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This is the Fan Cast I assembled for my Catwoman: Yarn Of Pain film. All these actors bring a lot of top talent to the table to inhabit theses characters and bring the story to life on a silver screen.

Let me know how you feel about it and don't forget to put the actors faces to the story, give it a read.

Keep reading as I give my opinion on how and why Warner Bros. will eventually take over the comic book film genre in the coming years. - Wannabe
How disappointed are you that Marvel Studios won't be at SDCC this year? - krayzeman
With the well received teaser episode behind them, Eric Lettman and Occulus Films are moving forward with the Joker series and kicking things off with a Blooper Reel & Promo art! Check it out! - Emanus
Superman celebrated his in 2013 and Batman last year, but now the fastest man alive, The Flash, has quickly caught up and now joins their ranks as he celebrates his 75 years of existence. Take the jump to check out the video! - yonny616
I had the chance to ask Greg Weisman a few questions. Best known for his work on Gargoyles and Young Justice. Hit the jump to see his thoughts on that, books, his favorite superhero and more after the jump! - D117
The CBS Supergirl series has officially begun production with executive producer Andrew Kriesberg and others starting to tweet out photos on set of the pilots filming. Take the jump to check it out! - yonny616
DC Universe VS. Dragonball Z Universe! Goku vs. Superman, Vegeta vs. Sinestro!! - Aporia
His New Movie 'Focus' Is The Number One Movie In America. The New Suicide Squad Marksman Is Not Only A DeadShot, But He Is Also A Big Shot! - Gab
Meet ten potential characters who could be adapted to the other media. - ABMJR
In the recent issue of Catwoman series writer Genevieve Valentine did something that took many fans by surpise and confirmed that the character known for her off an on relationship with the Dark Knight is bisexual. - SuperheroFan96
My Take on a Suicide Squad Flick, with a neat cast and a bit of story to go with it. - BobGarlen
A new six page preview has been released for Gerry Duggan's Arkham Manor #6. In this preview, The Caped Crusader Batman must protect the streets of Gotham City! From what? The craziness of Arkham Manor! Hit the jump to check it out! - NightWatcher
How do we as a community find a way to hate on young adult adaptations? Click to find out my thoughts on the matter. - dannramm113
Deathstroke the Terminator faces off against the Dark Knight in the most intense battle of the NEW 52 with Harley Quinn caught in the middle. Take a look at the brutal brawl after the jump. - SuperheroFan96
DC Universe Online will delete players hard earned armor soon due to a glitch in their latest DLC find out more! - comicbookjerk
The Marvel vs. DC Cinematic Cold War is here to stay! Who will come out on top and how are we ever expected to choose?! Character Team-Ups are on the horizon that will compete to vie for our attention in theaters. Hit the jump for more on my thoughts... - superheronerdo
With all the DC films that are coming out in the next 5 years, I figured I should put together my least to most anticipated DC movies. - HendoD96
It has begun! The arms race between these two super powers of comic book fandom has escalated to new heights in the feature film and television space. Let's see what happens next... - superheronerdo
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