucks. You could've written *Major Spoilers* Captain America CA:TFA End.
sigh - 7/23/2011, 3:03 PM
It's also on google news so good job.
SmokinIndo - 7/23/2011, 3:10 PM
@shaxbert and @sigh

If you didn't have even the vaguest idea of what happens at the end of Captain America, you shouldn't be on a site called "Comic Book Movie".
CorndogBurglar - 7/23/2011, 3:23 PM
@ indo

like Echo4 said, the instrument panel showed that the plane was damaged and having problems, especially sinc Cap and Red Skull pretty much destroyed everything inside it when they were fighting.

I think that was meant to show that he didn't have the options to just fly it wherever he wanted.

I do agree though, they could have easily given a LITTLE explanation as to why he couldn't just turn around and go back to England. During that scene, my friend said the same exact thing, "why doesn't he just turn around and go back?" lol :)
sigh - 7/23/2011, 3:38 PM

The article was on Google news under "Entertainment" which is how I saw the title. We didn't even have to go to this site.
InSpace - 7/23/2011, 3:53 PM
That did'nt really bother me about the movie, what did though is the poor character development. Like when Bucky died and didn't care , we should of seen more of their relationship then those montages and also more romance with Agent Carter and how bout giving Cap's team/teamates a name, I didn't hear Dum Dum Dugan not once. But other than that it was a great film with very good easter eggs. I just wished it was longer =/
superotherside - 7/23/2011, 4:33 PM
Well. He probably didn't want to crash it into new your because that plane was pretty big even with the bombs... the cube probably was just it's main power source... not it's only one. So while there was enough to keep the plane air borne for a while it was running out so he had to crash it over the arctic at least that's how it seemed to me... lol idk just some thoughts...
JackDexx - 7/23/2011, 5:27 PM
it wasn't england. the last hydra base was in the Antarctic.
Wadey09 - 7/23/2011, 5:41 PM
actually the last base was in the Alps, 500 feet below sea level. which is actually no where near the antarctic.
shaxbert - 7/23/2011, 6:42 PM
@indo - Pretty much what sigh said. The only reason I actually AM on this site was to ask that question.
CapWriter - 7/23/2011, 9:28 PM
I hear you, Indoraptor. There were a few minor holes like this. I'm a fan, so I know what the cosmic cube is and how the Red Skull is hell bent on world domination, but to your average viewer, they probably wanted a little more explanation. And me, as your above-average audience member, I wanted a little less cheesy 1-liners like RED SKULL: You never give up, do you? CAP: Nope!
At times the soundtrack was a little too over-the-top and sappy, but I'm glad it was all original score and not music from The Foo Fighters or something ridiculous. My last and final critique: the last 10 seconds fell way too flat for me, I wanted to see Steve Rogers absolutely freaked out in shock, kicking and screaming, even fainting from sensory overload. That's it.

All in all, I love it. I saw 3 times in 15 hours and will probably see it once more before it is all said and done.
Cartoon22 - 7/23/2011, 9:42 PM
cap was amazing the movie was great..... well he was losing power so he put it in the water instead of crashing on land
hotkarl8083 - 7/24/2011, 11:34 PM
Not to nit pick your article but dont you mean 180? If he did 360 he would still be on course...
Moonwalker1991 - 7/25/2011, 3:00 PM
It's really not a big deal. How else are the Avengers going to find him if he's still in the year 1942? Maybe some of you should reread the comics.
JackDexx - 7/25/2011, 5:19 PM
ah shit wadey i just remember him being found in Antarctica in the comics
ggrreenn - 7/28/2011, 11:52 AM
ok in movie they show his shield in plane, was his body there to? or did it follow deleted scene for the incredible hulk were body must of fell out of plane?
Critickilla - 10/28/2011, 10:56 AM
Also if you Pay attention to cap he was trying to press butons to controll the plane. He had no choice but to put it down in the water, if he didnt the plane possibly could of crashed landed in a populated area, considering there was no way of keepin it in the air forever. GREAT MOVIE I SAY

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