COMICS: Superman's New Origin Story To Be Revealed In Action Comics #5!

COMICS: Superman's New Origin Story To Be Revealed In <i>Action Comics #5</i>!

The all new origin story of Kal-El looks set to be revealed in January's Action Comics #5 from Grant Morrison and Andy Kubert. Check out the new rocket and destroyed Krypton here...

As the assault from an alien threat takes a turn for the worse for Metropolis, keys facts about Superman’s past are brought to light for the first time! And how can certain elements from The Man of Steel’s future help to prevent the theft of the millennium? Don’t miss this awesome issue from series writer Grant Morrison and the guest art team of Andy Kubert and Jesse Delperdang! This issue is also offered as a special combo pack edition, polybagged with a redemption code for a digital download of the issue.

Many thanks to Newsarama for the following solicitations.

Variant cover by RAGS MORALES
1:200 B&W Variant cover by ANDY KUBERT
On sale JANUARY 4 • 40 pg, FC, $3.99 US • RATED T
Combo pack edition: $4.99 US

And here's the cover and blurb for Justice League #5 which is sure to be an action packed and exciting installment...

Now, with the teenaged powerhouse Cyborg at their side, this group of individual heroes must somehow put their differences aside to face the terror of Darkseid! This issue is also offered as a special combo pack edition, polybagged with a redemption code for a digital download of the issue.

Written by GEOFF JOHNS
Art and cover by JIM LEE and SCOTT WILLIAMS
1:25 Variant cover by ERIC BASALDUA
1:200 B&W Variant cover by JIM LEE
On sale JANUARY 18 • 40 pg, FC, $3.99 US • RATED T
Combo pack edition: $4.99 US

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heisei24 - 10/17/2011, 11:02 AM
looks nice
Batman5 - 10/17/2011, 11:28 AM
lol, where batman?
rbfn04 - 10/17/2011, 11:59 AM
So, this is where they nreveal Krypton is the universes New Jersey adn that's why the new "Superman" acts like he should be an extra in Jersey Shore?
rbfn04 - 10/17/2011, 12:03 PM
@SteveRogers I liked Action #1 more than I thought it would. I hate the direction they are going.
VictorHugo - 10/17/2011, 12:04 PM
Where does Cyborg found a genuine Rob Liefeldian 90´s GUN? That´s a real relic!

Is DarkSeid anti-american? I thought he was anti-LIFE. So he´s going to spare Mexico and Canada and Argentina?

Where´s the blazes is J'onn J'onzz???
blueorangeny - 10/17/2011, 12:22 PM
I heard the whole reason behind Supes new look and story in the comics and what seems to be in the new movie goes back to the lawsuit with the heirs
VictorHugo - 10/17/2011, 12:23 PM
SteveRogersSon: it looks like DC is suddenly jealous of Iron Man and War Machine. Take a look at the DC-online video, Cyborg looks suspisciously similar to War Machine;
NextHero08 - 10/17/2011, 12:28 PM
I'd like to see Cyborg with a more toned down armor instead of this clunky ass waste of metal. Like along the lines of Robocop, not too much, not to little with a bunch of hidden surprises in his suit.
rbfn04 - 10/17/2011, 12:35 PM
@Superguy only, he ain't, He's less human. More dick. DiDio said they are going in that direction. Thousands of times. Is not me assuming shit. DiDio said "He will be more Kal-El, less Clark".

He'll be a douche, who hit's first ask questions last.

WHich actually made it kind of a bittersweet experience reading Action #1. You could see a little bit of Superman. But knowing he'll turn into Superdouche ruined the experience...
headlopper - 10/17/2011, 12:44 PM
Ya, he was actually an adopted crack baby. At this rate, why the hell not.
rbfn04 - 10/17/2011, 12:47 PM
@Truder I think thats the reason DiDio and his gang gave to remove MM from JL. Cause, you know, they know what's cool and modern.
KNIGHT3000 - 10/17/2011, 1:07 PM
Can't believe you guys watch Jersey Shore, and actually know the names of ALL the characters. I deffinately thought you guys were cooler than that.
KNIGHT3000 - 10/17/2011, 2:02 PM

Still can't believe you guys used for Jersey Shore, but hey, I can understand. I had to google some Gossip Girl information when that guy from the Philipenes made himself look like Brandon Routh. I was saying he looked more like the douche from Goosip Girl, that wears bow ties. I googled his name that day, cause I too don't watch it. Since the end of Smallville, the CW has no use.
Trapdinsteel - 10/17/2011, 2:16 PM
As I see more of Cyborg on the JL and the way he is looking on this cover is that it SEEMS like DC wants an answer to the success of Iron Man. I expect a live action version in the next few years if it gains traction but doubt it will ever be as successful as Iron Man.

