COMICS: Peter Parker to Return As Spider-Man in New AMAZING SPIDER-MAN Series

COMICS: Peter Parker to Return As Spider-Man in New AMAZING SPIDER-MAN Series

The rumours are true - writer Dan Slott has confirmed that the Superior Spider-Man will be no more, and Peter Parker will be back in the red and blue duds this April. Hit the jump for more on the Web-Head's return!

Following a leak in the March/April issue of Marvel Previews, The New York Daily News has confirmed that a relaunched Amazing Spider-Man series - penned by previous Amazing and current Superior scribe Dan Slott and illustrated by Humberto Ramos - will not only hit shelves in April, but will have Peter Parker back in control of his body.

“We’ve gone over 30 issues without Peter Parker, so when we let him out of that box and he gets to put on that costume again and he gets to swing through the sky, it’s going to be the greatest feeling,” Slott said.

Slott new that Peter's death wasn't permanent, and said that it was very difficult to keep his return a secret while face serious backlash - including death threats - from fans. “To do that for a solid year of my life, that’s the hardest thing I’ve had to do - to look small children in the eye at a convention and lie to them,” the writer said. “One of them with an honest-to-God Little League uniform and a quivering lip. Inside, part of me was dying.”

Of the controversial storyline - where Doctor Octopus switches brains with Peter Parker and his body dies with Peter inside - Slott has been keeping his cards close to his chest. "We did it this way because no one was expecting it. Everyone out there assumed we'd have a big reveal later. People thought we'd bring Peter back in a year's time - or right before the next Spider-Man movie," Slott said. "Everyone was so savvy with how this all works that I thought the best way to keep people off their game was to just put that card on the table right from the get go. You're all so sure it was coming - well? Here it is! But if you think that's all there is, get ready to be wrong."

Slott also said that while the news would hit today, the upcoming issue of Superior Spider-Man would provide some answers. "This Sunday, January 12th there will be some BIG Superior Spider-Man SPOILERS on news & comic news sites," Slott posted on his Facebook page. "If you can, you should probably try to avoid them till after you've read your new comics on Weds. You've been warned."

While it's been hugely successful for Marvel, the future of Superior is unclear - it may be the case that the titles are merely cancelled. Still, the news is sure to please many fans - and disappoint others. Along with the full cover of issue #1, NY Daily News also revealed a variant cover by Jerome Opena. The relaunched Amazing Spider-Man is released in April.

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mk - 1/12/2014, 1:24 AM
well hello peter parker
Blanka1212 - 1/12/2014, 1:32 AM
So.....ultimately, everyone was right, Dan...
Jollem - 1/12/2014, 2:12 AM
it must have sucked putting up with all the nasty stuff people said about him. i guess it comes with the territory
loki668 - 1/12/2014, 3:36 AM
This just goes to show that "nerd rage" is like a machine gun that only shoots marshmallows: Sure, it's impressive to consider for a second or two. But, ultimately, it's pretty painless and, generally, a waste of time.
TelaVizion - 1/12/2014, 3:57 AM
Spider-Man is about to suck again...smh. And become the real villain like he used to be when Peter was in control.

Time to let the mass murderers roam free again in NYC. Doc Ock taking over was the best thing to happen to the Spider-Man universe.
charlie2094 - 1/12/2014, 4:01 AM
Is this a surprise to anyone? We all knew he'd be back, especially in time for TASM2.

Really enjoyed Superior, think as more people give it a chance, it will go down as a pretty great Spider-Man story. Seeing Ock inside the costume was brilliant, he truly was Superior in many ways, be interesting to see how it ends, and how Peter picks up the pieces and deal with the decisions Ock made
loki668 - 1/12/2014, 4:05 AM
I want some of what TelaVizion has been smoking! That shit must be AMAZING!!
superotherside - 1/12/2014, 4:37 AM
Ummmmmmm... it is just in time for the movie. Everyone called this Slott. So the decision is just to make Spidey fans mad.

Sigh... I have a feeling Mephisto is at work behind all of the bad comic decisions Marvel has made. I almost think that he manipulated our reality as well with OMD.

j/k ;P
AC1 - 1/12/2014, 4:39 AM
That variant cover's great. Superior was an interesting concept but I can't stand Slott's writing, and I think Ramos' art is completely wrong for Spider-Man, really not a fan of that super cartoony style artwork.
Venture - 1/12/2014, 5:23 AM
I hope Peter realizes what a poor job he was doing considering his talents. Glad to have him back but he better push him self more now.
TheGreenBastard - 1/12/2014, 5:31 AM
Slott's run on Superior, truly was superior. Fanboys, angry fanboys. Who's the black guy getting dressed like Spidey in that last image?
MexicanSexyman - 1/12/2014, 5:54 AM
I didn't see this coming.
SuperSomething616 - 1/12/2014, 6:39 AM
Wow didn't see this coming...
marvel72 - 1/12/2014, 6:44 AM
bout f*ckin time,also i love that image below the cover.
ATrueHero1987 - 1/12/2014, 6:53 AM
@0mega lmao!!

