The decision on whether or not to include The CW's Arrow and Flash TV shows to the expanding DC Cinematic Universe has split opinions among fans, but it looks like billionaire by day, vigilante by night, Bruce Wayne is alive and kicking on the small screen!

The CW's Arrow has pushed fan's expectations further than any comic book TV show to come before it and has helped the studio push the limits of what they can achieve in a shared TV universe. With two (brilliant) seasons under their belt and a spinoff coming this fall (The Flash), it's safe to say that DC and The CW have hit it out of the park. But... fans are still divided on whether or not Stephen Amell and Grant Gustin's title characters should join Henry Cavill and Ben Affleck on the big screen. However, it looks like The CW have taken matters into their own hands and may have added billionaire by day, vigilante by night, Bruce Wayne to their joint universe! Read on to find out how!

Is Bruce Wayne Joining The CW's DC Universe?

The CW's The Flash is still a few months away but the pilot episode has already made it's way onto the world wide web. And among other easter eggs (most notably Green Lantern history's Ferris Air) one of DC's most popular and well known  companies is thrown in, but if you blink you'll mis it! In a newspaper we see an article titled "WayneTech/Queen Inc. Merger Complete"! And unless you've never read or watched anything Batman related, no explanation is needed for WayneTech. Don't believe me? Check it out for yourself:

While this might just be a throwaway easter egg to us fans, it seems too big a deal to be easily dismissed. Surely, were WayneTech to become involved with Queen Incorporated it'd affect Stephen Amell's Oliver Queen. And with multiple superhero related companies, such as Ferris Air and Kord Enterprises, making appearances in The CW's shows (and don't forget those Blue Beetle and Nightwing rumors) it looks like we might be seeing a bit of everyone's favorite Gotham billionaire in the future!

What do you think? Will we be seeing the Dark Knight take up a stance in The CW's DC Universe or is it nothing but a throwaway easter egg? Sign off your thoughts on the matter below! And don't forget to hit the red glove!

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LEEE777 - 6/24/2014, 4:18 PM
Cool but I cant see Bruce ever turning up in Arrow or Flash, remember all Smallville is he isn't he for years and years...

They'll use Bat related stuff like WayneTech and Ra's al Ghul's ninjas etc etc, just no Bruce.

Actually dunno how Fox would react to that too, but then again you could be right?

Cool article.
KINGPEN266 - 6/24/2014, 4:19 PM
Doopie - 6/24/2014, 4:32 PM
I hope he does show up. Maybe it is just an easter egg but I hope not. They'd have to do Supes as well then tho. Who would you cast?
staypuffed - 6/24/2014, 4:48 PM
This is either a confirmation of the Arrowverse being in the DCCU or it's another Superman Returns/Smallville case (new Superman movie completely unrelated to Superman TV show on the air).
MrReese - 6/24/2014, 5:03 PM
The easter egg is decent enough 4 me.Seeing as how I doubt Wayne will show up.Hell even if he does it'll b an awesome moment.
BatmanHeisenberg - 6/24/2014, 5:08 PM
What staypuffed said.
dannramm113 - 6/24/2014, 5:09 PM
If you notice the date, it's ten years from now. Thawne in the comics is 25th century, so makes sense that it was this asshole looking at the paper. Maybe he came back to save flash from dieing (possibly in an event paralleling the final crisis)
Pasto - 6/24/2014, 5:10 PM
*Cries internally*

Glad you guys liked it...
NovaCorpsFan - 6/24/2014, 5:25 PM
I loved the pilot, and I've never read Flash. I dunno if we should take this as confirmation that it's all the one universe, but it'd be great if it was.
Lhornbk - 6/24/2014, 5:27 PM
Ummm......where exactly did you get that pic? The date of the newspaper is 2024, ten years from now. So obviously it's not something happening anytime soon. It also talks about Flash being gone during a crisis. So I'm pretty sure it's just a throwaway. Never mind that Bruce Wayne's company is usually called "Wayne Enterprises." Not Wayne Tech.
MrReese - 6/24/2014, 5:30 PM
^It was from the pilot episode that leaked.
seamuskeaneart - 6/24/2014, 7:34 PM
I just watched it, it pretty good. I liked the Grood easter egg, not sure about detective Eobard Thawne tho.
seamuskeaneart - 6/24/2014, 7:35 PM
@Lhornbk Wayne tech is the technology division of Wayne Enterprises
SuperCat - 6/24/2014, 7:53 PM
Can't see him making an appearance on either show. I've been wrong before though.
MrBlackJack - 6/24/2014, 8:03 PM

I still gave it a thumbs up because it's Dev.
batz11 - 6/24/2014, 8:10 PM
Do you think the Justice League movie could be set in or around the year 2024?
batmanvsuperman - 6/24/2014, 8:13 PM
Just wait till sdcc
batmanvsuperman - 6/24/2014, 8:16 PM
i missed the pilot I'm so [frick]ing pissed
SwanRonson - 6/24/2014, 8:23 PM
I don't give a damn about the merger.