@SteveRogersSon - Supes is still looking out for the little guy in fact he is clearly doing so in Action Comics #1 where he saves a building full of dirt poor men, women, and children who are still in said building when it is being demolished. They all recognize he is a hero for "the people" in that issue as it is made clear as day, how did you not see that?

The Action comics series seems like a pretty straightforward take on the character who definitely does not like it when those in a position of power take advantage of those who are not, so if anything he is standing up for the "little guy" more than ever so I do not know what you are talking about "looking out for #1" nonsense.

Also I would love to hear which books he is being a bully in?

If you are referring to JL #1 and JL #2 he hears Batman and GL talking about how they are going to take him...would you not react defensively if you know someone is coming for you? He also could have easily snapped Batman's neck in that issue as well as GL but he didn't. Seems to me like some heros in a pissing contest feeling eachother out because they do not know who is a villian and who is a good guy yet. In fact in that exchange Supes thinks Batman and GL just blew up some buildings so why wouldn't he act that way?
Supes17 - 10/17/2011, 2:34 PM
Aquaman actually loos bad-ass!
What's going on?! *Universe Implodes*
Durango95 - 10/17/2011, 2:45 PM
I only have one thing to say. [frick] YOU,Jim Lee.
greenlanter13 - 10/17/2011, 3:14 PM
JL looks good
dbzmaster789 - 10/17/2011, 3:39 PM
Brainiac!! I bet
Jordanstine - 10/17/2011, 4:00 PM
So this is like the 6th "Origin Story" retconned for Superman, and like the 3rd in just the last 7 years.


- Action Comics #1

- Superman #1

- Man of Steel #1

- Birthright #1

- Secret Origins #1

- Justice League #5

2014 = the next Superman Origin Story to be re-told... I'm gonna guess it'll be called "Superman Relaunch"!
Nerdman3000 - 10/17/2011, 4:43 PM
Why do I get the strange feeling Darkseid destroyed Krypton.
rbfn04 - 10/17/2011, 5:38 PM
I really hope they don't go the "Braniac is a kryptonian AI and it blasted Krypton". Leave that to the cartoons.
TheLight - 10/17/2011, 6:18 PM

I'm glad I'm not the only one that sees that this Superman is more Kal-El, not Clark. Hence, why I now call him simply, "Kal-El". To those that won't like this statement, I'm sorry but it's my truth.


I know you see it too. The way to growing up is with some sort of guidance, and the Kents represented that influence.
RobinNumbah6 - 10/17/2011, 6:33 PM
American flag makes it kinda cliche
rbfn04 - 10/17/2011, 7:23 PM
@MrEko with that I agree. Never liked the split personality schtick. WHen I say Kal-El, I mean more alien like. Kinda like in JL: Dark, where he was very analytical, without the usual warmth...
rbfn04 - 10/17/2011, 9:11 PM
@Superguy Action - so far. Superman - he's been written by Perez. After #7 thy already said they'll change.

Again: I didn't say he'd be more alien, more distant. DiDio said it. Johns said it. Lee said it. The triumviratum that's ruining DC.

From what DIDIO SAID, JL: Dark's distant Supes and JL Superdouche is what they want.

Cool, you like adistant character that's closer to Batman than SUperman. Have fun.

In JLA 32 Stewart exlain to Vixen the differencebetweenBat and Supes "Batman [as a leader] was brilliant bu inflexible. He used people like chess pieces. That's okeywith soldiers. But the JLA is made of uniquely gifted individuals. Batman chafes". "And Superman?" asked Vixen. "Theopposite problem. He's tooconcerned with protecting people to use them to maximum effect". "We'd follow him to hell", says Vixen. "But he'd never ask".

This is not a jerk,douche SUperman. But, you know, you dig Jersey Shore's Superman...
SkaarJones - 10/17/2011, 9:48 PM
Darkseid is anti-life. America is about life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. Therefore, Darkseid is anti-America.
Trapdinsteel - 10/18/2011, 1:58 AM
@rbfn04 - So what is wrong with Superman starting out distant from the rest of the JL? This is from the take that he is just starting out as a hero and has been doing his own thing for a while fighting for the little guy and all of a sudden you just want him to easily flow into the leader of the Justice League? No, obviously there is going to be conflict and transition and this is the start of it. I am glad neither of you geniuses is writing for any comic book character, because it would run one whole issue and cover the hero's growth by the time you got the back page apparently...

You and SteveRogersSon sound like whiny little girls right now the way you cry about Superman over and over again in every article. If being a whiny bitch is your thing than go for it but to me this version of Superman takes him back to his roots and how he acted when he first hit the scene circa 1938. Just as then he was a young hero fighting for the little guy kicking down doors and making shit happen.