Just in time for TASM2, like I've been saying all along. Well, I will start reading Spider-Man again...I guess.
HULK2099 - 1/12/2014, 7:30 AM
No surprise there. Pretty much anyone could've guessed Parker's return.
MidNightWind - 1/12/2014, 7:52 AM
I guess my spider-man reading hiatus has come to an end. I never hated Superior, I just couldn't read it without getting angry. Maybe I'll read it when the price goes down, or I can just read it on Unlimited for free.
MightyZeus - 1/12/2014, 7:53 AM
I saw this coming any way.
616 - 1/12/2014, 8:07 AM
Glad to hear, people will be able to read SS years from now and appreciate the run for what its worth.
TheRealRemyLebeau - 1/12/2014, 8:11 AM
This was already reported on like last week by somebody else. This is old.
webbedmenace317 - 1/12/2014, 8:19 AM
Except this is the confirmation by the actual writer, and last week was the leak.
GliderMan - 1/12/2014, 8:25 AM
I don't care. They need to reboot their comics.
Darkseid85 - 1/12/2014, 8:30 AM
Thanks to everything that is holy, I hated the concept of Superior at first and really still dont care for it at all, but i cannot have a gap in the collection. I will say that bringing Miguel back for a while was amazing, wish we saw more Spidey 2099. It seemed like Superior was just some idea that was tossed out because they could not think of anything else, now we will see how they manage to bring Parker back, because that whole switching minds thing was pretty ridiculous and cant wait to see what they come up with now, hopefully you sense the sarcasm. Slott i respect you as a human being, but go away and give Spiderman to someone who knows how to write the character, even those of you who dont like the idea of Peter coming back cannot say that Slott's writing is on par with the writers of ASM in the past, to me it's severely sub-par. We all knew that this could not last forever, i sense some Stephen Strange sorcerer supreme magic in the what will hopefully be the end of SSM, i can hope at least.
Space - 1/12/2014, 8:39 AM
When does this takes place then?

Ineedrevelation - 1/12/2014, 8:41 AM
Art looks good but it tries to emulate Joe Mad's style too much.

Also, the glare in Peter's right eye on the cover is off. That is why he looks mildly retarded.
Klone - 1/12/2014, 8:42 AM
Lol, what was that about Peter Parker fans having to get over his death and how they'll gradually disappear to be replaced by Dr. Ock fans? Slott you [frick]ing hack.
jlabatman - 1/12/2014, 8:42 AM
Get rid of Ramos!
Ramiel - 1/12/2014, 8:43 AM
Glad to see Peter return, even though Superior SM was a very good comic. Hopefully, Peter keeps some of Ock's gadgets like the spider-drones and the tentacle backpack.

Also, Opena should be ASM's artist from now on.
Ruffus - 1/12/2014, 8:46 AM
Quit renumbering! This needs to be 701!!
Fastestmanalive - 1/12/2014, 8:47 AM
Hope they still keep Superior around.

Ock is a real interesting Spidey and the story has been amazing for the past year.

Its been the only Marvel comic I've read. Be sad if they just got rid of him after so much character development.
darklighter1 - 1/12/2014, 8:52 AM
Agreed get rid of Ramos. Loved the Superior Spidey though. Will miss Ock. Maybe he can possess Kaine and make him interesting and whiney free.
Space - 1/12/2014, 8:55 AM
I wouldn't be surprised if Peter or Otto gets a clone body from the Jackal and we have both Superior and The Amazing.
Nick56 - 1/12/2014, 8:56 AM
Its good that Parker is actually back but its still awful that Slott is in control of the title
IrfonW - 1/12/2014, 9:00 AM
This was pretty obvious. Even if the film wasn't coming up it was always going to happen eventually.
KeefNCookies - 1/12/2014, 9:20 AM
2nd pic is dope. Too bad I've lost all investment in Marvel Comics.
ManDeth - 1/12/2014, 9:41 AM
All Slott did was take this one episode idea from Smallville and make a career out of it.

CaptainObvious - 1/12/2014, 9:44 AM
Good riddance, Otto. We will all forget you in time.
HOTSHOT - 1/12/2014, 9:54 AM
Wait, so according to this cover, Peter will still be his old happy (as much as usual) self? Then what the actual [frick] was the point of having Otto ruining so many lives with Pete's hands if he's just gonna get over it immediately.

Please Slott, make this change worth it.
8thDynasty - 1/12/2014, 9:55 AM
Parker is a fag.
CaptainObvious - 1/12/2014, 9:57 AM
@ManDeth- More like he took the premise of Freaky Friday and turned it into a big publicity stunt.
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