It mentions a freaking crisis and red skies(closely related to Darkseid)
BatmanHeisenberg - 6/24/2014, 8:36 PM
I haven't really seen Arrow, but I feel like connecting ti would be conflicting. Arrow uses characters as they please. IMPORTANT CHARACTERS TO THE DC UNIVERSE. It may not mesh with what Zack Snyder has planned. Also, tonal differences may also prevent a crossover. My idea: For 2nd or 3rd Justice League, do Crisis on Infinity Earths(and don't have GA in this universe yet) and maybe change the reality a bit to reboot in the near or distant future, and then you can mesh the two realities.
Himura - 6/24/2014, 8:39 PM
The ONLY reason Bruce Wayne/ Batman was off limits on Smallville was because Nolan was the one who had control of the character and didn't want any confusion between a tv series and his movies.
Now that he's no longer in the picture, anything is possible. Hell we even have a Gotham tv show that mentions Batman in the promos. At this point I'm sure anything can happen.
Nomis - 6/24/2014, 8:57 PM
Would love for this to happen, but I think it's just an Easter egg.

But I would to be proven wrong. ;)
THEBAT2016 - 6/24/2014, 9:20 PM
Wow I so didn't catch this. I could see how DC comics would give hats off to the rapid expansion of the Marvel cinematic universe and then counter attack with the TV side of things which lets face it is Marvels only weak point. They have a young Bruce with GOTHAM on Fox, and a mature end of his career Batman with Batman V Superman. It would make sense to explore his prime. ??? With an Easter egg like this though it would hurt the rep DC built with Arrow to not at a minimum tease a Bruce Wayne Cameo.
JoJo1982 - 6/24/2014, 10:20 PM
Don't think Bruce Wayne is off limits since we have a show called Gotham starring him in it

Now Ben Affleck as Bruce Wayne in flash/arrow universe I can believe
edge13 - 6/24/2014, 10:42 PM
Batffleck on tv?unlikely,specially on a channel no ones saw
DCGuy - 6/24/2014, 11:13 PM
I think since theres multiple DC universes (Movies, Arrow/Flash, Constantine,Gotham) they should lay a foundation for some heroes to keep expanding the Arrow/Flash universe as they have a number of heroes, it befenits DC more to keep all of these universes apart, if Flash makes it to 2024 wich would be season 9-10 then they SHOULD go ahead with this as a final season.
Nomis - 6/24/2014, 11:14 PM
By the by, the Flash pilot was AWESOME!!!!!!
thwpsnkt314 - 6/25/2014, 12:34 AM
Honestly I could see batffleck showing up in arrow, possibly as a season finale tease for either season 3 or 4. Considering the amount of Batman villains that have shown up on there, Harlequin specifically, a seasoned Batman seems likely in that universe. And since Batman v Superman will have a seasoned bats it makes sense. Also affleck has a TV show that he's producing, I believe, coming out soon, he clearly doesn't have a problem dealing with the small screen. I could also see zod's message showing up in either season 3 or 4 of arrow and season 1 or 2 of flash.
thwpsnkt314 - 6/25/2014, 12:35 AM
Also flash pilot was the shiz!!!!
mgeoff88 - 6/25/2014, 1:25 AM
I think Bruce Wayne will eventually appear on Arrow.
Dragon8 - 6/25/2014, 4:10 AM
My Theory:
Like the comics there will be several different liv action universes:
1. The Bruce Wayne of the movies (DCCU)
2. The Bruce Wayne of GOTHAM.
3. The Bruce Wayne of the CW shows.

So, I think it's possible that Bruce Wayne (if not Batman) will appear at some stage during the future. Bare in mind this will probably be a few years at least though.
CherryBomb - 6/25/2014, 4:12 AM
I'm not sure, hmm maybe he'll appear.
I kinda don't want him too. They're focusing on less-well known characters (at least to the general public) like Green Arrow and Flash and Bruce turning up will overshadow them.

I'd rather they include other members of the Batfamily.

Affleck definitely won't be playing him though.
Enphlieuwince - 6/25/2014, 4:14 AM
If Bruce Wayne appears on TV it will not be the Affleck. On everything...
Dragon8 - 6/25/2014, 4:16 AM
Also are they referencing The Infinite Crisis storyline?
case - 6/25/2014, 4:17 AM
2024? Don't think it's happening in Arrow. Love a good Crisis reference too.
MagnusRex22 - 6/25/2014, 5:18 AM
It's not infinite crisis or final crisis, it's a reference to crisis on infinite earths where Barry Allen seemingly died, but was really trapped in the speed force which leads to Wally west taking over as the flash. Barry comes back during final crisis.

Also, I'd be surprised to see Bruce Wayne show up at this stage in Arrow. The ratings are great, I can see them doing that in later seasons to boost viewers, but it's too early to jump the shark.
KinoE102384 - 6/25/2014, 5:41 AM
Did anyone notice Flashs costume in the newspaper
MagnusRex22 - 6/25/2014, 6:17 AM
Wow, good eye. The circle around the flash symbol is white, not red. The costume itself looks a bit brighter and tighter to the skin than what we've seen. Basically straight out of the comics. Great find @KinoE102384
Brainiac13 - 6/25/2014, 6:59 AM
I'm going to watch it tonight. :)

Gusto - 6/25/2014, 7:03 AM
Why the hell would Wayne Tech merge with anyone???
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