COMICS: "Zero Year" Continues In First Look At BATMAN #22

COMICS: "Zero Year" Continues In First Look At BATMAN #22

As Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo continue to reveal "The New 52" version of Batman's first year as the Caped Crusader, we see Bruce Wayne battling it out with the Red Hood (The Joker) and his gang. Hit the jump for a first look at Batman #22!

The second chapter of "Zero Year" delves into Bruce Wayne’s past with the Red Hood Gang and his run-ins with aspiring District Attorney Harvey Dent! And in the backup story, a secret moment from Bruce’s training abroad is revealed for the first time!

Backup story art by RAFAEL ALBUQUERQUE
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airbeyonder18 - 7/8/2013, 6:44 PM
A Red Hood Gang? Love it!

A Gang carrying Alien-looking weapons? No...
Minato - 7/8/2013, 6:47 PM

Hellsboy - 7/8/2013, 6:48 PM
covers are dope
the guns are..........haloish
SuperiorMrGod - 7/8/2013, 6:49 PM
LordoftheThrones26 - 7/8/2013, 6:49 PM
Hellsboy - 7/8/2013, 6:55 PM
and they got the height right i like that
CaptainAmerica31 - 7/8/2013, 7:00 PM
Just read 21 and it was pretty good cant wait to get my hands on this though. Looks like it'll be more action packed. Already ordered on amazon right after I finished the first issue!
EpitomeofAwesome - 7/8/2013, 7:02 PM
EpitomeofAwesome - 7/8/2013, 7:03 PM
Those weapons look like the Chitauri's...
ALmazing - 7/8/2013, 7:03 PM
This will never compare to Miller's year one.
Parkerluckpersonified - 7/8/2013, 7:24 PM
hmmm i like the old version of the red hood/joker origin in which he was just a nobody villain until batman messed up and turned him into joker.

i think makin him like a crime boss loses some of the tragedy (though it's probably gonna do some new 52 shit and make this red hood not be the joker :-/
Howlett - 7/8/2013, 7:44 PM
Batman's secret workout.

TForbes - 7/8/2013, 7:45 PM
I always thought that in the redhood/ joker origin the red hood had actually just dressed some random guy up as a decoy and it's that guy that accidentally got turned into the Joker when Batman came after him. Although i dont remember where I read that so i'll admit I could be mistaken
Bodwulf - 7/8/2013, 8:10 PM
WruceBayne - 7/8/2013, 8:14 PM
Sweet pic.
Brady1138 - 7/8/2013, 8:53 PM
This is the only Batman book I read and I can't wait! Love Scott Snyder!
Dragonpiece - 7/8/2013, 9:20 PM
I think Snyder posted on CBM before.
GLprime2814 - 7/8/2013, 9:40 PM
Issue 21 was great cant wait for this one.
SnapperCarr - 7/8/2013, 10:03 PM
Yay for original Red Hood!
Dayv - 7/9/2013, 6:04 AM
I do hope he can't find a DNA match so this can be the Joker.
wcwpoet - 7/9/2013, 11:54 AM
I'm already tired of the new 52.
TheInsider - 7/9/2013, 12:26 PM
that second cover is dope
JorEllinator - 7/10/2013, 8:20 AM
I hate that Red Hood is canon now. The whole point that Moore ( and to a point, Morrison) was trying to make was that he creates a new origin every day ( Moore) and he keeps reinventing himself (Morrison)!

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