Logically since they are rebooting back to Action Comics #1 it is pretty easy to figure out they are going back to square one and his growth into the rock solid leader of the JL will be an ongoing for you that it didn't happen in JL 1 or a bridge and get the f over it already.

By all means continue to keep crying about it, just wanted to let you know you sound like you haven't read any of the new books nor does it sound like you know what you are talking about.
Ichaos - 10/18/2011, 3:59 AM
@TheLight I think DCs ideas on how to "humanize" Superman was to make him an angry alien that mistrusts humans. With the hit first ask questions later yo might expect him to shout SUPERMAN SMASH!!

Yah definitely was a way to loophole out of the lawsuit with the Superman creator heirs. I wish they won and got him back.
Ichaos - 10/18/2011, 4:02 AM
@Jordanstine why do they have to keep retelling the stupid origin story? His planet blows up and he is sent to earth. Why do they dwell on it. It's suppose to be about Superman not Superinfant. But given the crank tantroms they forced on the character maybe its suppose to be superinfant now
Trapdinsteel - 10/18/2011, 4:41 AM
@Ichaos - Have you read any of Action comics from the new 52? You saying they made him "an angry alien that mistrusts humans" clearly shows that you didn't read them or that you do not have the mental capacity to understand simple concepts.

He is not an "angry alien" in these books, while he clearly shows his discontent for those in positions of power or wealth who use their standing over the "little guy". He says to a corrupt police officer something along the lines of "do your job protecting the people not the pockets of the wealthy and I won't have to" If he was a "angry alien" he simply wouldn't give a damn about anyone.

This is very similar to how Superman was depicted at his inception.

Perhaps there is a need to retell the origin over and over again because simpletons like you choose to not read the books but rather complain about the "DCs ideas"
rbfn04 - 10/18/2011, 5:00 AM
@Superguy You assume I didn't read any... The series is not as bad? The whole [frick]ing DCnU is written for people with short attention span. Books are read in less than 5 minutes.

Action #1 was better than I expected. Action #2 was bad. #3 promises to be worse, cause he'll start fearing people because of one person.

I'm not judging a whole series from a few pages. I'm judging it from the direction the DC's EIC said it was going...

Superman was a douche because he hit first. If you like people hitting first, cool. Just like a bully. He threatened to kill Batman. Yeah, not a douche at all...

@Trapinsteel Go on internet tough guy, go on...
Trapdinsteel - 10/18/2011, 5:09 AM
@rbfn04 - no tough guy here, just letting you know how constant whining looks to everyone else on here, I have low tolerance levels for whiners so just as you are entitled to cry about it, I am entitled to call you out on it.

He threatened to kill Batman because he thought he was responsible for the explosions that just happened putting innocent lives in danger...again, if you don't like this approach than you probably don't like the Golden Age Superman, this is nothing new.
rbfn04 - 10/18/2011, 7:24 AM
@Trapdinsteel theres a difference between whinning and pointing out how this DCnU is writtenfor short attention span having, "omg, kewl, gory and hyperviolence" loving people.

Oh, sorry, I thought this was supposed to be a new take on the character..
rbfn04 - 10/18/2011, 9:31 AM
@SteveRogersSon oh, I agree too. In fatc, some of the commenters have a penchant for calling people retards ;) I try not to confront people personally. But, as I said, I love to discuss other points of view.

Maybe I misconstrued Trapdinsteel's "whiny little girl" comment as him trying to start some namecalling BS, hence, my internet tough guy rebutal. I'm not gonna start a namecalling war.

That being said, I'll still vent my opinion and pick people brains for why they love this character. And if I disagree, I'll disagree and try to keep things polite, as always :D
rbfn04 - 10/18/2011, 12:27 PM
@SteveRogerSon wasn't this kinda Burton's take on the costume too? "well, he's alien so his costume should be alien, hurr durr".

And we almost ended up with a gothic Superman...
Trapdinsteel - 10/18/2011, 4:14 PM
@rbfn04 – I disagree with your point where you said -"how this DCnU is writtenfor short attention span having, "omg, kewl, gory and hyperviolence" loving people."

I would imagine since they are giving us a raw and unpolished Superman, he will learn to become the stoic figure who can handle any situation, but right now this is all new to him in these books and he is trying to figure it all out. This is his path to the even greater hero he becomes. Your assumption that people who like these books have a short attention span and are only entertained by hyper violence is insulting to anyone who has found any enjoyment out of them as you look down your nose at us. On the contrary I believe it shows your lack of foresight to what DC might have planned for Superman’s journey over the coming years. The fact that you can not speculate what it could become and instead cast it away as unfulfilling shows that you might be the one with the short attention span.

