DC Release A Detailed List Of "Frequently Asked Questions" Regarding Relaunced Universe!

DC Release A Detailed List Of "Frequently Asked Questions" Regarding Relaunced Universe!

Addressing the concerns of fans and retailers alike, DC have releases an in-depth series of questions and answers covering everything from whether or not it's a reboot to past continuity and much more...

Why do it? There is a lot of speculation out there, are you “rebooting” the titles?

This is an epic and ambitious initiative that ushers in a new generation of comics for DC Comics and will set the tone for storylines and characters for years to come. With all of the titles starting at #1, our creative teams have the ability to take a more modern approach – not only with each character, but with how the characters interact with one another and the universe as a whole, and focus on the earlier part of the careers of each of our iconic characters. A time when they didn’t have as much experience defeating all their nemeses. A time when they weren’t as sure of their abilities. A time when they haven’t saved the world countless times. It’s this period that is rich with creative opportunity as we show why these characters are so amazing, so iconic and so special.

We think fans will be excited by this approach and The New 52 will provide DC Entertainment an opportunity to aggressively reach the widest possible audience worldwide, through captivating stories and an accessible entry point. We see great opportunities to tell new, contemporary, cutting edge stories building off the best known, classic stories that make up each of the title’s back histories.

DC Comics has had a number of reboots, what makes this one different?

This is not a reboot, it’s a launch. This is a historic initiative for DC Entertainment and the DC Comics characters – and a first in the company’s publishing history. This next era of DC Comics characters will see 52 all-new #1 issues of its super hero titles at the same time AND same-day digital across the board. In addition to the number changes, our talented creative teams are working behind the scenes to create compelling storylines and new costume designs for many of our iconic DC Comics characters.

Why not call it a reboot?

It’s not a reboot. A reboot is typically a restart of the story or character that jettisons away everything that happened previously.

This is a new beginning which builds off the best of the past. For the stories launching as new #1s in September, we have carefully hand-selected the most powerful and pertinent moments in these characters’ lives and stories to remain in the mythology and lore. And then we’ve asked the best creators in the industry to modernize, update and enhance the books with new and exciting tales. The result is that we retained the good stuff, and then make it better.

Does The New 52 undo events or continuity that I’ve been reading?

Some yes, some no. But many of the great stories remain. For example – Batgirl. The Killing Joke still happened and she was Oracle. Now she will go through physical rehabilitation and become a more seasoned and nuanced character because she had these incredible and diverse experiences.

So will all titles be entry points or will you need to know back-story for some?

Each title will read as a #1 issue that will make jumping into the story extremely accessible for all types of readers. The stories are designed in a way that new fans will be able to pick up a book and immediately be drawn into the story, while at the same time existing fans will be engrossed by the new and epic moments that take place.

Do the new #1s mean that the previous stories didn’t take place?

Our creative teams have a firm understanding of the storied heritage of characters and titles. The new #1 issues will introduce readers to a more modern, diverse universe of DC Comics characters, with some character variations in appearance, origin and age. All stories will be grounded in each character’s legend – but will map to real world situations, interactions, tragedies and triumphs.

Overall, DC Entertainment is focused on putting out the most innovative storylines, featuring the most iconic characters, created by the most creative minds within the industry.

Might you just introduce a new DC “Ultimate” line and give it the spotlight for a few months, then have the opportunity to bring back the other continuity? Will this all be put back to “normal” after a few months?

No – this is the new universe of DC Comics characters. This is an epic and ambitious initiative that ushers in the next era of the DC Comics characters and will set the tone for storylines and characters for years to come. This is not an “event,” because events expire.

Why are you changing the costumes?

DC Entertainment is led by some of the biggest fans of comics out there. We know that if Geoff and Jim are excited about the stories and artwork, we’re on to something big. While there may be some naysayers, when we thought about starting the entire DC Comics universe line of comics with #1/first issues we looked at the benefits for the long haul, not just a year or two. Our goal is to create a watershed moment for DC Entertainment – and the industry as a whole – where fans will remember this as a time of innovation while maintaining DC Entertainment’s commitment to creating entertaining and masterfully created stories.

Do you not care about your company’s history? If you do this right, what do you want your legacy to be 75 years from now?

The legacy of DC Entertainment, and DC Comics before it, is based on the creativity of our editors and our creative talent, and our commitment to the best storytelling possible. DC has always been about character development and growth.

Take Batman for example. In the early days he was a vigilante who brandished a gun. Then he morphed into a whimsical character and then in the 1960′s he became more of the gritty, grim avenger of the night. We can all agree that we are glad Batman evolved.

