HELP WANTED: Seeking voice actors for Batman series

HELP WANTED: Seeking voice actors for Batman series

The Batman fan series, directed by John Murray and his Spanish filmmaking partners is going into production shortly and we are seeking voice actors to portay the roles of certain characters.

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By Leegion - 12/8/2012
The series will feature a number of DC's greatest comic book characters, involving other characters that do not appear in the Batman universe such as the mysterious Woman in Pink and the pre-Flash Barry Allen.

The series will run for a span of 16 episodes, as the writer of the series it is my job to find people who can voice act the roles.

John has much on his plate, so he has no time, as a Spanish filmmaker he is working heavily on producing the series with his partners and I have decided to take the time to recruit certain people into the series.

This is a FAN SERIES primarily, so the voice acting will not be paid for. I am asking for anyone, whether you have experience or not, to have a go at this. As the writer, I am not receiving any payment for the work I am putting in as I don't work that way, this is a hobby of mine, not a line of work.

The characters you can voice act for will be listed below this segment, all characters are DC copyrighted, some are my own personal characters that I placed within the series.

These are the characters: (* = original character, M = Male, F = Female)
Bruce Wayne/Batman (M)
Alfred Pennyworth (M)
Edward Nygma/The Riddler (M)
James "Jim" Gordon (M)
*Commissioner Walker (M)
*Callie (Calibration software artifical intelligence program) (F)
Barb Gordon (The original Batgirl/Oracle) (F)
Thomas Elliot (M)
Doctor Jonathan Crane (M)
Oswald Cobblepot/Penguin (M)
Harleen Quinzel/Harley Quinn (F)
Officer Tim Drake (Nightwing) (M)
Vicki Vale (F)
Barry Allen (M)
Woman in Pink (F)
The Joker (M)

Other characters will appear, and we shall also require "extras" to fill the roles of unnamed/named characters that are side-characters in the story.

Anyone wanting to submit their voice test, please email [email protected]

Once approved, you shall receive the Pilot episode script in its entirety. Whoever is not picked for the main roles, will receive side roles as minor characters.

Once again, this is a fan series, which will air on Youtube in 2013. If you like Batman, and want to be a character in this show, then attempt to get into character by speaking the lines below:


JOKER: When all is said and done I will be standing over Gotham as the colourful knight with the big smile and all shall bow to me. I'm the real hero, not Bats, he's just - bonkers! Like me in a way, I'm like him, he's like me, you get my point, right Jim?

BATMAN: I know it's hard, but try to stay calm. I'm going to get us both out of this. You need to start trusting me, Gordon, I'm not what everybody thinks I am.

GORDON: Joker is still out there, if we don't move now he'll tear the entire city apart. We need to stop him - we need Batman.

HARLEEN: Do you think he was telling the truth about Batman? Joker might be a nutcase but if he's right then Batman is more dangerous than we thought.

WALKER: I don't care if he's the incredible hulk, we find the son of a bitch, unmask him and reveal to the entire city that he's no more than a man. Batman is reponsible for the deaths of many innocent civilians, he has to pay for what he has done.

RIDDLER: Batman oh Batman, where art though, you sought to save the girl but now you're the damsel. Should have seen that one coming Dark Knight, but you're a fool no less. Now you both die and it'll be a mess!

DRAKE: Whoever the Batman is, is trying to do something that we can't. He's trying to stop Joker, isn't that what we're doing? We need him now more than ever.

VICKI VALE: After the riots that struck Gotham last night, police commissioner Walker has issued a public statement that offers $100,000 to whoever captures the Batman. Sources say the Batman is in hiding, after last night's attacks caused panic throughout the city.

CRANE: Subject is unstable, showing increased signs of mental instability after hallucinating a demonic figure emerging from shadow. Pupils dilated, schizophrenic outbursts and neural degeneration among increasing signs of madness. My prognosis: Mentally deranged.

ALFRED: Sir, I must ask why you persist on going on blind dates. The girls you end up bringing home are quite - *clears throat* - noisy. I often hear strange noises coming from your bedroom. But if you must then who am I to judge? I only had one love in this world, you clearly have many.

CALLIE: I have tracked down the Joker to an abandoned warehouse in the Narrows. Armed guards patrol the perimeter, gaining access from the front is unwise, I suggest seeking an alternative means of entry, perhaps from the sky.

ORACLE/BARB: It's been hard on him for the past few weeks, with everything that's happened I'm surprised he hasn't lost his mind. I'm worried about him, I think he's going to do something stupid, Bruce.

