James Robinson is quietly crafting a magical, parallel New 52 in the pages of Earth-2. With the first arc centered around Solomon Grundy coming to a close, find out what's next as Dr. Fate gets set to make his debut.


Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman have fallen in a globe encompassing struggle with the forces of Darkseid and Apokolips. Their protege's Supergirl and Robin are trapped on the main New 52 earth and now operate under the aliases of Power Girl and Huntress. Enter new 'Wonders' to protect Earth-2.


Dr. Fate's debut is on the horizon. Red Tornado, Citizen Steel, Wildcat and Eclipso (Alex Montez) and other classic JSA affiliates have all been either name-dropped or glimpsed in the background. Add a reintroduction of Steppenwolf and a new character named Fury who looks a lot like Wonder Woman and we're knee-deep in comic book goodness. Which is quite the accomplishment, considering the mixed reaction at the time of the title's announcement, especially concerning the decision to de-age some fan favorite characters. But it turns out Robinson has stayed very true to who these characters originally were. Remember, when Alan Scott and Jay Garrick were first introduced they weren't old geezers, they were young guys in their prime. Going back to some of those original stories, Robinson has captured a lot of their spirit and even some very specific detail as far as occupations and personalities. So where is the title headed for its second act?

"My run on Justice League that I did just before this was a bit more, you know, "superheroes punching each other." And I think it was not the kind of comic I do well. So this is really me trying to marry the big, epic superhero stuff with smaller, more human stuff. And one of those things will be the battle of wits between Amar Khan and Sloan, with these various elements of the World Army.

But then at the same time, after issue #8, which is the next issue with Steppenwolf and Fury, we begin a four-part of "Tower of Fate" arc. And that will introduce Dr. Fate to the Earth-2 and show magic and all that fantastic stuff again.

Issue #8 is all about Steppenwolf, and Steppenwolf realizing there's one country in Earth-2 that he needs to be in for political reasons that make sense for him in terms of the big storyline. It's a solo story between Steppenwolf and Fury. So it will show them, it will introduce Fury for the first time, and it will reveal aspects of the past and who Fury is. It's an interesting world, with a science fiction feel, but in the midst of it you have this eloquent alien barbarian and Fury, his sort of his aide de camp, just tearing through it and being savage and violent.

The next arc will show the man who will become Dr. Fate, it will establish whey he doesn't want to be Dr. Fate, and why it terrifies him actually.

We'll also integrate Wotan into the DC Universe. He's one of Dr. Fate's archenemies, and we'll keep elements of what he was like in the past while making him fresh and interesting. But it will also focus a little bit on Jay Garrick and aspects of who he is as he finds his way as a hero, and we'll meet his mother, who's a fun character to write. And we'll also see a World Army officer who will be a huge aspect of the future of Earth-2, although his involvement at this time will be small."

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MarkJulian - 12/6/2012, 8:08 PM
Hmm. Could Fury be a resurrected Wonder Woman?
WruceBayne - 12/7/2012, 1:02 AM
The reason the "New 52" worked is because they had gotten rid of all of these alternate earth's. Having 100 different parallel earth's makes the comicbook world so cheesy. These writers have no commitment to a story. They're so afraid of ramifications from previous events. If they kill The Joker and decide that in two years that they want to do a Joker arc, they just bring him from earth #297 and all is good. That is so cheap and it lacks creativity.
MisterBabadook - 12/7/2012, 1:33 AM
If anybody should kill the Joker, it should be Todd. After his #0, Joker has some 'splaining to do
TheFox - 12/7/2012, 2:28 AM
@Scabsallover: PLEASE, don't remind me of the awful Red Hood and the Outlaws #0. It's one thing to want to tie Joker in closer to Jason Todd's origins as Red Hood, but it's a whole other thing to try to claim that Joker somehow orchestrated for Todd to become Robin in the first place. I mean, even for COMIC BOOKS, that idea's a stretch. Not to mention that it completely devalues Todd as anything but the Joker's meta-pawn in a ridiculously overcomplicated chess game with Batman. Sure, Joker's a mastermind, but he'd have to be omniscient to plan things out as perfectly as he supposedly did with Jason.

Scott Lobdell is a hack. It's bad writing to use coincidence to drive your story, sure, but its even WORSE writing to deny that the possibility of coincidence even exists-- and that's what Red Hood #0 did. Because Joker killed Robin, he also had to have something to do with his origins. That's like saying that, because the Joker is Batman's arch-enemy, then the Joker should have been the guy who killed Batman's pare--


(Oh, goddamn it, Tim Burton, what the hell were you thinking?!?)

