Samuel L. Jackson Gets Bloody On Cleveland Set Of CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE WINTER SOLDIER

Samuel L. Jackson Gets Bloody On Cleveland Set Of CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE WINTER SOLDIER

Following the filming of Captain America: The Winter Soldier scenes with Washington, D.C. law enforcement units & rounds of gunfire, Samuel L. Jackson's been spotted bloody in his Nick Fury duds!

Having only brief appearances in the previous Iron Man, Thor and Captain America movies, veteran Samuel L. Jackson considered Nick Fury “all talk” before finally getting in on the Marvel action in The Avengers last year. Now with the Oscar-nominated actor filming for the reprisal of his S.H.I.E.L.D. Director role in Captain America: The Winter Soldier, photos from the Cleveland set indicate that Jackson will get more action than ever. The photos below were taken yesterday.


“Captain America: The Winter Soldier” picks up where “Marvel’s The Avengers” left off, as Steve Rogers struggles to embrace his role in the modern world and teams up with Natasha Romanoff, aka Black Widow, to battle a powerful yet shadowy enemy in present-day Washington, D.C. Starring Chris Evans, Scarlett Johansson, Sebastian Stan, Anthony Mackie, Cobie Smulders, Frank Grillo, Georges St-Pierre, Hayley Atwell, Toby Jones, Emily VanCamp and Maximiliano Hernández with Samuel L. Jackson and Robert Redford, “Captain America: The Winter Soldier” is directed by the team of Anthony and Joe Russo from a screenplay written by Christopher Markus & Stephen McFeely and is based on the ever-popular Marvel comic book series, first published in 1941. Marvel Studios’ President Kevin Feige is producing the film. Executive producers on the project include Alan Fine, Louis D’Esposito, Victoria Alonso, Michael Grillo and Stan Lee. The creative production team on the film includes director of photography Trent Opaloch, production designer Peter Wenham, editors Jeffrey Ford, A.C.E. and Mary Jo Markey, A.C.E. and three time Oscar®-nominated costume designer Judianna Makovsky. “Captain America: The Winter Soldier” is set for release on April 4, 2014. In addition to “Captain America: The Winter Soldier,” Marvel Studios will release a slate of films based on other iconic Marvel characters including “Iron Man 3” on May 3, 2013; “Thor: The Dark World ” on November 8, 2013; “Guardians of the Galaxy” on August 1, 2014; “Marvel's The Avengers” sequel on May 1, 2015; and “Ant-Man” on November 6, 2015!
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HellsHammer - 5/23/2013, 9:54 AM
Where's the blood?
Benjamitesandwich - 5/23/2013, 9:54 AM
This looks nuts!
AlibiBreakfast - 5/23/2013, 9:55 AM
I really like Nick Fury's new coat.
Kayo - 5/23/2013, 9:59 AM
can't wait to see this

Phase 2 baby!!!!!
Ocelot - 5/23/2013, 10:01 AM
everything i've seen so far from the set pics, reminds me of this

TheAmazingSpidey63 - 5/23/2013, 10:02 AM
@FIRG - Haha, you ain't the only one, my friend. ;)

Most definitely looking forward to seeing this next year. Bring it on, Phase 2!!
TheAmazingSpidey63 - 5/23/2013, 10:05 AM
@Ocelot - I have to say, I do get the same vibe/feel from this as a sort of "Bourne Identity/Mission Impossible" esque theme for CA: TWS. Maybe so, maybe not. Perhaps we can tell from the trailer soon enough.
TheAmazingSpidey63 - 5/23/2013, 10:10 AM
@Gusto - Found your sandwich, Gussy....

I'd say eat around the corners, but then again, I wouldnt risk it. ;P
anthonok - 5/23/2013, 10:28 AM
He's the red skull in disguise
NovaCorpsFan - 5/23/2013, 10:29 AM
Frank Grillo's gonna be on set... CROSSBOOOOOONES!!!
harley2011 - 5/23/2013, 10:31 AM
@quantumleap, Having more Nick Fury and less Captain America, is not the way to do that.
ForMeToPoopOn - 5/23/2013, 10:32 AM
Looks like Fury ran his head into a buffer.
NovaCorpsFan - 5/23/2013, 10:32 AM
5th pic from the bottom, that dude is floating!
GuardianAngel - 5/23/2013, 10:32 AM
I'm calling it. Fury dies.
TheManFromMars - 5/23/2013, 10:32 AM
So much for Defcon 1
MrBaridi - 5/23/2013, 10:37 AM
for everyone you save we'll kill a millon more.
MrBaridi - 5/23/2013, 10:38 AM
a million more
Starlight - 5/23/2013, 11:09 AM
What the hell is that SUPER GUN????
SugarYumYum - 5/23/2013, 11:18 AM
@skeeman: I'm getting that impression too. T:TDW doesn't seem like it's going to do much connecting either so the responsibility falls on Cap. The A2 teaser will probably be the after credits scene.
TheBeard - 5/23/2013, 11:19 AM
what the hell is that thing next to the suv?
TheClemster - 5/23/2013, 11:21 AM
that's Gusto power dildo...
Heard he gave it for movie prop
TheClemster - 5/23/2013, 11:24 AM
joke apart looks like Fury is going rogue, love it

Makes sens though when you read the arc winter soldier / red menace I think also the teaming up with Falcon.

It's been a while since I read those...
harley2011 - 5/23/2013, 11:58 AM
@ Quantumleap, all the Nick Fury and Shield distractions, like in IM2, don't help anything. The focus should stay on captain America.
thissiteSUCKS - 5/23/2013, 12:18 PM
Sam Jackson should lose a couple of 50 pounds or so. Nick Fury isn't a fat [frick] with a giant head and 3 chins after all... Jackson needs to get in shape of drop that role. Bring in John Hamm....... scratch that; John Hamm SHOULD be the nest Mr. Fantastic. PERIOD.
TheAbomination - 5/23/2013, 12:30 PM
Even with a bruise on his head, Sam Jackson still looks like a badass.
TruePunishment - 5/23/2013, 12:35 PM
Can't wait for this movie!
EdgyOutsider - 5/23/2013, 12:50 PM
Sounds like we should be getting an on set photo of Crossbones any day now. Can't wait! He's my favorite, Captain America villain. Always has been. Can't wait to see what he looks like on film.
InfiniteMonkey - 5/23/2013, 12:53 PM
What's up with that gut you old sod? LOL
Cartoon22 - 5/23/2013, 1:33 PM
Marvel is winning! Winning what u ask? ........
LaputaHeir - 5/23/2013, 3:39 PM
Someone needs to make his ass work out or go on a diet! I mean...come on!? Can we see a Nick Fury who's at least in shape?!
nowtheresaBATman - 5/23/2013, 4:42 PM
I loved it in the Avengers when Shaft pulls out his 9mm like he's gonna shoot down the jet taking off from the hellicarrier w/ the nuke.

I swear if Avengers 2 is full of ScarJo & Shaft playing w/ their 9mm pea-shooters again I won't even watch it. ok well I'll wait for the DVD & skip around to the Hulk scenes then.
MrReese - 5/23/2013, 6:06 PM
^that always made me chuckle like really dude a 9 lol
Cartoon22 - 5/23/2013, 10:35 PM
^^ the Hulk scene with scar jo was great and then leads to the fight with Thor . That's was awesome
peppy - 5/23/2013, 10:55 PM
Sam Jackson I like you but ..... Lay of the cheeseburgers for [frick] sake .

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