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Do you love movies and enjoy writing? Do you want your voice and opinions to be read by thousands of people all over the world? This is a repost of my original post. So if it looks familiar that is why. - joeguy23
I see that a few people are getting into the digital codes that come with comics and I don’t have any intention on using them for myself, so I am selling all the codes I have. - JNEZ
Share your opinions on the greatest zombie show in the world on an up-and-coming fansite. - UndeadWalking
We are a group of creative students, trying to find a place in the filming world. We want to show the world how creative we are. Our goal is to give us a good start with enough equipment to make masterpieces. - desiboy
Looking for Mike Mignola style but open to all. - McGinnis
Hybrid Network is recruiting three comic book fans that enjoy talking about comic books in all mediums for a webcast. - HybridNetwork
Since it was first introduced in Iron Man 3 the Starboost Armour has been a fan favourite and now, if you happen to have a few hundred dollars gathering dust, you can have your very own suit! - DEVLIN712
I am going to be part of Online Alternate Universe here on CBM and need a writer - MrStarLord
This is a search for talented artists with experience designing superhero characters and environments. - EliteGEHm
One CBM user wants to collaborate with another... - GrifterPrime187
Ever wanted to design movie costumes? Here's your chance! A Batman live-action web-series revolving around the Jason Todd death/resurrection storyline is being produced in West Michigan. We're looking for people interested in helping design Scarecrow's mask, amongst other things - webbedmenace317
New details emerge on this fan-made project. Auditions are still being held for leading roles in this audio series. - WingHead
Just a friendly article asking for anyone with artistic talent to contact me - LordBeardington
Hudson Horror Show is proud to announce our full lineup for the Hudson Valley’s horror and exploitation film festival, Hudson Horror Show 8! - butcherofbakersfield
I am seeking a partner-in-crime for work on a doozy of an original concept. LET'S SET THE WORLD ON FIRE!!! - Oxbow
Fancy getting your hands on a near mint copy of this landmark issue of Amazing Spider-Man? (featuring the debut of Venom and the return of Spidey's classic red and blue duds) Well, you're in luck, as that's exactly what I'm selling! Read on for details. - JoshWilding
MY COLLECTION of Playstation FF games for sale: FF IIV - XIII-2 - nhalden
The Batman fan series, directed by John Murray and his Spanish filmmaking partners is going into production shortly and we are seeking voice actors to portay the roles of certain characters. - Leegion
From my personal collection, a wide variety of comics, toys, posters.... - Phlegmbot
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