First Look At The Cosmic Cube Inside Odin's Chamber From Captain America!

First Look At The Cosmic Cube Inside Odin's Chamber From <i>Captain America</i>!

Some more low-res shots from the Captain America: The First Avenger Upper Deck Trading Card set have found their way online and as well as a few cast members, we have our first look at the place the Red Skull finds the Cosmic Cube...

Captain America: The First Avenger" will focus on the early days of the Marvel Universe when Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) volunteers to participate in an experimental program that turns him into the Super Soldier known as Captain America. As Captain America, Rogers joins forces with Bucky Barnes (Sebastian Stan) and Peggy Carter (Hayley Atwell) to wage war on the evil HYDRA organization, led by the villainous Red Skull (Hugo Weaving.)

Even more scans from the recently released Upper Deck trading cards have found their way online, and while three of them are mostly unrevealing (two of which are printing plates if you were wondering about the lack of colour) we have our first look at the location where the Red Skull discovers the Cosmic Cube! How do we know that? Check out the audio recording from 2010's Comic Con for more information.

And here is the picture of Captain America in his USO suit which I posted earlier, now in color.

With an all star cast which includes Chris Evans as Captain America, Sebastian Stan as Bucky, Hugo Weaving as Red Skull, Hayley Atwell as Peggy Carter, Tommy Lee Jones as Col. Chester Phillips, Stanley Tucci as Abraham Erskine and Dominic Cooper as Howard Stark, Captain America: The First Avenger will be released in 3D on July 22, later this year!

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marvel72 - 6/16/2011, 5:37 PM
excellent find young joshw. :)
GL - 6/16/2011, 5:40 PM
PurpleHaze92 - 6/16/2011, 5:41 PM
SCURVYDOG619 - 6/16/2011, 5:42 PM
That skeleton wouldn't happen to be Balder,by any chance? I say that because Thor going to Hel to battle Hela for Balder's soul would be a heck of a story..
ironknight - 6/16/2011, 5:44 PM
I love Weavings accent, and Hitlers actually in the movie?! I didn't think you saw him, like in Raiders.
hammertime - 6/16/2011, 5:45 PM
Never been so excited to hear Hitlers voice!!
capreborn - 6/16/2011, 5:48 PM
oh sh***
Greengo - 6/16/2011, 5:55 PM
Good Fooken job @N!
Greengo - 6/16/2011, 5:57 PM
The Ark wins hands-down
DaenerysTargaryen - 6/16/2011, 6:02 PM
Cool! So....whose that guy Stevey is with in that last pic
NeoBaggins - 6/16/2011, 6:07 PM
That sounded pretty cool.
Gmoney84 - 6/16/2011, 6:12 PM

That's not the real Cosmic Cube. This is the scene they showed last year a Comic-Con. Skull knows right from the get-go that it's a fake. He crushes this cube and finds a secret hidden chamber in the wall of the tomb chamber. There is a carving of Yggdrasil and he opens the secret compartment and inside is the real Cube glowing in all of its awesomeness.
luckylu - 6/16/2011, 6:31 PM
that just sold me on red skull
CapFan79 - 6/16/2011, 6:35 PM
Isn't the crystal skull behind that skeleton too?

This movie is looking very good. Marvel will be 3 for 3 this summer!
Ghostt - 6/16/2011, 6:48 PM
dude, I think they made a good movie here. And that can't be easy with Cap.

I been disappointed many times with CBMs, so I got my guard up so I don't get heart hurt (/sniff--Origins), but this may be the one.....
johnshadow24 - 6/16/2011, 6:54 PM
omfg i cannot wait for this film but as everyone else out there is asking, where is the second trailer!!!!
greenlanter13 - 6/16/2011, 7:06 PM
Cap is looking good can't wait for it
soforizo - 6/16/2011, 7:13 PM
While this is somewhat interesting, I'm still not sure about this film. I would love to see awesome action choreography, like Capt in the videogame prologue or at least as in Earth Mightiest Heroes, but that's wishful thinking. Even Blonsky in TIH has looked better than what we've seen out of Capt so far, and he's what got me interested in this movie in the first place. Enough with the fracking shield throwing, show me some good hand to hand combat!
marvel72 - 6/16/2011, 7:14 PM
there was article just up & now its vanished,some guy was twittering about early screening of captain america that happened today.

