EXCLUSIVE: Official Captain America Movie Logo Possibly Revealed

EXCLUSIVE: Official <i>Captain America</i> Movie Logo Possibly Revealed

Yesterday we saw what might be the first logo for Marvel Studios' THOR, and today another image emerges that could be a teaser for Captain America: The First Avenger

The Captain America movie officially begins filming this month in London, England and Manhattan Beach, CA, with an already confirmed cast of Chris Evans (Steve Rogers/Captain America), Sebastian Stan (Bucky Barnes), Hayley Atwell (Peggy Carter), Hugo Weaving (Johann Schmidt/Red Skull) and Samuel L. Jackson (Nick Fury). Today, courtesy of another reliable source that goes by the name RealIrOnMaN, we have what may possibly be the official logo for the film, which is slated to hit theaters July 22nd, 2011:

As opposed to the tentative THOR movie logo we saw yesterday, there isn't anything stellar about this teaser as it fits the Captain America theme fans expect.

As stated previously, a representative of Marvel Studios can hopefully either confirm or deny the validity of this image so eager fans won't have to wait until San Diego Comic Con this July for an answer.

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airbeyonder18 - 6/1/2010, 9:19 AM
Looks better than Thor's.
LEEE777 - 6/1/2010, 9:22 AM
Looks similar to THORS!

Cool CAP pic, even if it is Evan's! : P
thegreek - 6/1/2010, 9:24 AM
It has a look ... Sorry going with the theme... :-P
StuckInPanels - 6/1/2010, 9:24 AM
yeah looks like thors. those two must be mock ups before the real thing
comicdreamer - 6/1/2010, 9:25 AM
Looking good ;)
OdinsBeard - 6/1/2010, 9:26 AM
works for me!!
Shaman - 6/1/2010, 9:28 AM
This is too similar. I think it's just someone making them for fun. The Cap pick looks awesome though ;)
Joe6Pack74 - 6/1/2010, 9:31 AM
Hawksblueyes - 6/1/2010, 9:31 AM
Multi: Disregard my e-mail. Not only did I answer my own question, but I had read your article that included that info and completely forgot because I'm tupid. Sorry to bother you with it.:)

And I could definitely live with this logo.
Shaman - 6/1/2010, 9:42 AM
Tea- Horisontal with a shit load of black, silver lettering and a featured collored hue. They're not identical but there are similarities. Personally, i think this one fits Cap's film better than Thor's did. But both are very decent IMO.
mindform - 6/1/2010, 9:43 AM
Ohhhh, both designs look pretty cool but I'm still not sure if these are the real deal :')
Deadpool813 - 6/1/2010, 10:00 AM
LOL! Captain America Reborn logo anyone?!! LOL! FAKE!
HelaGood - 6/1/2010, 10:06 AM
love the thor one. and totally believe that could be real. but im not believing the CA logo. looks more fan made than real.
PoPcornDude - 6/1/2010, 10:11 AM
looks like fan-made... besides that's waaaaaaaay too soon :(
Eion76 - 6/1/2010, 10:14 AM
i love the logo,i really hope its the official one
jazzman - 6/1/2010, 10:21 AM
why all the logos are so small
JLanphear - 6/1/2010, 10:39 AM
Now, I officially say that both of these are fake. They're both too similar to each other. At first, I thought that the logo for "Thor" was simplistic on purpose, but now I'm convinced that they're just fan-made logos by an amateur typographic designer.
JoshWilding - 6/1/2010, 10:39 AM
It looks good but I have a feeling that these are fan made especially as this sort of thing is surely more likely to come dirctly from Marvel Studios, not leaked from two different sources within the same two days!

I hope they are real though as they both look pretty cool! :)
Shaman - 6/1/2010, 10:41 AM
JLanphear & JoshW- Definitely.
Solphins - 6/1/2010, 10:42 AM
no it wouldn't be... those are normal fonts you would find in photoshop... if you looked at any of the logos and text for any movie marvel has made, they have created their own design for the font... Trust me, I'm a designer... between the spacing and the font layout... this is amateur at best, let alone marvel studios.
Solphins - 6/1/2010, 10:48 AM
also in the Thor one: you can see the mirror effect in the clouds... someone really didn't put a lot of effort into it. They just cut copied and flipped.
Shaman - 6/1/2010, 10:51 AM
Solphins- Yeah, the inkblot effects it gave really looked crappy for a feature film's logo.
Joker1zero - 6/1/2010, 10:59 AM
Looks alright. No complaints. Although I'm still curious why they had to include "The First Avenger" in the title. That just makes me think of unnecessary stuff Like Dragonball EVOLUTION. Maybe that's just me.
TheComicBookNerd - 6/1/2010, 11:01 AM
Hey gang... actually those look like they are logo's the marketing department created. I am pretty sure they are not the final logo's. These are "probably" logo's used to show companies who are looking to buy merchandise rights to make and sell Marvel products based on the films. Keep your pants on, Marvel still has a few months/years to finalize images and logo's... Oh yeah AND the movies! So relax, be patient and wait for the final artwork to be released instead of something someone snuck out on a flashdrive.
McLovin - 6/1/2010, 11:09 AM
Me likey! But you guys are prob right. The only thing official about these, is that they are officially FAKES!
InTylerWeTrust - 6/1/2010, 11:31 AM
I'm liking this.
jusme6 - 6/1/2010, 12:01 PM
looks sexy--despite the fact there is no purple.
Shaman - 6/1/2010, 12:09 PM
Joker1Zero- Nope, it's not just you ;)

TheComicBookNerd- True.
OverCross - 6/1/2010, 1:01 PM
This one is more Cap than the Thor one is Thor

This one's good
ROBBEATZZZ - 6/1/2010, 1:30 PM
yup @ this point its gonna be average..they didnt really release any official pics other than that one of thor..these seem 2 be starter posters..the good ones will come later as it gets closer to release dates..similar wit all the diff ironman2 posters
Breasticles7 - 6/1/2010, 1:32 PM
Well they're either both real or both fake.
Joker08 - 6/1/2010, 2:06 PM
Here are official logos for comparison, remember when these showed up last year? They were used in a Marvel presentation at an Expo in LA:

There are strong similarities between the Captain America logos, but if these new ones are real, then Thor's has had a major overhaul.
KiddSoul - 6/1/2010, 2:22 PM
I like the Cap logo its okay. However,the Thor logo could use a touch of lightning in it somewhere. Just to give it that Thor aurra. ;)

Hmmm...is it really official? In 3 months time I think we will all know for sure. Cool Multi!
skidz - 6/1/2010, 2:44 PM
Real or not, I wouldn't mind seeing it on a poster.
skidz - 6/1/2010, 3:06 PM
Real or not, I wouldn't mind seeing it on a poster.
Suffertree - 6/1/2010, 7:38 PM
I was down with the Thor logo. But now that I'm able to see both of them, I think they're fake. Really well done, though, whoever did them is a pro regardless of its offical-ness. I very well may be wrong, though.
EditNinja - 6/1/2010, 9:58 PM
I just like the Evans manip at the top - slightly skewed, but awesome!
sagekilz - 6/2/2010, 6:45 AM
lets not count the 'ol eggs before they hatch.
CaptainBitchslap - 6/2/2010, 8:06 PM
He was the sixth Avenger.

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