staypuffed Reviews: SUPERMAN UNCHAINED #1 (2013)

staypuffed Reviews: SUPERMAN UNCHAINED #1 (2013)

As we all know, Man of Steel has hit our screens to a hugely successful box office intake. As they reinvent Superman on screen, how does issue #1 of the widely anticipated Scott Snyder/Jim Lee Superman series stack up? staypuffed reviews!

ISSUE #1 | WRITER Scott Snyder ART Jim Lee (pencils) Scott Williams (inks) Alex Sinclair (colours) PUBLISHER DC Comics

75 years ago, Action Comics #1 laid the foundations for the superhero, and in 2013, two of the biggest talents in the industry present Superman Unchained #1, an ambiguous, spectacular and intriguing opening to what is sure to be a blockbuster title not to be missed.

In this hefty-priced issue, we see Kal-El in Clark Kent and Superman mode, both of which are very wordy. Acclaimed Batman writer Scott Snyder adds a very personal touch to his monologues and builds a mystery that is not explored in too much depth to allow for exploration in later issues. The plot mumbles along, slowly adding more pieces to a puzzle that asks more than it answers. This is a slow burner in plot, but in action, it delivers.


Jim Lee (Batman: Hush, Justice League) is truly remarkable. Every panel bursts with energy, extraordinarily detailed and as always is wonderfully inked and coloured by Scott Williams and Alex Sinclair, respectively. There’s huge, high-octane action that is as epic as it is thrilling. The spectacular artwork reaches its high point with an unbelievable double-sided four page spread.

Snyder is attempting to bring us a Superman mystery, something he nailed on his New 52 Batman runs. For every explosive action page, there is a mystery to unfold, a story to uncover and relatable emotion. There’s never been a better time to reinvent the Man of Steel. With Superman Unchained, the ‘S’ is not silent. It’s only getting louder.

VERDICT: ★★★★ (Awesome)
This is a series to watch. It may not have a lot to say yet, but in the end it will be worth it...
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MrSundayMovies - 6/25/2013, 4:35 AM
I liked it also, can't wait to see what Snyder brings to the table.
whoa123 - 6/25/2013, 5:12 AM
This was a good read but I can't help the feeling of being a little disappointed with this.
thenerdicon4 - 6/29/2013, 8:54 AM
I'm kind of excited to see where this goes. Snyder is great at the whole mysterious past kind of stories. I wonder what the hell that Blue Nuclear guy is, it was kind of awesome. Building mystery and suspense is what a good comic writer should do. Makes the cliff hanger better. Can't wait for next months issue. I also love the fact that Superman quit the Daily Planet because he believes that Journalism is in the toilet nowadays. Yes it is a shake up from the norm, but hey as a budding Journalist its true. No one cares about the truth anymore, its all about what politics you have and reporting opinion not fact, and damn tabloid bullshit, like the Kardashians or what Paris Hilton is wearing nowwadays. And Clark is the kinda guy who would feel that way. Yes Daily Planet is just a cover for him, but that doesn't mean he is just gonna let his own morality leave him just cause he has an identity to protect. Superman has a strong Moral code. It works. Nothing out of character. People cling to the past too much and dont like new interpretations of characters.

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