PENGUIN: I don't care if the bastard is in the hotel, I want his head on a bloody pike so I can mount in on my wall. No one comes into my hotel and threatens me, understand? Find him, kill him, and bring me his head!

ELLIOT: I want to make it perfectly clear, Bruce, I am by no means pretending to be you. I am you. You see, over the months I have been gathering certain people, creating a mould if you will. Now comes the time when Bruce Wayne unveils his darkest secret.

BARRY ALLEN: Bruce, good to see you. Heard a lot about those fancy ear pieces, a phone, without a phone, nice one. Listen, I've been thinking, maybe your company can help me out with some of my projects, I think I might have found a way to break the sound barrier. It's good, I'd like to demonstrate it some time.

WOMAN IN PINK: Who I am is none of your concern, say I told you, would it make things any easier? I think not. Bruce, your actions will lead to your death, I may have saved you here tonight but I am not going to help you again. You need to stop, before it's too late.


I wish you all the best of luck with your submissions and hope many are interested in the roles we have to offer.
TheAntiGrif - 12/8/2012, 2:36 PM
Im in
Happy11 - 12/8/2012, 2:56 PM
What's wrong with the actors he using in the roles, there's nothing worse than dubbed actors. It always reminds me of 70s Hong Kong martial art films when the lips don't match the words.
Leegion - 12/8/2012, 2:57 PM
It's animated, for the time being at least. We are trying to get this series some attention from mainstream media outlets, hoping to potentially move onto live action.
armagedom - 12/8/2012, 3:11 PM
this sound cool good luck with your project guys :)
MotionPictureFilms - 12/8/2012, 4:00 PM
already applied, sounds like a cool project
elcaballerooscuro92 - 12/8/2012, 4:14 PM
damn it!!! if only i could get rid of my accent
DaenerysTargaryen - 12/8/2012, 4:18 PM
I would be Harley Quinn...but apparantly its a man
AshleyWilliams - 12/8/2012, 4:48 PM
I'm very interested in this.

You'll hear back from me.
FirstAvenger - 12/8/2012, 5:07 PM
I'm Batman
superherofan21 - 12/8/2012, 6:02 PM
Okay. I'm in. Now if you excuse me, I'm off to buy a microphone.
DioFoRio - 12/9/2012, 2:05 PM
@Spongegeek...loved the video the first time and still love it.. good work...but my fave part is when you drool ; ). Good voice work though man.
Leegion - 12/9/2012, 3:09 PM
I've fixed the "Harleen" bug, sorry, went through it way too fast and forgot to check errors.

To all others: Your voice tests are going directly to John, so he'll email me when he's had a run through them.
Leegion - 12/9/2012, 3:33 PM
Adding onto this article once the series begins will be additional role calls for new characters I am attempting to keep under wraps for the time being.

There will be at least 4 more DC characters added to the series in season 1, so be on the look out for them.

Asterisk - 12/9/2012, 4:45 PM
I might actually try out for Thomas Elliot.
Leegion - 12/9/2012, 5:18 PM
@Asterisk, go for it mate. Elliot's character is extremely physical and violent, very menacing, one of Batman's toughest enemies in the series to date.

John is receiving a ton of samples, so thanks to everyone that is participating. :)
superherofan21 - 12/9/2012, 6:58 PM
Hmm.... I'm debating trying out for either the Riddler or the Joker... I love the Riddler character, but I can do one hell of a Joker laugh.
Leegion - 12/9/2012, 8:03 PM
We'll need someone who can pull off a Joker like no one else can. Someone with the talent to laugh hysterically and maniacally, whilst also pulling off comedic/psychotic lines.

I'd say go for Joker if you think you can pull it off better than Riddler.
DioFoRio - 12/9/2012, 10:31 PM
here is my joker


call me 1-908-555-2323
Gus - 12/9/2012, 11:41 PM
Wow, I'm definitely in. To bad I don't have a deep voice for Batman :'(
johnmurray06 - 12/10/2012, 5:13 AM
Hey, John Murray here.
I just wanted to say 'thank you' to all users that have sent me their voice recordings. It certainly means a lot for us and means that we can continue making the movie.
I've received SO many emails with voice tests. I just want to let people know that if you are not selected for the part you want, you'll be selected to another character in the episodes so you'll be selected for the series anyways.
I've received so many Batmans, Jokers, Riddlers, Thomas Elliots; like 50 or so, that is difficult to choose one. So please don't get angry with me if you're not selected to be Joker, Elliot, Tim Drake, or something. I will try to give you a supporting character or an extra. It is difficult to say which one is best.

