EXCLUSIVE: Huge Explosion And Close Up Of HYDRA Logo In More Captain America Set Photos!

<font color= red>EXCLUSIVE:</font> Huge Explosion And Close Up Of HYDRA Logo In More <i>Captain America</i> Set Photos!

An insider on location in Caerwent, Wales has been in touch with some amazing pictures of a HUGE explosion, a tank and a close up look at the HYDRA symbol as well as some new details on the filming taking place there...

Thanks to our inside man (who wishes to remain anonymous) located within the former RAF base in Wales, we have not only our first decent look at the set, but also some fantastic shots of a huge explosion and more HYDRA vehicles! He/she also informs me that it's only actually a second unit filming extras and stunts at the location and none of the Captain America: The First Avenger stars are currently expected to attend. Filming has now moved down to Aldershot, England for more interior/exterior shots.

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The4thWall - 11/4/2010, 2:51 PM
That's a REALLY big crane...
DJSpidey26 - 11/4/2010, 2:54 PM
wow this movie will blow........... our socks off
DaenerysTargaryen - 11/4/2010, 2:56 PM
and boom goes the dynamite
Minato - 11/4/2010, 2:57 PM
Still no Hitler or Nazis???
sagekilz - 11/4/2010, 2:58 PM
DaenerysTargaryen - 11/4/2010, 3:00 PM
Caption to second pic: Looks like grandpa tried to use the microwave again.
sexfoodcomics - 11/4/2010, 3:01 PM
im a little worried about the GI joe looking Hydra APC's and stuff. hopefully it wont come off corney.
marvel72 - 11/4/2010, 3:04 PM
@ joshw

top man,can't wait to see the trailer.
hovis5818 - 11/4/2010, 3:06 PM
@ Starsapphire - lol
LastCall - 11/4/2010, 3:09 PM
Probably was the world's biggest meth lab. Was.
Joe6Pack74 - 11/4/2010, 3:14 PM
See in the 6th picture the black non-tank tread Hydra vehicle in front of the white van. Looks kinda like a Cobra Hiss tank. Why can't they do that for G.I. Joe??? TFA-CA looks like it is going to be pretty cool.
StevilNYC - 11/4/2010, 3:39 PM
I never thought I'd say this, but I'd really like to see some Nazis.
question83 - 11/4/2010, 3:54 PM
This is REALLY weird. This is supossed to ba a period piece. If it's set durning WWII then it has to have nazis in it. Even if hydra is some kind of super secret branch of third reich, they need to have at least swastikas on their uniforms. How can you make a Capitain America movie without even refferences to axis forces?
GUNSMITH - 11/4/2010, 3:57 PM
Joe6Pack74 - 11/4/2010, 5:11 PM
NoPurposeNaji - even if it is a mobile camera, still looks like a Hiss tank.
SuperSpiderMan5778 - 11/4/2010, 6:50 PM
i guess thats pretty kew still more impressed with the costumes though
HULK2099 - 11/4/2010, 6:57 PM
RexDartEskimoSpy - 11/4/2010, 8:54 PM
That's no ordinary crane. It's a Constructicon! Captain America Vs Devastator!

I'm still a little worried about the lack of swastikas and other Nazi imagery. (What an odd thing to say...) Will the MCU have an alternate history?

Shameless pimping of my colorized Cap figure:

ThunderCougarFalconBird - 11/5/2010, 5:39 AM
These pictures have given me an idea for the ultimate villain...He's parked over your drop kerb, he's undertaking you illegally on the motorway, he's driving right up your trumpet on the country roads, he is.....WHITE VAN MAN!
Betty - 11/5/2010, 7:51 AM
marvelsnkcapcom10 - 11/5/2010, 9:31 AM
I love the publicity that the first avenger is receiving. These photos are awesome! The movie is definitely going to be a great hit and I love the attention to detail.
Scorpioxfactor - 11/5/2010, 1:09 PM
WOW, my dreams are finally coming true. A Captain America movie. It was all just talk in the 80's. Now look. LAUGHING....ok, talk to you later. Is there really a Superman/Shazam movie?
DasBoot - 11/5/2010, 10:18 PM
JoshW @ Dude thanks for recommending Chuck as a good show to watch. Almost through season 3, and it's the Sh*t!
BenRielly - 11/6/2010, 9:22 PM
Where are the nazis? First you guys did an iron man2 and didn't even hint at tony's alcoholism. In all the over the top scenes I had to actually imagine that he was drunk!
Which actually made the movie make ALOT more sense.

And now it looks like you're gonna do a captain america with no nazis

ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR F.UCKIN MIND!!!! {chris rock voice}

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