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In the spirit of speculation, here are six talented directors currently working in Hollywood -- and which of Warner Bros. upcoming comic book projects they might be suited for.
With the reveal of his Action Comics #36 cover, artist Dustin Nguyen (Li'l Gotham, Batman Eternal) has unveiled the process, from layouts to finish. Check it out after the jump.
"Endgame" continues in this lettered preview of next week's Batman #36. The Joker is back and he's taken control of Superman's mind and set him on a collision course with Batman. It's The Man Of Steel Vs. The Caped Crusader, and Bats has no kryptonite to hand this time..
DC Collectibles are set to release four new action figures this July, with the New 52 incarnations of Poison Ivy, Harley Quinn, her beloved puddin' the Joker and Green Lantern John Stewart coming to a comic store near you. Hit the jump to check out promo pics of each.
DC Release Full CONVERGENCE Promo Image...What's What?
Earlier this week DC announced next year's Convergence event which promised to "rock the DC Multiverse to its very core." The first image gave us a look at new villain Telos, and this expanded version highlights more of the worlds that'll be effected, plus the official logo.
This fine feature keeps going with entry number 3 as we keep taking a look a great artist giving us great art of great heroes from the DC universe, check it out.
Part 2 of this amazing feature brings us even more incredible art from different talented artist all across the world, check it out after the jump to see this art
Hit the jump to check out LOBO take on three of the Grunt Brothers while trying to find out answers about his past! Lobo #2 is written by Cullen Bunn and hits shelves in stores on November 5th. Check it out!
Next April, DC are putting their entire line of superhero comic book on a two month hiatus when the events of the Earth 2: World's End and The New 52: Futures End weekly series spin out into Convergence. We'll also meet a brand new villain: Telos.
This new feature takes a look at the best and most creative art by DC fans on the web, check it out after the jump to see if your favorites get highlighted.
With a surge in popularity after appearances in Arrow and various DC-related media, the multiple incarnations of Slade Wilson have lead to some truly great costumes. The first in a new series, hit the jump to vote on and discuss your favourite Deathstroke suit ever!
We heard from the Interstellar director earlier on, and now in another excerpt from that interview with Time Out, Chris Nolan makes mention of the massive slate of movies announced by WB/DC last week. Does he feel things have reached saturation point? Click on to find out..
"Nobody does it badder." The CW have release a new promo which focuses on the villains of their shows. Villains such as Arrow's Malcolm Merlyn, Supernatural's Crowley, The Flash's Weather Wizard, and many others. Take the jump to check it out!
While giving a farewell to Detroit at a local radio station Zack Snyder revealed that lesser known characters will be appearing in future Justice League films, and he even names one in particular.
This month has seen major movie announcements from both Warner Bros. and Disney about their upcoming DC Comics and Marvel adaptations. However, the different approach to these reveals and how both interact with fans goes to show who has - and possibly always will - have the advantage...
Hit the to check out Klaus Janson, the man who sketched out all the artwork for SUPERMAN #35 and many other comics, talk with Tiffany about the work he's done with John Romita, Jr. Click here to view this week's DC All Access episode.
Blair Herter is leaving DC All Access to heed the call of the Green Lantern Corps. That means the lovely, Tiffany Smith will be looking for a new co-host. Do any of you CBM fanboys have what it takes? Plus, info on Earth 2: World's End and LEGO Batman 3.
There's a massive event coming to DC Comics in April next year, and for the past few months several titles have been floating around, 'the Band-Aid' from Bleeding Cool being the most prominent. Well, it's been reported that the official name is...
DC Comics are rereleasing Darwyn Cooke's The New Frontier as a Deluxe Edition collecting the six issue miniseries, plus, for the first time, a special #1 issue. Hit the jump to check out Cooke's brand new cover for the edition, which hits shelves February 2015.
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