Captain America Movie Setting Up "Winter Soldier"?

<i>Captain America</i> Movie Setting Up "Winter Soldier"?

Is the Winter Soldier coming to The Marvel Movie Universe through the Captain America Movie. Make the jump to find out if so.

With filming starting in less than two months, June 28th, and after the many rewrites, Marvel must have come up with a solid story, and star-studded cast. Which now includes, Chris Evans as Captain Amreica, Hugo Weaving as The Red Skull, Hayley Atwell as Peggy Carter, and last Sebastian Stan as Bucky.

Bucky being the main topic, CHUD may have received an exclusive from the production of The First Avenger: Captain America, involving Bucky becoming the Winter Soldier character, first featured in the comics, now in a potential Captain America sequel.

-Warning Possible Spoilers-

From CHUD:
Sources inside the The First Avenger: Captain America production are now telling me that the Captain America movie continuity is being developed to leave the door open for the Winter Soldier to appear, should there be a sequel. Bucky will be seemingly killed when Cap is frozen in ice, as he was in the original post-WWII Captain America stories, but he'll take on some serious injuries along the way, allowing him to show up again in the future with a cyborg arm.

Previous thinking at Marvel Studios had Bucky surviving the war and meeting Cap in the modern day as an old man, which is how it happened in the Ultimate universe, a rebooted version of Marvel continuity that's been influential on some of Marvel's approach about the movies. I've actually heard some contradictory versions of what happens to Bucky, which leads me to believe that there's been some back and forth on the issue (I've also heard that, as of a couple of weeks ago, the script for The First Avenger: Captain America was anything but locked down), but my source feels fairly certain that right now The Winter Soldier is being, if not planned, left available.

What do you think?

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OverCross - 5/3/2010, 1:21 PM
Finally get more people to know about him

Enjoyable but easy to screw up

Watch out
Pyche - 5/3/2010, 1:22 PM
Hells Yeah!

Winter Soldier!!
HelaGood - 5/3/2010, 1:24 PM
@MF whats with the name change??? do you swing both ways now???
AlexDeLarge87 - 5/3/2010, 1:25 PM
Who is this Winter Soldier guy?
OdinsBeard - 5/3/2010, 1:28 PM
awesome! i like it and i hope they do it this way.

that would mean red skull would be back as well!
Shaman - 5/3/2010, 1:29 PM
Well, good!
AngryRob - 5/3/2010, 1:30 PM
Ugh, I rather liked Cap meeting Old Bucky in the Ultimates, really played up the man out of time thing I thought was an interesting bit of Cap's character. Sometimes you need more character development and less 'splosions.
AlexF6388 - 5/3/2010, 1:30 PM
Oh, please, let this happen. Winter Soldier...he is my hero!

And you, @AlexDeLarge666, should be ashamed of yourself, asking such a question, bringing Alex's around the world down! Wikipedia that s#it! Or use Comicvine!

AnotherLonelyCritic - 5/3/2010, 1:31 PM
[frick] yes! I'm a HUGE fan of WS! I love how much dread Steve carries on his soldiers because he thought for all those years he killed Bucky, and comes to find out who Bucky became. Yeah, if done right, it'll be beautiful in the movie.
CorndogBurglar - 5/3/2010, 1:32 PM
well they're definately keeping their options open for Winter Soldier, they signed the guy playing Bucky for 5 movies. Bucky won't be in 5 movies, but Winter Soldier might be!
InTylerWeTrust - 5/3/2010, 1:34 PM
Well I would hope so.
JoshWilding - 5/3/2010, 1:36 PM
Although it would be great for Cap to have an old Bucky as a link to the past, it would be far more interesting for him to have nobody and for them to introduce Winter Soldier in future movies! (which would be amazing!!!) Awesome find DCMF! :)
DaenerysTargaryen - 5/3/2010, 1:36 PM
I have a feeling one of the five films Sebastian has signed on for include when he becomes the next Captain America. Oh and Winter Soldier should definitly be in one of the sequels. :)
DCMarvelFreshman - 5/3/2010, 1:39 PM
@HelaGood LOL. I had to own up to how amazing Dark Knight was. Plus I'm highly anticipating the SuperMan movie.
I really don't care for Green Lantern, but that's the way I felt when Iron Man was coming.

I'm still all for Marvel though. I want to see Thor & Cap more than anything DC has planned.
gunner - 5/3/2010, 1:49 PM
I've written in Previous Post's That Bucky's story is Important ! (as well as Cap's) and it Look's as Though there Will Be a Fusion of the old Marvel with the New... Bravo !!!
marckos - 5/3/2010, 1:50 PM
for me no problem, they could make the same movie iron man (war machine), put the bucky there, but using only one sequence
Joker08 - 5/3/2010, 1:52 PM
@AngryRob: I'd rather see them follow the Ultimates route as well, if everyone from Cap's WWII hasn't aged it would just be weird, there has to be some sort of continuity as far as the continuation of time is concerned. And, I just don't wan't the Avengers getting overcrowded...
THEMRTERRIFIC - 5/3/2010, 1:52 PM
Bring on the Winter Soldier!!
CaptainOtter - 5/3/2010, 1:53 PM
@DCMarvelFreshman, thats more than fair, and I have a very similar mindset. Im very much a Marvel guy and am much more into their upcoming movies and comics, but everyone loves Batman. And even as a true Marvel zombie, I also read Green Lantern, Flash, Bats and Secret Six.

