EXCLUSIVE: Booster Gold Creator Dan Jurgens Shares His Thoughts On Syfy's Planned TV Series

<font color = red>EXCLUSIVE:</font> Booster Gold Creator Dan Jurgens Shares His Thoughts On Syfy's Planned TV Series

Talking exclusively to CBM, the creator of Booster Gold has commented briefly on the recent news that Syfy have ordered a pilot episode featuring the character from Fringe writer Andrew Kreisberg.

Last week, The Hollywood Reporter revealed that Syfy are working on a small screen adaptation of Booster Gold. Ordering a pilot script from Fringe writer Andrew Kreisberg, Greg Berlanti's production company is expected to oversee the project in association with Warner Horizon Television and DC Comics. After recently taking part in a lengthy interview with CBM, I reached out to creator Dan Jurgens to find out what he things about Booster Gold getting his own TV series.

"I'm thrilled that Booster is on the verge of making the leap to television. It's a great concept for TV as the character himself would be very interested in getting on TV. You could build a lot of layers into it that would make for great fun."

Dan recently told us that he was pleased with the character's portrayal on Smallville and I'm sure we'll hear even more from him on this version when the show hits. You can find the full version of that interview HERE, and don't forget to follow the writer/artist on Twitter - @djjurgens. Thanks to Dan for again taking the time to speak with us.

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JohnWilbanks - 11/28/2011, 1:08 PM
WaylonJones - 11/28/2011, 1:09 PM
Awesome Stuff Josh don't much care for Booster Gold but I will most likely check this out.
ImaNerd - 11/28/2011, 1:18 PM
I hope it comes out good but Idk...
dnno1 - 11/28/2011, 1:24 PM
headlopper - 11/28/2011, 1:25 PM
Sounds promising.
MarVell - 11/28/2011, 1:42 PM
A Booster Gold TV series could be cool but I agree with theWorld, the SYFY channel has the kiss of death.
JohnnyKrypton - 11/28/2011, 1:44 PM
Nice find, Josh. Go f*ck yourself, Jurgens.
darkknightmare2012 - 11/28/2011, 1:58 PM
as i said before i think that it would be much better on the usa network .. i think booster gold as alot of promise and could really work out well... so i wonder who the front runner is to land the role... and does booster have a rouge gallery of villans?
vermillion - 11/28/2011, 2:00 PM
I'll definitely watch this. Booster Gold is an awesome character.
RaleighAntrobus - 11/28/2011, 2:28 PM
I just can't see how this will be good... not enough Booster Gold fans and on Syfy? Yikes.
marvel72 - 11/28/2011, 2:30 PM
i'd rather see a booster gold movie,then a low budget slighty better than smallville reject.
SoulAllFlush - 11/28/2011, 2:32 PM
Hoping we'd see Blue Beetle and Rip Hunter too.
mgeoff88 - 11/28/2011, 2:37 PM
When people think of Syfy, they immediately think of like this crazy, fantastical, science fiction shows. You know, that's what it is.

I don't know if anyone here has watched Alphas, but it's bit more grounded and scaled back compared to a lot of the other shows on the network.

If they were to make this show in the same vein as Alphas, it would greatly help the special effects budget and make it more character driven. This show would have a lot of potential.
marvel72 - 11/28/2011, 2:44 PM
@ mgeoff88

i found alphas terrible,i gave up watching after three episodes.

that kid that locks onto camera feeds pissed me off so i had to stop watching it.
mgeoff88 - 11/28/2011, 3:15 PM
@marvel72 I was just using the show's production as an example of how it's so different from other shows on Syfy. Because I'm worried like everyone else, that these guys' number one priority is going to be the special effects rather than the character development.

Speaking on the actual quality of Alphas... You got through one more episode of it than I did. :)
cbcurry - 11/28/2011, 4:39 PM
If done right this could be really good. Hell he could even "break the 4th wall" on the show at times. A "hero" like Booster could pull it off.
JDUKE25 - 11/28/2011, 4:46 PM
gonna have to agree with @grif on this one. A full show dedicated to Booster Gold won't work. Won't last a season.
Optimus83 - 11/28/2011, 7:22 PM
Booster Gold, Good. ...with a cameo of Batman Beyond (Milo Ventimiglia as Terry McGinnis/Batman and Clint Eastwood as Bruce Wayne)
comicb00kguy - 11/29/2011, 6:19 AM
I don't know about an ongoing series for Booster Gold. He's a fun supporting character, but I just don't see him as strong enough to carry his own show. I also hold a pretty low opinion of most everything that appears on Siffy. I'm withholding further comment until I actually see where they're going with this- there's always the chance they screw up and do something really good.
KalEl84 - 11/29/2011, 11:54 AM
@SuperArgo Um.....Booster Gold is MEANT to be a fun character with the hitch being that he's actually doing a great job being a hero without anyone knowing it. I look forward to it.
KickUrBooty - 11/29/2011, 1:18 PM
It sounds like it might be a little silly but there maybe hope with the involvement of this Fringe writer.
darkknightmare2012 - 11/29/2011, 1:37 PM
so i guess they are going to just buy the booster gold costume from smallville on ebay? or are they gonna go 10 years without him wearing his suit and or flying and or being called booster gold?
m1312020 - 11/30/2011, 4:07 PM
@KalEl84 Ignore whatever SuperArgo says its never productive.
kingmonkeyman - 12/2/2011, 3:56 PM
Can't wait for this one. Syfy is a fitting channel to have a show about "the greatest hero you've never heard of" on. I hope they have fake commercials starring none other than Booster himself promoting Booster products. That would be Golden.

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