I'm still open to receive voice tests; casting call will be closed soon, so c'mon send your tests.

There will be like 26 characters in episode one, and new characters in each episode, so you'll probably have a part on this series, even if it is a 'Joker Goon', you'll appear in the credits ;)

Thanks everyone for taking their time to read this,
johnmurray06 - 12/10/2012, 6:42 AM
Hey, me again.
After receiving lots of emails, I've started to think on the casting of the first episode.
The big roles go to Davis Cameron (Batman) and Jason Marnocha (Joker).
I will only announce the actors who will appear in the episode, villains like Penguin don't appear in the first episode.
So as I said, Davis Cameron will voice the Batman/Bruce Wayne, and Jason Marnocha will voice the villain Joker. Roy Benavides and Paris Hughes will portray David Hutch and Daniel Bradbery, members of the Wayne Enterprises board; Ben Deane will have a small appearance as Jack Ryder and will voice an important villain in the future. Michael Indo voices an extra called Kevin Michaels, and Tony Campise and Dane Matthews will voice Joker thugs.

I'm still waiting for voice samples to fill the other roles. Big thanks to everyone and congragulations to the confirmed voice actors.
Leegion - 12/10/2012, 10:15 AM
To any who lost out on the role they wanted feel free to try out for another one, the casting call remains open for as long as the characters need voice actors.

There will also be frequent updates with new characters not yet announced, that you can also try out for.

There is a prologue episode I wrote for the series to promote it. I have emailed John, perhaps Jason Marnocha can give us a sneek peak of what Joker has to say and why he is doing what he is doing. It's funny, and quite horrifying at the same time.

That is if both parties are up for it.

Leegion - 12/10/2012, 10:34 AM
Why do I always get "Sneak Peek" the wrong way around? It's an "a" in "sneak" not in "peek". lol.
chadhall21 - 12/10/2012, 11:39 AM
Congratulations to Davis Cameron and Jason Marnocha and everybody else who were selected and named for parts already. This all sounds very exciting to me and would personally love to see a prologue episode or two.
Leegion - 12/11/2012, 5:35 AM
I have made a new updated article, 5 New roles are available, along with 5 that haven't been filled and 4 that are original series characters.

Everyone that has been chosen so far, you will shortly be receiving the script for the pilot episode, depending if your character is in it.

I am currently writing episode 6.
p1ssedoffatwb - 1/2/2013, 10:38 AM
Are you still looking for voice actors?
I am interested in trying out for as many voices as I can. My voice has a huge range from low to extremely high and I feel like I would be great for any male role. However,my dream of dreams is to be the next Joker. My maniacal laughter has gotten me fired from my broadcasting job, telling me "it's too scary for the air waves," paired with my dark sense of humor the role of The Joker comes naturally. Cesar Romero,Jack Nicholson,Mark Hamill,Kevin Michael Richardson,Richard Epcar,IZZY SMITH! I am a massive star waiting to go supernova and I'm running out of hydrogen and helium. Please consider me for any hole. Thank you for your time, sorry about the length.
Izzy Smith [email protected]
hopper649 - 1/18/2013, 4:59 AM
Wow, this is cool.... Geuss I'll post a comment on, umm, me being "Vicki Vale", since she was in it for such a short time, and I did worry alot about that poor girl :( Did anyone pick the voice for her yet? I would but, I am not famous enough to even get a chance! ... I just got a good voice for stuff like that... Good luck to the winners guys! By the way, great mask!
Incognito141 - 1/25/2013, 3:41 AM
I'll send in an audition as soon as I get back from vacation...and get a mic ._.
MartialArtist92 - 1/25/2013, 3:28 PM
I am WAY late on finding this; I sent you an email, but in case you don't get it: I would like to be a part of this project, are you still accepting submissions?
Mmasoldier - 2/20/2013, 9:42 PM
I'm up for this if your still accepting auditions.
yagami88 - 3/22/2013, 10:55 AM
What do you have to do to audition? I would like to try for one if there are any roles open.
Viper87 - 5/5/2013, 5:52 AM
Is this still open for auditions?
AMPower2d10 - 7/30/2013, 5:41 AM
What roles been casted? I'm curious to either send a voice for scarecrow or riddler

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