Our goal is to create a watershed moment for DC Entertainment – and the industry as a whole – where fans will remember this as a time of innovation while maintaining DC Entertainment’s commitment to creating entertaining and masterfully created stories.

Specifically why end Action and Detective before they reach their 1,000th issues? Action Comics is the longest running American comic book, followed closely by Detective Comics, the company’s namesake. Isn’t renumbering these series actually a retreat from the love of “comics as comics”?

Our Co-Publishers and editors thought long and hard about this. It was an extremely important decision that was not taken lightly. But executing this unprecedented event meant taking creative risks on every level and pushing forward with big, new ideas. A partial renumbering would not have had the impact we needed to showcase the amazing changes and direction we have planned for the new DC Comics universe of characters. Counting issue numbers is focusing on the past, not the future.

Can this event fix/undo an event I don’t like from the past?/ Can this event bring back a character from the past that I miss?/ Does this event change the status of (insert pretty much any character here)? What would you say to someone whose favorite superhero no longer exists?

Characters are always evolving in the DC universe and part of the evolution means that characters come and go. While not all current characters will be part of the new DC Comics line of books, we are confident the ambitious plan we are creating will introduce a new generation of protagonists and antagonists that will captivate readers.

We are kicking things off with our best and brightest characters and what makes them so compelling and great. Simply because you don’t see a personal favorite in the September launches doesn’t mean your favorites are gone. This is just the beginning.

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TheDesertGorilla - 7/1/2011, 11:48 AM
I lost a lot of respect for DC after this "relaunch" concept
Hellsing - 7/1/2011, 11:53 AM
wait how is it taking a look at the begining of there super heroes when Batman and Green Lantern mythos has been left intact.
JULEZ13 - 7/1/2011, 11:53 AM
They are just repeating the same answers and questions just in different ways. This doesn't make me anymore interested in it. Oh, and a new "launch" sounds like a reboot to me.

"It’s not a reboot. A reboot is typically a restart of the story or character that jettisons away everything that happened previously."

Umm... sorry to break it to you DC, but that is what you are doing, duh! Just like Nolan rebooted the Batman franchise, he's using some of the same characters but is just telling their stories in a different way, exactly what you stated you were doing with this new "launch."

"This is a new beginning which builds off the best of the past." - yup, that's a reboot: i.e Incredible Hulk, Batman, Man of Steel, etc.

Way to give a great argument DC. Just admit that its a damn reboot, we're not going to kill you. Geez. smh.
TheLight - 7/1/2011, 11:54 AM
I don't like this. They should just say it's all a reboot. Basically, they're saying in english, "This is happpening, GET OVER IT! The old times should be left in the past, we're running out of ideas and the costumes change because Marvel is beating us!" I'm a fan of both, but DC's been my favorite. But if this is how they repay fans who stayed devoted to their business, then I'll watch from the sidelines.
marvel72 - 7/1/2011, 11:58 AM
52 issue 1s is a lame idea to boost sales for one month,then the issue 2 drop off comes.

i'm sticking with marvel,i'll see how they handle the flash & green lantern before i decide if i want to carry on reading those books.
plasticman - 7/1/2011, 11:59 AM
Sounds epic and ambitious.
manymade1 - 7/1/2011, 12:11 PM
Well I guess most of these heroes needed a reboot anyway(Except for GL), I might be the only one excited for this.
niknik - 7/1/2011, 12:17 PM
I have to laugh at how they keep refusing to admit that it is indeed a reboot. That part about not going back to their old continuity after a few months is a joke too. Once this fails so EPICALLY that they lose MOST of their regular buyers, they will have no choice but to sweep this mess under the rug and get back to what worked.

Mark my words: There will be thousands of longtime comic book collectors like myself that flat out QUIT buying ALL DC titles. Marvel is going to clean up, and DC will be lucky to stay in the publishing business after this brain fart of an idea has led the company to ruin.
SeaSerpentine - 7/1/2011, 12:18 PM
To put it short, they don't care about their history or their fans and they only care about the now and making money. It's unlikely, but hopefully there is a HUGE backlash and they go back to basics.