it said captain america was as good & some think better than iron man.
manthingnitsuj - 6/16/2011, 7:25 PM
@marvel72 i believe it. looks spot on to me. good feeling.
ComicsCommando - 6/16/2011, 7:33 PM
Exactly, soforizo! So far all we've seen is Cap throwing the shield and jumping high. Where's the vicious hand to hand combat or the amazing acrobatics? They left out most of Thor's lightning and strength in his movie, so I hope they don't do the same to the Captain. If they do, then at least they'll have another chance like they do with Thor in The Avengers next year but I hope that this movie doesn't let down in the power department.
marvel72 - 6/16/2011, 7:46 PM
@ manthingnitsuj/grayfox117

i swear this is no bullshit,a spidey fan posted a comment before me that said *faints* when he read it.

it was there & i hope someone finds it & reposts.
jascurio - 6/16/2011, 8:05 PM
I'm confuse on why Odin is a skeleton in a tomb someone please expalin thanks
ComicsCommando - 6/16/2011, 8:19 PM
Here's your proof, marvel72. This is the guy that said that Captain America is better than the first Iron Man.!/TheInSneider/status/81528628009119744
DarthLaney - 6/16/2011, 8:32 PM
even from a distance the traditional suit, although made a joke of in this movie is much more impressive than the 1991 movie suit
BrotherFromAnother - 6/16/2011, 8:41 PM
In some of those low res clips posted a couple of days back there is some hand to hand and acrobatic stuff, it goes by quick so you play with the pause/play control to get a good sense of whats goin on, but I got to say its looks pretty damn action packed to me. I think this movie will be the best CBM of the summer, and a damn good action film too.
Hardshaw - 6/16/2011, 9:23 PM
@ N...Brilliantly funny!!!
soforizo - 6/16/2011, 9:24 PM

Yeah you explained my concerns well. While Thor was powerful, I sorta felt we got too little of him. The Destroyer battle was underwhelming, only the first battle with Frost giants was more like it. Captain America on the other hand, has to have a great mixture of acrobatics and fighting skills to correctly portray the character. Granted it's an origin movie, but I want him kick ass with style.
killzonev2 - 6/16/2011, 9:33 PM
how is the cube in odin's chamber? im confused, somebody help me
soforizo - 6/16/2011, 9:33 PM
The tweet that Capt might probably be better than Iron Man sounds promising, that would make it a winner (though I wasn't a big fan of that flick). One thing for sure, being a late arrival in a summer saturated with CBMs, could be a very bad thing for it. And if Green Lantern leaves a bad taste in the general public's mouth, it could pull TIH numbers.
BrotherFromAnother - 6/16/2011, 9:36 PM
After 4th of July GL will be a memory and the only one left standing will be Captain F'n America Baby, no way this fails....NO F'n WAY!
Ghostfire - 6/16/2011, 9:40 PM
This movie is gonna be DA BOMB!! yup you heard right DA BOMB!! Yeah I said it!
ComicsCommando - 6/16/2011, 9:43 PM
Agreed,soforizo. Iron Man was good but not amazing, it just didn't have the spectacle that Spider-Man 2 had imo.
Coloso - 6/16/2011, 9:50 PM
@soforizo @ComicsCommando, different strokes for different folks but when people talk about the golden standard of CBM's it's TDK & Iron Man. Without Iron Man being a critical and box office success there would be no Cap, thor or Avengers ;)
ComicsCommando - 6/16/2011, 10:32 PM
I liked Iron Man and TDK, they're just not the end-all-be-all of CBMs for me.
GusM - 6/16/2011, 10:41 PM
Is it just me or does the voice speaking to Red Skull sound like Stellan Skarsgard? (Erik Selvig from the Thor movie)
soforizo - 6/16/2011, 11:52 PM
They're really good movies; and one can call it a win if Captain America ends up like either one of those films. However, it doesn't mean that those filmed couldn't have been improved upon. I felt both clearly lack in the QUALITY action department; TDK especially. Batman was a lame-ass fighter in TDK, of course I can imagine choreographers having nightmares working with that suit. Batman couldn't be any less stiffer; so there's only so much they could work with. So while Capt might be a good film, Marvel hasn't exactly had killer action in any of their films.
Orphix - 6/17/2011, 2:11 AM
I think this film is gonna have a pulp fiction/1930's serial vibe to it in terms of the action.

Kind of a boys own adventure.

And when people mentioned an ancient artifact from an ages old culture I didn't realise they were talking about Dempsey from Dempsey and Makepeace.

Michael Brandon!! Shake that mans hand!
StrangerX - 6/17/2011, 5:37 AM
Ace101 - 6/17/2011, 6:16 AM
oh man please let them release the dvd/blu ray for Thor b4 this comes out so i can pull off a movie marathon then go watch this at the cinima :P. plus great stuff here, caps gonna kick ass acrobatically with his fists and shields. oh and someone said that dead could be Balder, that would be fkin awesome and like u said go off to face Hela, man epicness right there. jizztastic :P
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