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Every step, every turn they face a criticism. Why? - YafiszKhan
Check out a preview of Titans Hunt, issue number 2 from the creative team of Dan Abnett, Stephen Segovia, Hi-Fi and Paulo Siqueira. Can Nightwing get to the bottom of the mystery centering around Garth and the secret history of the Teen Titans? - MarkJulian
Livewire arrives on the scene as Supergirl bonds with Cat Grant. Does the show's mediocrity continue? - Darkknight2149
What is the most intimate score, according to me, from a comic book movie and the four next to it? - YafiszKhan
Reactron and Maxwell Lord make their debut as Supergirl struggles to differentiate herself from her more iconic cousin. Does this week's episode improve upon the flaws of what has come before? - Darkknight2149
This is not a drill. Thanks to a Starbucks conspiracy, comic book movies will be destroyed as we know it! Repeat: This is not a drill! It's a hammer. - Darkknight2149
Well, I got pissed and bored last time I wrote this so I never properly finished, this time I will, I hope. Either way, I'm pretty much giving comic book movies a Hip Hop Album counterpart. - YafiszKhan
Ever wondered which comic book movie matched with which rap album? Neither did I until today, so here's the list. - YafiszKhan
Are you tired of Marvel movies? Well, I'm not, but I am getting pissed off, so let me tell you what is wrong with Marvel movies. - YafiszKhan
On this week's episode of SUPERGIRL, the Hellgrammite makes his presence known as Supergirl learns to master her abilities. But who is General Astra and what do her plans mean for humanity? - Darkknight2149
Does the Dark Knight qualify for knighthood? - NerdSync
The original New 52 Aquaman team of Geoff Johns, Ivan Reis and Joe Prado are returning to steer DC Comics' solo Aquaman title. Current writer Cullen Bunn will be departing the series in January, opening the door for Johns to tell "Rise of the Seven Seas". - MarkJulian
This week saw the debut of the hotly anticipated SUPERMAN spin-off series, SUPERGIRL. Did the series live up to expectations or did DC's first female-led television series in years suffer under the weight of disappointment? - Darkknight2149
Since this is my first DCEU article on here, I’m going to keep it pretty simple and mainly focus on things that we know we will be getting in upcoming years ahead. Check out some things that I want to see, and things that I can't wait to see in the DCEU after the jump.... - EricBorder
With the amount of comic book films set to come have a look at some of the what ifs that we wished could have eventuated on the silver screen! Nic Cage anyone? - ConnorDaltonn1
It's almost Halloween! Treat yourself well this Halloween with DC Comic's newest collectible box set, DEATHSTROKE. Get a glimpse of this all new, incredible box set that includes Volume 1 of the new DEATHSTROKE series and a very special additional item belonging to the world's deadliest assassin. - Kr08
Will there come a time that the shared universe business falls on its back and we as fans stop getting those goodies we love each year.. - RandomDCdude
One of the gratest artist from the silver age passed away at the age of 89, he was known for co-creating Zatanna and Adam Strange besides working in some other comicbooks. - SebsCso54
Just finished reading the article called The MARVEL CINEMATIC UNIVERSE Has Officially Grossed Over $9 Billion Worldwide, and there is again some type of anti DC flame war in the comment section based on one's taste and no facts. I decided to do a little financial thinking - RandomDCdude
Teddy Sears pops up on the latest DC All Access to talk about his role on The Flash. Plus, an inside look at the new Martian Manhunter series from Rob Williams, Eber Ferreira & Eddy Barrowsand and the new Teen Titans series, Titan Hunt from Dan Abnett and Paulo Siqueira. - MarkJulian
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