BTW, to Josh, RorMachine, and others, I'm VERY, VERY SORRY for naysaying X-Men: First Class and (almost) everyone who praised it to high heaven. I said that I was leaving this site forever just because people liked it, but now that the hype has died down, I have realized my mistakes and I take back everything (and I mean everything) that I said.
ComradeGrey - 7/1/2011, 12:22 PM
Fanboys are [frick]ing retarded.
level1paladin - 7/1/2011, 12:26 PM
I'm behind this because for the most part the DC Universe has had some really shitty story arcs.
CorndogBurglar - 7/1/2011, 12:26 PM
i'm giving it a chance.

some characters are getting rebooted, while others are not.

Flashpoint will bring this into fruition. Something is going to happen with the Flash that changes the time stream. it will effect some characters greatly, while not effecting others. its basically an Age of Apocalypse type deal that won't be going back to the way it was.
Priest - 7/1/2011, 12:31 PM
How convoluted. DC fail.
mrbill - 7/1/2011, 12:37 PM
Booting the Martian Manhunter out of the original JLA lineup is terrible! I like Cyborg as a character, but not as a founding member, doesn't make sense...
ElDuce74 - 7/1/2011, 12:37 PM
I haven't read comics in a while, mainly pick up the trade paper backs or find out info about characters from friends. I thought this was going to be a complete reboot and was interested because I was going to pick up some books and start collecting againg.

Not now.

This is AWFUL. Seriously, isn't DC's continuity complete F'd up anyway? With all the Crisis's they've had and what not.

I got into comics with the original crisis and still remember History of the DC Universe, Man of Steel, and Year One...Looking back, even that didn't really work.

I understand they don't want to "do away" with all the "great" stories from the past but...they crapped the bed on this one. Kill the DC Universe. Have an epic maxi-series that completely KILLS the DC Universe. Make it a huge cross over event. But, ultimately destroy it and restart. "Reboot" it that way.

If more readers is their goal, how many people would not only pick up a series and all the crossover issues where they are basically killing the heroes, world, universe. On top of that, given all the media hype about the "death" of the universe and it's rebirth, how many more would pick up the new issues KNOWING they'd be able to jump in without a prior knowledge of the history.

Sorry for the long post but I love these characters, since I was a kid. I'm a DC guy through and through. My son is at the age to start collecting and I was hoping this could be his entry point.

Guess not.

This is an insult to cohesive thought and logic. And the way that have to explain this in child like terms (that still doesn't make sense) is pretty pathetic.

I'll wait a couple years when they decide this was a F up and do a real reboot.

Man, DC, get your sh-t together.
ElDuce74 - 7/1/2011, 12:38 PM
And one more thing...Just be honest that you are changing Supermans outfit JUST in case the lawsuit doesn't go your way.
OtakuPapi - 7/1/2011, 12:39 PM
i totally agree with the relaunch...as someone who hasnt bought american comics in years im am actually excited because now i and many other can get on the ground floor of what is the new Dc.Most of the character designs ive seen are amazing,the Dc universe for awhile has had an old comic feel to it,all this have to evolve i see only good things coming from the relaunch
golden123 - 7/1/2011, 12:45 PM
@anyone who thinks this is a reboot in any way, shape, or form: Nobody is getting rebooted. Some origins and costumes will be changed (which isn't anything that has already been constanly happening). Books are bouncing back to number 1. This was mainly created to interest the public, increase sales, and organize continuity. Every character who isn't brand new will still have their old histories with the possible exception of their origin. A few characters have an unknown status as of this point, but we can't jump to any conclusions. It's a relaunch. Don't be thick skulled. I'm not accussing all of the people who thought this was a reboot thick skulled, but there are some that are.
MJPETTY7 - 7/1/2011, 12:50 PM
I don't hate this idea as much now. I still hate it, but not as much. I hate it 90%. I'm for it 10%.
TheMyth - 7/1/2011, 1:00 PM
I like the look of this reboot(they can call it what they want, it's still a reboot). Part of what has always made it hard for me to get into DC characters has been things like the names and costumes of characters. I know that sounds superficial, but in this industry, that is how you grab the attention of readers, by attracting them with something that looks good. Take a character like Captain Cold for instance, I don't care how badass his character is, I can't get through his cheesy name and even shittier costume to even want to get to know the character. While obviously the names won't change, which is fine, I'm loving the new looks. Superman looks practical, WW looks great, Deathstroke looks absolutely fantastic. This is what will attract me to span out into previous titles I didn't care for before, hell, maybe I'll even give Supes another chance. I understand how you staunch DC fans must feel in all this, I really do, but look at the bright side, many new fans will be drawn to this, me included. And since I'm a life3 long comic collector who has spent entirely too much money on the hobby, be excited that a portion of that cash will now be devoted to DC characters beyond Bats and GL.
niknik - 7/1/2011, 1:08 PM
The number of "new" readers they pick up from "updating" their iconic characters will not even come close to the number of "old" readers they lose due to their "updating" those same iconic characters.


