COMICS: Rob Liefeld Leaves DC Comics

COMICS: Rob Liefeld Leaves DC Comics

After working on titles such as Grifter, The Savage Hawkman, and Deathstroke, controversial artist Rob Liefeld took to Twitter today to reveal he has walked away from DC Comics. Read his tweets and details on why he left after the jump.

What do you think about all this? Sound off in the comments below.
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HavocPrime - 8/22/2012, 2:55 PM
Is this good news or bad news, really hard to tell.
KaneVonDoom - 8/22/2012, 2:56 PM
Maybe now, DC can hire an actual artist and Marvel won't ever hire him again.
Mrcool210 - 8/22/2012, 3:02 PM
good, hope he doesnt get work anymore
SageMode - 8/22/2012, 3:04 PM
What a hacksaw
CaptainObvious - 8/22/2012, 3:07 PM
@Mrcool210- Don't worry. As long as there's some moronic comic book company, Liefeld will never leave. Besides, if his career didn't die after the 90's, it's certainly not going to die in the present. Which is a misfortune to us all.
Cerebro - 8/22/2012, 3:08 PM
Shit artist.
nuclearpriest - 8/22/2012, 3:14 PM
Please God! I hope he doesn't come to Marvel!
SimyJo - 8/22/2012, 3:15 PM
I wonder, when he cleared out his desk, instead of putting all his things in a box, did he stuff all his pencils in a massive bandolier with lots of pouches?.
marvel72 - 8/22/2012, 3:17 PM
rob stay the f*ck away from marvel.
jimoakley666 - 8/22/2012, 3:24 PM
Shame this retard isn't quitting the business completely.
CaptainObvious - 8/22/2012, 3:33 PM
@SimyJo- No. He put them in Captain America's chest.
Tomontherun99 - 8/22/2012, 3:57 PM
"...And there was much rejoicing"
AtomicChipmunk - 8/22/2012, 4:01 PM
Good news, now I hope that Jim Lee will follow him soon.
hero1684 - 8/22/2012, 4:06 PM
Go back to art school!
kevberg - 8/22/2012, 4:11 PM
Ok the guy that was notorious for not meeting the deadlines is complaining about others deadlines.....

Wow Rob what a douche.
GoILL - 8/22/2012, 4:13 PM
His art sucked, I doubt that he will be missed.
neonhero - 8/22/2012, 4:22 PM
I love that Cap. Amererica pic. It looks like his chest is hinged and somebody is opening him from the other side 😜
kevberg - 8/22/2012, 4:36 PM
The guys a crappy artist, he slammed Marvel and Marvel talent, now is making backhanded slams at DC...the guy is dumber than a sack of hammers.
IIIAdamantiumIII - 8/22/2012, 5:05 PM
that is the worst cap i have ever seen
SFCamerica - 8/22/2012, 5:08 PM
We need the Avengers to take care of the guy in pic above.... Like the Joker, Loki had a secret back up plan for America's demise: Obama!
CaptainObvious - 8/22/2012, 5:08 PM
@BossWalsh- You should see Progressive Boink's collections of his drawings. That Cap picture is just the tip of the iceberg.
Mechagino - 8/22/2012, 5:11 PM
He's a nice guy but his art is bleck but I've seen worse. *coughJoeQuesadacough* however I'm glad he's off of Hawkman now. :D Plus Deathstroke as well.
BubblesShedAndBreakfast - 8/22/2012, 5:12 PM
Congrats DC! Mr Liefeld get your ego under control.
GoILL - 8/22/2012, 5:18 PM
@MrEko and XavierLehnsherr LMAO, good shit dudes.
SCURVYDOG619 - 8/22/2012, 5:18 PM
And this news surprises no one,actually....

After all,Rob's got a Bloodstrike movie to oversee..Or is he still waiting for Spielberg to call him back about the long-planned Doom's IV movie that he announced back in the early days of Image? LOL
CVTom - 8/22/2012, 5:21 PM
A d-bag to the Nth degree. He should thank whatever deity he prays to that he still has a career.
RAWRG - 8/22/2012, 5:21 PM
he better stay away from marvel or else...
GrayFox1025 - 8/22/2012, 5:27 PM
How does he still get hired????!?!?!?!??!?!??!???????
NerdyGeek - 8/22/2012, 5:37 PM
[frick] him!
spidermanfan2099 - 8/22/2012, 5:41 PM
I'll put money on it Valiant will snatch him up for some covers pretty quick. He may be hated, but that just makes him infamous!!
maxxgone - 8/22/2012, 5:53 PM
# atomicchipmunk

isn't that a jim lee aquaman you have there?
ScottScottScott - 8/22/2012, 5:58 PM
Woot about damn time that hack GTFO! I have no Idea why DC didn't just fire him after Hawk and Dove got canceled... I mean I'm suuuuure he quit though. I'm sure I can slap some e-mails together too.
ArtisticErotic - 8/22/2012, 6:03 PM
Thank you, finally he's gone.
KnobGoblin - 8/22/2012, 6:10 PM
13echo - 8/22/2012, 6:13 PM
See I told you guys last week when you were ripping him a new one and now he's never coming back! I hope your happy!?
jimoakley666 - 8/22/2012, 6:25 PM
@Undeadnightmare - Anyone who compares Morrison to that barely human joke, Leifeld, obviously needs to be in full time institutionalised care and probably needs to be hooked up to a cafeter because they cannot be trusted to not soil themselves at any given opportunity.
zachman2013 - 8/22/2012, 6:25 PM
I wonder what captain america's bra size is in that liedfield sketch? guesses anyone?
GiftedYoungster - 8/22/2012, 6:26 PM
I just saw that Cap pic today for the first time, but seriously anyone who draws a picture like that should be fired on the spot.
One2three - 8/22/2012, 6:30 PM
The best of Rob Leifeld..

And the piece de resistance...
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