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This Wednesday, DC officially kicks off its massive Spring event with the zero issue of their epic weekly series, Convergence. You can check out a preview after the jump, which features New 52 Superman face-to-face with Futures End villain Brainiac. - staypuffed
A Recent Interview with Hamill where he talks about returning to the role of the Trickster, and about his successor, Devon Graye as The New Trickster - sonofodin25
The CW Have released a new video interview with iZombie exectuive producers Rob Thomas & Diane Ruggiero-Wright taking us inside Tuesday's new episode, The Exterminator, along with a new from the same episode. Take the jump to check it out! - yonny616
Lately, I've been hearing a lot about how the trolling operation between Marvel and DC fanboys differ. Apparently one side is hypocritical and the other isn't. Let's figure out if there is any truth to that. - RextheKing
DC has release the first look at the cities involved in their upcoming event Convergence. Among the location involved are cities from the popular video game Injustcie: Gods Among Us, and Mark Waid's Kingdom Come. UPDATE: DC has released a trailer for the upcoming event. - SuperheroFan96
First Round. 64 Baddies Battle it Out! - RobGrizzly
Given his rise to prominence with films such as Saw, The Conjuring, and more recently, Fast & Furious 7, would talented director James Wan be up for helming a DC Comics movie? Hit to jump to find out! - RedSonSuperman
A letter to a troll we all know, and some solutions to his problems. - dannramm113
On Saturday April 4, 2015 from 12:30pm – 1:30pm Warner Bros. will have an untitled presentation at WonderCon. Could we see the first Batman vs Superman trailer? Will they reveal that the BvS being split in two rumor, to be true? - RextheKing
Ever wonder what the Arkham games and Nolan's Batman trilogy would look like in dance style? Wonder no more! The dance company Wyldstyl has made this a reality. - RextheKing
With all the shows and films they have in the vault, wouldn't it be profitable to start airing them on their own channel? - EntertainmentAddict
It's been a while since I've made a fan art article, but about a month back I drew a new piece of Raven. Come and check it out! - RextheKing
With DCCU assembling at a slow pace,would it even be slower if Batman or Superman was with another studio? - febday
The CW have released a two new video interviews from iZombie, one speaking to the cast about the new CW show and another giving us a look inside Tuesday's episode, "Brother, Can You Spare A Brain?", along with a clip from the same episode. Take the jump to check them out! - yonny616
Exploring a perfect crossover that we will, unfortunately, never get to see involving DC Comics' Arrowverse and The Legend of Korra. - Shazam37
**SPOILERS** for Season Three of Arrow and Season One of The Flash. Arrow creators should look to adapt Under the Red Hood for Sara Lance's inevitable return. - Shazam37
My favorites DC or Marvel - SpideySFCU
Woah, woah, woah! It's about to go down! Seems like a huge revelation will be coming to Iris and Eddie as an old acquaintance confronts them... which may potentially scream bad news for Barry. - KingRainbow
Warner Bros. Television and The CW have finally released high quality versions of The Flash and Arrow trailers from PaleyFest 2015 depicting the remaining season and they are EPIC! Take the jump to check them out! Also these two trailers contain MAJOR SPOILERS! - yonny616
BARRY VS. BARRY? SPEED FORCE VORTEX? What is going on here?! Paleyfest recently revealed a shocking trailer for both Flash and Arrow... but fans have spotted several scenes from the sizzle trailer that could potentially foretell future events in the series. - KingRainbow
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