If they wanted to do this, they should have done it in a DC Ultimate universe, separate from the original.

ar8898 - 7/1/2011, 1:09 PM
Dan Didio, Geoff Johns, and Jim Lee are choads!!
Indestruktible - 7/1/2011, 1:12 PM

Holy Explosion in my pants Batman! Who is that hot bombshell?
JackBauer - 7/1/2011, 1:14 PM
dnno1 - 7/1/2011, 1:18 PM
Looks like DC's version of Marvel's "Ultimate" universe line. It could have the same reception if they don't try to depower the characters.
SamHell - 7/1/2011, 1:18 PM
Whatever happened to Superman maybe going to Marvel??
number1hero - 7/1/2011, 1:24 PM
SwingsetKnight - 7/1/2011, 1:26 PM
Tbh, I've never been able to get into regularly reading DC. I've picked up an issue here and there, but mostly I've found everyone but Batman kind of off-putting. I remember reading a Supergirl comic a couple years ago and thinking "what the [frick] is going...okay, but we were...is THAT the flashback, or is it...wait, are there like parallel universes, or..."

This is probably because I started with Marvel and followed that for long enough to get an idea of what was going on, but...

...yeah, I can't really muster up any hate over this. Relaunch? Not a bad move really, especially if it's not just a publicity stunt that'll relapse in a year, as all the fanboys are loudly proclaiming. I might start buying DC now. I'm certainly going to buy the relaunched Batman #1, probably Catwoman and Superman as well. So DC's got my money in that respect.
CyberBishop - 7/1/2011, 1:28 PM
As a DC fan I am not exactly sure what to think about this... Am I supposed to be happy, sad, confused, angry???? WTF?
ClosetNerd - 7/1/2011, 1:38 PM
Indestruktible - 7/1/2011, 1:38 PM
Thanks Teabag! You just made my Canada Day weekend :)
JackBauer - 7/1/2011, 1:51 PM
I found some pics of the new costumes fro Man of Steel and TDKR

ThomasRochester - 7/1/2011, 2:29 PM
i guess i have to give this a chance since i love GL comics, but i may actually pay attention the the JL now since the characters wont be in their "ive been around the block kid" modes since they are kids and wont try to be perfect.
Growler - 7/1/2011, 2:39 PM
Whether this is a good thing or not remains to be seen. That'll depend on the writers and artists and the editorial decisions.
My concern is the politicians' answers that say the same thing to many different questions. Repeating words such as 'initiative' gives me the impression that the decision to re-launch, or whatever it is they're doing, came from way up the corporate ladder and has more to do with Warner Brothers' accountants than any great artistic endeavour on the part of DC itself.
I hope it's a success, I really do, but I am VERY sceptical about the real reasons behind this move.
AUTISTICSPIDER - 7/1/2011, 2:48 PM
As a Marvel, I believe this is a fantastic idea. I have wanted to squeeze my way into the DC universe for years, since it appears quite interesting, yet I have had trouble finding an opening that would allow me to begin reading and also understand what I am reading. This presents a prime opportunity for me to begin my exploits into the DC universe.
skidz - 7/1/2011, 2:56 PM
If they really had the courage, they should've done this on video with live questions and answers, they would have to be straightforward. By writing them they can get away with prefabricating their answers.
batmanrises - 7/1/2011, 3:49 PM
More excited about this than ever. If the Marvel fanchildren don't like it, why comment on it?
SuperSomething616 - 7/1/2011, 3:56 PM
DC always do things on a grander more epic scale...and I can tell this is going to be no different...

Definately going to be a Grand Epic...FAIL!!!

Give it a year and when they realise this has not worked and not drawn in new younger readers but alienated it's existing ones...they undo it and restore the original time line...
vermillion - 7/1/2011, 4:48 PM
Too much doubting on this before it even comes out. Why so serious?
KingMarvel - 7/1/2011, 5:29 PM
Sometimes you might read something and then you might go Hmm sounds good! well this is not one of those moments! DC is losing and they know it, they are taking Drastic Measures "rebooting" their hole DCU, THIS WILL FAIL! and ElDuce74 said that they might be doing this incase superman go's to MARVEL ( witch at this point i think might be better for him) I think your right on the money, I think DC knows this there is a chance they might lose Superman for real!
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