Actress Hayley Atwell discusses her role in Captain America: The Winter Soldier and the love story of Peggy and Steve that gets a footnote in the film and in the short included on the Iron Man 3 blu-ray.

"It's like going back to a family," said Hayley Atwell on returning to Marvel Studios and working on the Captain America sequel. She continued, "I did a short film, which comes out on the blu-ray for Iron Man 3 in September and there's a hint that she still holds a flame for [Steve], she still pines after him. But the picture of him in her desk is one of early-Steve, skinny-Steve. You get a sense that she loved that, she loved his spirit, his heart and his character. So that's really a nice touch."

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Captain America: The Winter Soldier” picks up where “Marvel’s The Avengers” left off, as Steve Rogers struggles to embrace his role in the modern world and teams up with Natasha Romanoff, aka Black Widow, to battle a powerful yet shadowy enemy in present-day Washington, D.C. Starring Chris Evans, Scarlett Johansson, Sebastian Stan, Anthony Mackie, Cobie Smulders, Frank Grillo, Georges St-Pierre, Hayley Atwell, Toby Jones, Emily VanCamp and Maximiliano Hernández with Samuel L. Jackson and Robert Redford, “Captain America: The Winter Soldier” is directed by the team of Anthony and Joe Russo from a screenplay written by Christopher Markus & Stephen McFeely and is based on the ever-popular Marvel comic book series, first published in 1941. Marvel Studios’ President Kevin Feige is producing the film. Executive producers on the project include Alan Fine, Louis D’Esposito, Victoria Alonso, Michael Grillo and Stan Lee. The creative production team on the film includes director of photography Trent Opaloch, production designer Peter Wenham, editors Jeffrey Ford, A.C.E. and Mary Jo Markey, A.C.E. and three time Oscar®-nominated costume designer Judianna Makovsky. “Captain America: The Winter Soldier” is set for release on April 4, 2014.
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arsonjack - 8/16/2013, 4:27 AM
feels like captain america 2 will be a tragic story jus like captain america.
kevberg - 8/16/2013, 4:31 AM
"You get a sense that she loved that, she loved his spirit, his heart and his character"

with that simple statement, she gets the character more than some of the dumbass phony fanboys that slam CA:TFA.

They don't get it and its really, really sad.
kevberg - 8/16/2013, 4:35 AM
and shes so amazingly sexy...deezamn!
SomTingWong - 8/16/2013, 4:38 AM
Great Actress
TheFamousJMC - 8/16/2013, 4:43 AM
I just want to brag that I was at that opening of the Pride, and her performance was wonderful. If you think she's hot on screen you've seen nothing til you see her in person. boom.
SnapperCarr - 8/16/2013, 4:50 AM

Starkasm - 8/16/2013, 4:55 AM
What @kevberg said

I know people who said it wss cheesy. And I said the same thing, you really don't get it.
gambgel - 8/16/2013, 4:56 AM
thanks for the SPOILER pic on the top of the article

TheDpool - 8/16/2013, 4:58 AM
@Darking that pic just makes me think they are under cover and widow uses the kiss the keep themselves hidden.

I'm hoping we see Carter have some kinda teary eyes scene knowing that she cant have Steve and having past feelings of mourning brought up in her mind.
Timerider84 - 8/16/2013, 5:04 AM
I think they will have their dance, but she then dies in his arms. It's probably toward the end of the movie, after he takes out the bad guys.
Orphix - 8/16/2013, 5:10 AM
Awww - I hope she is given a happy life after the events of CA:TFA. I would hate to think of her pinning for Steve for all those years.

And apart from the final act I thought CA:TFA was a pretty classy effort. The first act in particular is great.
NoAssemblyReqd - 8/16/2013, 5:13 AM
Interested to see how they age her up digitally. If it's as good as what they did to transform Evans into Skinny Steve, I'm sure it will be impressive.
ParisSun - 8/16/2013, 5:24 AM

Cap has to move on with his life and tap that. It's been a loooooong time. Of course Peggy is his soulmate though.
Bspeiser - 8/16/2013, 5:24 AM
NoAssemblyReqd - 8/16/2013, 5:30 AM
And I hope Old Peggy's scene is not some lame throwaway at the beginning of the movie. It needs to happen at the end, when Cap is ready to go face-to-face with her.
RyKnow - 8/16/2013, 5:34 AM
Looking forward to this flick. I hope it's got a Tom Clancy feel to it considering their saying it's a political thriller.

