Marvel To Turn Manchester Into 1940s Manhattan For Captain America

Marvel To Turn Manchester Into 1940s Manhattan For Captain America

A major car chase scene will take place in Manchester’s Northern Quarter for the upcoming Captain America: The First Avenger movie.

From BleedingCool:
The area was chosen for its wide streets, towering buildings and pre-war architecture. It’s also where much of Guy Ritchie’s Sherlock Holmes was filmed, and doubled as a nineteen eighties Soho for the film Worried About The Boy.

Shooting in the area is said to take place there for two weeks in September.

Editor's Note: When we get further details, we'll be sure to let you know! If you have any scoops or pics on this area during filming, make sure to let us know! You can send in info through here, [email protected] or go to the scoops section.

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DaenerysTargaryen - 8/15/2010, 6:26 AM
To my fellow nerds who live in Manchester,
Take out your cameras and take pics/videos of whatever you see from that set. Preferably ones of the cast. Thank you
marvel72 - 8/15/2010, 6:48 AM
i live in england down in kent,just a few hundred miles away from the set.

i be happy just seeing the footage from comic con.

someone must have it.
Denn1s - 8/15/2010, 7:06 AM
i want someone to snap pics of evans for [frick]'s sake guys !
manchesterlad - 8/15/2010, 9:19 AM
I can't wait, I live a few minutes walk away from Northern Quarter. I'll keep my eyes open and carry a camera with me. might just catch a glimpse for you all.
DaenerysTargaryen - 8/15/2010, 9:20 AM chase. :)
JoshWilding - 8/15/2010, 9:32 AM
I'm still waiting to hear back from 3 or 4 people who are going to audition as extras so I'll hopefully have some more info on the movie soon! This sounds great though...any of you guys want to send me any pictures, lol, just hit me up at [email protected]! :D
Hawksblueyes - 8/15/2010, 9:47 AM
I'll send you pictures Josh! =O
JoshWilding - 8/15/2010, 9:56 AM
HAWKS: Dude. Not those kind of pictures! Well...ok. Maybe a few. :P After all, I have enough of tea to last me a lifetime!
Killik13 - 8/15/2010, 9:57 AM
I'm starting Uni at Bolton on the 19th, so I'll make sure I get down there a couple of times with my camera. You can be sure anything I do manage to get will go straight up on here :D
Hawksblueyes - 8/15/2010, 10:02 AM
Cool, because I have a special one I've been saving that was taken just before my back waxing. ;P

You can pick up tea pictures in cereal boxes anymore. The damn things are everywhere and I used to think I was special.
LucasMend - 8/15/2010, 10:16 AM
Car Chase huh? seems awesome, I love car chase scenes, I hope that we get some leaked pics
JoshWilding - 8/15/2010, 11:18 AM

Guys, check out my GREEN LANTERN Fan Cast! Just click the link!!!
Simonsonrules - 8/15/2010, 11:42 AM
The English contingent on this website is indeed impressive. How do you guys break down in terms of Manchester football allegiances? United? City?
Legendaryssj - 8/15/2010, 12:26 PM
I live in liverpool and only a quick drive away from manchester if i get filming locations dates and times ill gladly snap pics and post them here
Cranburn - 8/15/2010, 12:32 PM
I'm moving to Manchester at the end of this month... NERDGASIM!
ROMACK - 8/15/2010, 12:41 PM
Well I wish you guys well. Hope you get some good scoops!
jazzman - 8/15/2010, 12:59 PM
i hope they do some feeling in London so i can visit the set
claybo4131 - 8/15/2010, 1:02 PM
How close is that to Old Trafford I wonder

(Old Trafford is Manchester United's stadium for those non soccer fans)
JoshWilding - 8/15/2010, 1:33 PM
For anyone who lives near Manchester/Liverpool, these are the only filming dates I've been able to find which the potential extras were told they'd need to be free for filming.

SEPT 22nd, 23rd, 24th, 25th, 26th, 27th, 28th, 29th, 30th & OCT 1st

I'm still trying to find out when they'll be near me here in Wales at Caerwent! :)
Sarco - 8/15/2010, 2:23 PM
im going to the cast day this saturday and hopefully if i become a extra ill be snapping lots of pictures for you all
Wez - 8/15/2010, 2:38 PM
I've been asked to go to Manchester this coming Saturday to audition! Can't wait!!!!
ManThing - 8/15/2010, 3:15 PM
DDD - 8/15/2010, 7:48 PM
Go Minotaur@! I hope you get that extras part
then ya can take tons of pics and throw 'em
up here!


TEA@, JOSH@, HAWKS@, They got some of those"kinda
pics" of me but nobody seems to want them! Darn!
...An' I'm so PRETTY an' all! Drat & Double Drat!


GUNSMITH - 8/16/2010, 3:05 AM
Acerimmer1 - 8/16/2010, 7:44 AM

I imagine it mostly depends where in Manchester.

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