But yeah, I've been thinking they wanted to go the Winter Soldier route for some time. I don't think he can work as a big, main villain for obvious reasons. But as a secondary villain/supporting character? Of course.
JaySchluffy - 5/3/2010, 1:54 PM
Heres hoping, sequel ahoy!
AngryRob - 5/3/2010, 1:56 PM
exactly, Joker08, I'd much rather they used the fantastical bits of the comic sparingly. Having Cap frozen in a block of ice is one thing, but having Cap, Bucky, and Nick Fury all in WWII together then in present day without aging is just too much.
CaptainOtter - 5/3/2010, 2:01 PM
For the record, Winter Soldier shouldnt be in the Avengers. He doesnt really have a reason to be there, and doesnt add anything to the story. They should cover him in the sequels to Captain America, where you can explore the relationship between him and Steve. That relationship cant be explored in the Avengers.
Shaman - 5/3/2010, 2:02 PM
AngryRob- I personally prefer the Ultimate Bucky storyline for a stand alone first film ending with a book end. But we need "something" for a sequel and i guess the Winter Soldier is not a bad way to go for a second plot. I'd be up for anything better as well though. I guess it will depend highly on what happens in Avengers. A Cap sequel is a long ways away if it ever happens. For some reason, out of the big trinity, i get the feeling that Cap will do good but not as well as the other two. Who knows?
spiderman620 - 5/3/2010, 2:05 PM
good!!! im glad about this with bucky in the first film for a sequel to see him come back and fight against cap...could pull at heart strings you know what i mean
spiderman620 - 5/3/2010, 2:15 PM
i completly agree with your name also more marvel(there just better) but i also enjoy dc characters...just saying good for you man.,..cheers
blankofthedead - 5/3/2010, 2:20 PM
LMAO! star-studded cast?! who?
Joker1zero - 5/3/2010, 2:23 PM
I wanna see the winter soldier. He could be like some legendary assassin in modern times but wears a mask and near the climax, he takes off his mask and is revealed to be Bucky. Just sayin, it'd make a good little plot point.
comicb00kguy - 5/3/2010, 2:28 PM
One of the few interesting twists in the Ultimates was seeing Cap meeting an elderly Bucky. I still want to see the Classic Avengers as the ones onscreen. I've waited over 25 years to see them, not some imposters from a parallel earth, on film. Perhaps a compromise would work, where we take some of the few good ideas from the Ultimates, and some of the good ideas from the Classic Avengers, and create a third group that is a hybrid of the two.

While I don't mind the idea of a Winter Soldier storyline in a future sequel for a Cap film (done right, that could make an EXCELLENT movie, imo), Bucky has no business in the Avengers, and I don't want to see him there.

Shaman: I'd think that Thor would do the poorest of the "big trinity" of Avenger-related movies. He's just not as mainstream as Iron Man or Cap are. We shall see.
contrast - 5/3/2010, 2:29 PM
@MikeSanderson09-- The cyborg arm isn't as far-fetched as it sounds. The same company that invented the segway have been working on a robotic arm to aid veterans who are missing limbs... Check it out HERE

The movement in this video is slow, just to illustrate what movements it can do, but I've seen a video before that shows a man with no arms using the "luke" arm to feed himself... WITH CHOPSTICKS
JohnnyKrypton - 5/3/2010, 2:32 PM
Cool. Now if they would just put Winter Soldier back where he belongs in the comics...
DCMarvelFreshman - 5/3/2010, 2:51 PM
Marvel makes multiple movie deals, "JUST IN CASE" their character may show up again. So it could be something as simple as a flashback, of Bucky in WW2.

Or they could have just thrown on expensive makeup giving him an older look, but yeah there are only two options. Winter Soldier. Older Bucky.
HelaGood - 5/3/2010, 2:51 PM
@MF you will always be MARVELfreshman to me... screw DC! LOL
ZombieLypse - 5/3/2010, 2:52 PM
Keep it simple Marvel no Winter Soldier, not yet anywhow. The movie should end with Bucky appearing dead after the ending and save the rest for the sequel!
LEEE777 - 5/3/2010, 2:55 PM
DCMarvelFreshman @ FRESHMAM, lmao dude!!!

I was joking the other day you should be DC FRESHMAN!!!!

Heh heh.

About time man!

Great article, but i think its a tad too soon to be thinking WINTER SOLDIER!

Maybe in CAPTAIN AMERICA 4, but i wanna see NOMAD etc before him!

And =


Yeah i know we got a lil runt for BUCKY but HEDLUND would make a great WINTER SOLDIER!

And FRESHMAN, cool new name!!
Ranger14 - 5/3/2010, 2:55 PM
As already mentioned Stan has been signed to 5 movies, so one would have to think he would be come Winter Soldier as Bucky for 5 movies doesn't make much sense. We have talked about that for quite some time now since it was announced that Stan was signed.

I would love to see a Winter Soldier, but scrawny-ass Stan better be hitting the gym heavy duty before that happens. Wimpy Stan will be fine for Bucky, but Winter Soldier I can't see it. :-(
LEEE777 - 5/3/2010, 2:56 PM
No ULTIMATE BUCKY sh1T though MARVEL!!! Ever! : P
ReillyParker - 5/3/2010, 2:58 PM
Hey if they do go the winter soldier route you think they'll cast some one older than Sebastian Stan for the role. I know he did age a few years since the block of ice bit cause soviets "re-activated" only when they need him for a job. I'm think they might since I believe there was a rumor for a younger guy being cast as Nick Fury for the Cap movie.

@blankofthedead: SLJ?
connor110693 - 5/3/2010, 3:23 PM
u know i actually like winter soldier being captain america better than steve rogers himself lol
Hawksblueyes - 5/3/2010, 3:35 PM
I doubt he will become Winter Soldier right off the bat. If The First Avenger is a hit I'm sure we'll get an Invaders spin off.
VIKEME - 5/3/2010, 3:44 PM
Nice, Winter Solider is definitely one of my favorites.
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