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There have been a whirlwind of rumors regarding the final scene of Arrow's season four premier. What exactly should we be expecting moving forward? - Shazam37
Well, I did five sets of Marvel/Rock, so I decided to put out another set DC/Rock album cover mash-up manips to even it up a bit. Check em out. - JredTheRed
Regular Batman artist Greg Capullo is giving fans a sneak peek of his Dark Knight III: The Master Race variant cover via Twitter. COntinue on to take a look at his process and progress. Will you be picking up the title upon its release on November 25th? - MarkJulian
Jessica Chastain (Interstellar) has shown interest before in wanting to play a superhero but now she states the major issue with female superhero and their films. Click to hear what the major issue she thinks is. - LEVITIKUZ
Warner Bros. Interactive’s VP Ames Kirshen, who is in charge of product development for the Arkham series and other DC Comics video games states that other characters besides Batman will be explored. Who would you want to see? Green Lantern? Wonder Woman? Or someone else? - MarkJulian
Author Micheal Kogge will be writing the novel. - DinoRanger
We've seen the official poster of Grant Gustin as a powered-up 'Flash'; now one fan has taken it upon themself to create an awesome looking alternate poster showing Barry Allen's new nemesis, 'Zoom.' It seems they definitely paid attention to the rumors that Zoom was going to be something "demonic." Click here to check it out! - CombatWombat
Im not just referring to Cap 3 getting changed to an avengers movie. Tonytony breaks down why disney and their fans are so scared of the Dark knight and the man of steel making the historic appearance in cinema. - tonytony
Ant-man is a hotter franchise than SUPERMAN!!? The hell you say? This merits discussion! - quickhook
Part 4 of my DC Comic/Rock album mash-up manips. Check em out and let me know what you think. Thanks! - JredTheRed
Another set of mash-up manips featuring DC characters and Rock albums. Tell me what you think. - JredTheRed
The second part of my DC/Rock mash-up album manips. Note: Despite the Metallica thumbnail icon, there are no Metallica mash ups this time around. - JredTheRed
In the newest DC All Access clip released, DC Entertainment Co-Publishers Jim Lee and Dan DiDio sat down with Tiffany Smith at a fan event, and attempted to answer the question stated in the headline. Even though it's not an easy question, hit the jump to check out their answers... - NightWatcher
The next Lex Luthor speaks on his Comic-Con gaffe and Chris Terrio's approach to both the character in Zack Snyder's Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice, and the film in general. Find out what the American Ultra actor had to say after the jump... - Ignition
Will a direct adaptation of comics to Movie Screen wouldn't work - SmashHoles
"Batman Day" is right around the corner (September 26, 2015) and we're debuting two exclusive covers for the free comic that will be available (Batman: Endgame Special Edition #1) by artists David Finch (Best Buy) and Dan Panosian (iTunes). Check them out after the link! - NateBest
I've done 3 sets of Marvel/Hip Hop mash-up manips, so I decided to have a go at some DC/Rock ones. Check em out. - JredTheRed
Sexy Matt gives his thoughts about the next 5 DC Movies. - SexyMatt
Pre-Flashpoint Superman is back with his marriage to Lois in tact, and in the main DC continuity! How long has he been here, what is he up to? And how does Lois and Clark's son effect them in this new and strange world? Hit the jump for details. - Kelel22
Last year, The CW further ventured into the realm of comic book adaptations with the launch of one of their latest series, iZombie. The show was met with critical acclaim, and is airing its second season this October, and now, The CW has released the first official trailer! Click the jump to check it out! - Gutspinner
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