@ NoAssemblyReqd - Agreed.
SUPERSHADOWBAT - 8/16/2013, 5:48 AM
Cap TFA was a great CBM. The problem with today's generation is that they can't relate to heroes like Cap and Superman because they feel what they stand for is corny and outdated. It's a sad commentary on today's society that if you stand for honesty and justice and are patriotic that you are irrelevant. I feel it's the other way around, and we still need heroes like Supes and Cap to remind us of what the right thing to do is.
Just like Cap showed in TFA and in the Avengers selflessness and sacrifice are to be admired. I'm looking forward to seeing Cap TWS, it should have a lot of gut wrenching moments. Haley At well is beautiful, hope she gets good screen time as Peg.
Luminus - 8/16/2013, 5:50 AM
"But the picture of him in her desk is one of early-Steve, skinny-Steve. You get a sense that she loved that,"

As if she would've dated skinny Steve. She couldn't keep her hands off of Captain Steve, so who is she kidding?
NovaCorpsFan - 8/16/2013, 5:52 AM
She's an incredible actress...

But dem tits! Know'd'Am sayin'!!!
Luminus - 8/16/2013, 5:55 AM
Oh, and if you think a 90+ year old women is going to look as good as that pic above suggests without some serious plastic surgery, I've got a bridge to sell you.
sameoldthing - 8/16/2013, 6:02 AM
I want to eat her like a piece of pie.
Luminus - 8/16/2013, 6:03 AM
@MrMartinMarvel: I see an incredibly old woman with hair better than some teenagers. We'll see.
StrangerX - 8/16/2013, 7:04 AM
If I was Steve Id still hit it.

Age ain't nothin but a number :)
NovaCorpsFan - 8/16/2013, 7:13 AM
Lol ^
ShogunNevets - 8/16/2013, 7:57 AM
She should be Wonder Woman, I'm pretty sure she's not gonna show up anymore after this. [frick] SHE'S HOT!
RPD - 8/16/2013, 7:57 AM
Yeah, she's adorable...
jumpingJellybeans - 8/16/2013, 9:19 AM
@DudeGuyMan Well, since he's not a fifteen year old boy I sincerely hope not.
pintoman - 8/16/2013, 9:22 AM
Hayley. Please marry me.
Kayo - 8/16/2013, 10:19 AM
she's a beauty
lntrn8 - 8/16/2013, 10:24 AM
@pintoman... I got dibs!
BIGBMH - 8/16/2013, 11:40 AM
"You get a sense that she loved that, she loved his spirit, his heart and his character"

That's what I really liked about their relationship. We were shown how special Steve was as a person and we were shown that she appreciated that and cared for him even before he was transformed. Probably the best love story Marvel Studios has done so far.

Kyos - 8/16/2013, 12:35 PM
"Probably the best love story Marvel Studios has done so far."

I think it was the best by far! One of the many pleasant surprises about CA:TFA. Also Hayley is just ridiculously pretty...! :D
superherofan21 - 8/16/2013, 3:14 PM
If this movie ends with Cap dancing with an older Peggy Carter, I'm going to cry.
mgeoff88 - 8/16/2013, 3:28 PM
Yah, Steve's and Peggy's relationship is the best in the MCU so far.

Chris Evans and Hayley Atwell had such great chemistry together. You really believed they loved each other.

Hayley Atwell is incredibly beautiful and is such a lovely person. I can't wait to see her kick ass in Agent Carter! I'm also looking forward to seeing Steve and Peggy reunite and finally have closure in CA:TWS. Man, that is going to be an emotional scene.
JustinMSalvato - 8/16/2013, 5:56 PM

Hey Natalie Portman! That's how you handle yourself in an interview about comic book movies.

My goodness, Atwell is so delectable.
Optimus83 - 8/17/2013, 6:16 PM

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