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2016 kicks off what is going to be an exciting and extremely busy few years for Marvel and DC adaptations, but with everything from Captain America: Civil War to Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Deadpool on the horizon, which are you most looking forward to?
Superman found out Lois was pregnant. Everything was great...until the Joker decided to step into the picture. After this incident the world was 'changed forever'. What happened you might ask? Hit the jump to see Superman's inner thoughts.
Wonderstar wants to fulfill his destiny, but doing so could mean the end of all! It is up to Superman and Wonder Woman to find a way to stop Wonderstar’s path. Will they fail? Or succeed as a duo? Hit the jump to check it out!
John Stewart, pretty much the most powerful/greatest Lantern to step foot in the DC Universe, has to protect the 'weakened lanterns' from the darkness lurking around in his galaxy. Hit the jump to check it out!
DC had one unsuccessful "Green Lantern" movie,but they are planning to reboot it.With 200 million dollars budget the movie ended up being bad and made people hate the Green Lantern character.With the same budget last year Marvel made "Guardians of the Galaxy " and that movie ended up bringing over 750 million dollars to Marvel.With some great ideas and story lines that exist already in comics DC can make "Green Lantern" not only into their cash cow but also expand their universe as Marvel did.
Learn John Constantine's role in the Injustice universe within the oversized annual INJUSTICE GODS AMONG US: YEAR 3 ANNUAL #1. Hit the jump to check it out.
CBR have gotten their hands on sweet cover art for five of DC's Convergence titles as well as full solicitations. Hit the jump to check them out.
With Darkseid's forces running wild across the universe, it is up to Clark Kent A.K.A. Superman to protect the lives of Earth 2. Will he succeed and be the Hero? Or will Darkseid finally get the universal dominance he always wanted. Hit the jump to check it out!
Terminator Genisys actor Jai Courtney will be suiting up as Captain Boomerang when production begins on Suicide Squad at some point this year, but today the film's director has shared a quick pic of Courtney training for the 2016 blockbuster. Check it out!
Teen Titans Go! is back with new episodes starting with tonight's "Mouth Hole" episode in which Robin goes on a quest to gain a new power. What power is that? CLICK HERE to find out!
DC Entertainment just released a new video that features their newest collectible, Wonder Woman. This collectible was designed by Stanley "Artgerm" Lau and sculpted by Jack Mathews. Hit the jump to check it out!
Everyone is trying to survive, The Caped Crusader, The Riddler, and a third competitor who some believe to be 'Mother Nature'. How will all this end? With the Dark Knight prevailing, or will he fall at the hands of his opponents. Hit the jump to check it out!
Darkseid sends out more of his Apokolips army and they're trying to finish Earth 2. It is up to the Avatars with the guidance of Green Lantern to protect and defend their planet! Will they succeed? Hit the jump to check it out!
Francis Manapul and Brian Buccellato continue their blockbuster run in Gotham as the Caped Crusader works hard to stop Anarky from plunging the city into chaos. Hit the jump to check out a stunning preview of Detective Comics #38.
Ultrahumanite is at it again! This time he is trying to take over everyone in Smallville and turn them into...Zombies. Will Superman protect his hometown, or die at the hands of the Ultrahumanite! Hit the jump to check it out!
In this new preview of Brian Buccellato's Injustice: Gods Among Us Year Three #15, Wonder Woman has finally awoke from her coma, and when she does she sees that many things have changed. Hit the jump to check it out!
DC's ongoing weekly series The New 52: Futures End takes place five years from now, with a variety of characters making significant appearances throughout its run. Well, there are whispers that a fan-favourite character is set to bite the dust. Warning, spoilers ahead...
We don't know when it's coming, but we know it IS coming. The first teaser trailer for Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice is one of 2015's most anticipated things. Now I give you three possible dates of when the first teaser trailer for the film could be released in. Take the jump to find out those dates!
If Nolan were to come back, what movie should he do? If Scorcesse were to do a superhero film, what movie would have a shot at that honor? Find out my thoughts below!
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