"Batman Beyond" Ongoing Series Coming in January

"Batman Beyond" Ongoing Series Coming in January

"Batman Beyond" moves from mini-series into an ongoing series beginning in January.

This news was originally from Alex Segura on DC's blog. According to Segura, starting in January the series will switch to ongoing with a new #1. That was really the only news he posted, aside from the fact that Adam Beechen and Ryan Benjamin will be continuing their work on the book.

I don't know about anyone else, I found myself looking forward to the new issue of the mini-series each time an issue was released. I'm particularly excited about this more adult take on the future Batman. What about you? Share your thoughts below!
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mawilli4 - 10/6/2010, 2:58 PM
Hey guys, this is my first article, so please be kind. And I realize that this stretches more into the comic book, than movie end.
LEEE777 - 10/6/2010, 3:08 PM
mawilli4 @ Cool but very sweet article...

Needs maybe a bit more in it, even a pic but gr8 news, I remember I heard this way back but didn't know when it was happening, great find, love BATMAN BEYOND... and it is more animated than comic news, even tho its a comic now, started off a cartoon.
mawilli4 - 10/6/2010, 3:10 PM

yeah i'm hoping this means they are taking the property more seriously now, and hopefully a movie soon.
Creature - 10/6/2010, 3:17 PM
When I heard they were bringing in Miller's Batman it sounded like quite the turn off. I do like the oppurtunities taken to revive some villains.
BACKDOORCHIJAD - 10/6/2010, 3:19 PM
When the animated Batman Beyond first came out I wasn't a huge fan, but when I went back and watched it again a few years ago on DVD I loved it. I would love to see this made into a movie.
Anthrax - 10/6/2010, 3:46 PM
they really should make a film it woulb be ftw also a noir and 2099 film that shit would BE EPIC!
marvel72 - 10/6/2010, 3:51 PM
never liked the animated show,probably won't like this.
superman7 - 10/6/2010, 4:34 PM
I only picked through that (bc i was too broke to buy it) but looked really sick. And the cartoon was pretty good.
superotherside - 10/6/2010, 6:50 PM
@mawilli4 good article just probably should post some pics (CBMers like pics)... make an account with photobucket and upload or browse through their pics... 4 this article u could put a pic of batman beyond like this:

batman beyond

just go to photobucket, find the pic u want, click share, click link code, under HTML for websites & blogs there is full size, click the code, Ctrl C, go back to the articles page choose where u want the pic and Ctrl V... that's all... hope this helps, and sorry if u already knew how to do this, but when i started i didn't so i'm just trying to be helpful... oh and welcome to CBM! good article again dude!
Anthrax - 10/6/2010, 6:59 PM
you mean hush is dick is hush
Anthrax - 10/6/2010, 7:49 PM
wait what?
mawilli4 - 10/6/2010, 8:16 PM

i was gonna edit it, and put one in, but it won't let me edit it.
superotherside - 10/7/2010, 12:57 PM
@mawilli4 did u go to my articles page and see the pen and paper symbol if u did click that and u can edit it... if not oh well no prob dude just try to do it next time... but its not a biggy if u forget again or don't do it period, all us CBMers just r picky about having pics on the page... or more most anything... so yeah... no prob dude! just try to do better that's what i've done... and i only been here a year so there is a lot of CBMers that know more than me so i'm still learning... but no prob dude good article anyway... and again welcome to CBM!
GusGalaxy - 10/7/2010, 11:45 PM
I loved Batman Beyond growing up, was a huge fan, I would really enjoy this, and I was really glad when they made Terry out to be Bruce Wayne's biological son, I always thought they could have ran with that, but at least if they still decide to, they have good basis to keep the bat-family's true biological lineage going, not just having the mantle jumping around to different people over time..
xerces1492 - 11/8/2010, 9:28 PM
YES! I remember watching this as a kid and it's amazing to think they are sealing it in writing. @GusGalaxy I'd rather have a successor not related to his predecessor. Batman was created under just the right conditions like a diamond. You can't mime those conditions (orphan, wealthy, loving parents killed because of corruption, greed, and lawlessness). Bruce didn't even know he was Terry's biological father and it was by fate that his father died because of corruption, etc. And even then, donating genetic material doesn't make you a parent. Terry's real father is still Warren McGinnis.

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