The way I am looking at this reboot is as an accumulation of 70+ years worth of Superman's past history being reorganized to fit into the current state of comics to gain new readership and chart a new trajectory (similar to how the new Star Trek movie honored the past but blazed a new trail). It seems to me from what I have seen thus far, this representation in the new Action Comics #1 & #2 is going back to honoring the Golden Age Superman at his beginning and I am interested to see where it goes from here and how the character grows into the hero I grew up with in the modern age. I was not born to see this story flesh out live in the comics starting in 1938 so the new 52 is my chance to do so and has me buying comics for the first time in close to 20 years. If it doesn’t turn out like I expect, I will simply stop buying the comics and still have the positive thoughts of what the character means to me even if the visions of the writer at that time are not in line with mine.

These are some of the things that you said:
-"Superman" acts like he should be an extra in Jersey Shore?”
(I would love for you to point out where he acts like he is an extra on Jersey Shore. This comment makes zero sense. Not once did I see Superman fist pumping, drinking, having sex with random people he meets at the club or anything else that goes on with that show)

-“He'll be a douche, who hit's first ask questions last.”
(This was explained in JL 1 & 2 and Superman had his reasons as myself and GDS keep trying to show you, he doesn’t know they are on his side, they appear at the scene of a crime following an explosion with a related incendiary device in hand and he hears them saying that they are coming for him, I don’t understand how you don’t get this.)
-“He's less human. More dick. DiDio said they are going in that direction.”
(You continue to set the tone for my response with this and other comments like it)

Also, I do not see how calling Superman a dick from the Jersey Shore elicits a profound discussion. You were snarky about the character and I simply responded to what I was seeing as your crap attitude at the time. I am more than willing to have discussions like you claim to enjoy but if someone leads with thread comments like yours and some of the others in here, that is also how I am going to respond to you in a snarky smart ass way. You among others set the tone.
Trapdinsteel - 10/18/2011, 4:26 PM
@SteveRogersSon – I find it hilarious that you are calling me a troll. When you get a second of down time, grab a soda and a snack and go through past threads. Look for your name, then look for mine. I guarantee you that your negative Superman multiple comment tirades outshine anything I have said on this website by massive quantities. The only reason I even bothered responding to you in the first place is because I am so familiar with your name popping up in the comment section on my computer screen crying on and on…and I’m the troll (insert sarcasm here).

It is hard to take opinions seriously from a person who plasters Grant Morrison’s face as his main profile picture with an x through it saying that he sucks showing clear biase. WE GET IT, you don’t like Grant Morrison nor the direction of this relaunch, holy shitballs we get it.

I can appreciate if you do not like the changes to the character or the writer, however you do not provide realistic reasons why you don’t like what you are being presented. All I see is generic crap filled with snarky condescending tones that goes into very little detail about what you realistically do not like. If you want to have a conversation do that and I would respond accordingly, however if you want to be a condescending whiner, this is how I respond to that.

I certainly don’t praise this relaunch as you assume, in fact there are a few things I would also prefer differently. That doesn’t stop me from enjoying the good parts and being able to appreciate what they are trying to do.

I also do not understand why you would waste so much time and energy throughout several different threads of CBM wallowing in the misery that you apparently feel. I don’t understand this because if I did not like something I would move on to things that actually did interest me and not waste my time (and the time of others) with constant tirades, but that is just me. I come in these threads because I am interested, why do you come in here again if you are so against what you see? Like I said before, you are entitled to your opinions and venting sessions, and I am entitled to saying you sound like a crybaby. I personally don’t know you and if you are really one but you seem to wear the uniform pretty well.
rbfn04 - 10/18/2011, 8:59 PM
@Superguy GL SAID something. Superman overreacted like a douche who doesn't know how to control himself.

@Trapdinsteel How about the end of JL #1. He could've said "Come at me, bro".

Superman hits first. GL says something and he loses control. I read the comics. Matter of fact I read all the new 52. He overreacts to someone saying something.

The "short attention span" comment was about the whole DCnU. Books are short. Not a lot of dialogue. Fast read. ;)
EarOne - 10/19/2011, 5:21 AM
hey, i like that JL #5 cover. there's still hope, yet, for this reboot.
Trapdinsteel - 10/19/2011, 2:42 PM
@rbfn04 - How about:

-Superman being attacked by some random villain with an explosive device
-That being uses the device to blow up himself and a building
-Batman & GL show up with the same type of device in hand and Superman hearing them talking to eachother about coming to get yeah he should spring into action because he doesn't want to be attacked again and another bomb to go off (the one GL and Batman have)

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