SuperSomething616 - 12/7/2012, 2:33 AM
Loving this series...
StuckInPanels - 12/7/2012, 4:29 AM
Its Wonder Woman, she looks just like her. It wouldn't be that surprising, we don't see her being buried or taken away by any earth forces. He probably harmed her to the point of being weak and on Apokolisp, they remade her into Fury. The glowing red whip is kind of a give away
ScottScottScott - 12/7/2012, 4:43 AM
Actually I was thinking Fury may be the Long Missing Donna Troy.
SUPERSHADOWBAT - 12/7/2012, 5:37 AM
Earth 2 is an excellent read and I'm sorry if some people don't like the parallel earth thing, but it makes for great stories. I never cared for all the earths being combined after Cris, too many heroes on one earth, you couldn't turn around without bumping into one.
The reintroduction of the JSA on Earth 2 is being handled well by Robinson. He is taking his time with each character's origin making it fresh, but giving a nod to the Golden age originals while doing so. I look forward to each issue. It may not be the JSA I grew up with, but it is enjoyable.
StuckInPanels - 12/7/2012, 6:01 AM
I want Earth 3, a world where Heroes are Villains and Villains are Heroes. It needs a good writer and artist
CoulsonLives - 12/7/2012, 6:39 AM
Grif is dickbelt for sure!
beane2099 - 12/7/2012, 7:42 AM
Actually, killing batman' superman and wonder woman was a great way to start this series. I think this book is in the top tier DCnU books. And it's a full reboot. And I don't see anything wrong with having parallel universes. It's a sci fi staple. The Justice Society gets to stand out on their own. The middle eastern version of Nick Fury is a bit much, but I don't hate him either. He's like Capt Nemo and Nick Fury's love child.
Dedpool - 12/7/2012, 7:53 AM
Fury is Barda!!!
niknik - 12/7/2012, 7:55 AM
You're right. I dont see anything wrong with having a parallel universe long as old school readers still have their universe too. We dont. Thats why I couldn't care less what happens in a DC book anymore. Haven't bought one title since New52. Who are these people anyway? Not my heroes. Not my money.
Battabing - 12/7/2012, 7:59 AM
I agree with skot888.
This woman has black hair, blue eyes, is an Amazon, and has that crescent moon on her tiara that a certain Titan used to sport. It's Donna Troy, or a version of her anyway.
elcaballerooscuro92 - 12/7/2012, 9:01 AM
question: who is amar khan supposed to be?
DukeAcureds - 12/7/2012, 9:10 AM
Earth 2 is awesome. But I still need to know why it's completely different from the pre-Flashpoint Earth 2. Hopefully the Trinity War will explain what actually happened with Flashpoint. It must have somehow had a knock-on effect with the 52 multiverse (hence "The New 52"), but we still need thsi confirming, somehow. And there should also be some reason for why Earth One has remained the same. Perhaps Earth One is now the anchor and Earth 0 no longer exists, being replaced by Earth 52 (the current canon).
DukeAcureds - 12/7/2012, 9:40 AM
TheFox@ Drop some acid, read Watchmen and then revise your comments. The universe is a strange place, my friend.
MisterBabadook - 12/7/2012, 9:53 AM
I can appreciate your viewpoint, but it seems to me, through interviews w/ Snyder, that they plan on killing off the Joker for the new52. In an interview recently reposted here, Snyder seems to have insinuated that the Joker's face will completely rot off the buckles. Along with Joker making the ultimate discovery of everyone's identity, and sketches from Cappullo with notes that the barbs from his jawline are punctured into his neck, right next to his coradit artery, I feel like Jason Todd kill Joker and become the new Joker. He may not take off his helmet for a few RH&tO issues, but it will be there. Remember that the next arc of batman is the RedHood gang if I'm not mistaken (Batman #0). If RH&tO#0's backup had been slowly introduced before UtH1&2 you would've accepted the whole "Joker's Robin".

Anyways, not arguing with you, simply sharing my perspective.
Mucklefluga - 12/7/2012, 1:58 PM
This is such a good series!!! Well, apart from the latest issue...
Allura - 12/8/2012, 10:49 AM
My favourite of all the new 52 2nd wave series. The way the heroes come together has an old-school feel and kind of reminds me of the old Avengers and JLA origins of the Silver Age.

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