What DC Comics Property Is Barry Sonnenfeld Adapting For WB? Find Out Here

What DC Comics Property Is Barry Sonnenfeld Adapting For WB? Find Out Here

A while ago our own Josh Wilding uncovered the news that the MIB 3 director was working on a comic book movie for Warner Bros. Now Vulture have discovered which one, but you won't guess what it is..

In an interview with Josh a while back, Barry Sonnenfeld revealed that he was in talks with WB to helm a comic book movie - "You know, I'm talking to Warner Bros. about doing a franchise based on a comic that hasn't been around since the 60s. But it's too early to talk about it. But possibly, yes.". There was plenty of speculation as to what that project might be, but now Vulture seem to have found out..

While the Men in Black 3 director has been circumspect about just which sixties comic book he’s adapting at Warner Bros., our spies tell us that Sonnenfeld has actually attached himself to DC Comics’ The Metal Men series.

Who are The Metal Men? According to good ol Wikipedia they were introduced in the comic book Showcase #37 as advanced artificially intelligent robots. Created by scientist Dr. William "Will" Magnus, the six robots were field leader Gold, strong man Iron, slow-witted and loyal Lead, hot-headed Mercury, self-doubting and insecure Tin, and Platinum (also called "Tina"), who believed she was a real woman and was in love with her creator. The group's personalities mirrored their namesake metals, being dictated by devices called "responsometers". Each Metal Man also possessed abilities that reflected the traits of their namesake metal: Gold could stretch his form almost infinitely, Iron was super strong, Lead could block harmful radiation by morphing into thick shields, Mercury could melt and pass through small spaces before reforming and Platinum could stretch or flatten.

Gotta say, even though I was hoping for a more well known property, that does sound like it could be pretty cool. Even if you are not familiar with the comics, the team popped up in animated form in a couple of episodes of Batman: Brave And The Bold as well as a small cameo in Justice League: New Frontier. What do you guys think? Could you get behind this one?

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dellamorte1872 - 6/21/2012, 6:42 AM
interesting decision; i strangely support this venture.
MovieMaster - 6/21/2012, 6:47 AM
The [frick].
BruceLeroy - 6/21/2012, 6:58 AM
Very strange movie choice.
Jolt17 - 6/21/2012, 7:00 AM
Very odd, indeed - and I nearly know nothing about the team. But, if it can expand their cinematic universe, um...why not!
SeaborneLegend - 6/21/2012, 7:01 AM
I'll pass :/
fullmoon106 - 6/21/2012, 7:02 AM
Hmmm...I would have guessed he was working on the Mandrake movie WB is reportedly planning. But Metal Men sounds much more interresting.
ksommer - 6/21/2012, 7:13 AM
Really??? I mean.... REALLY???
Mysterion - 6/21/2012, 7:27 AM
ThreeBigTacos - 6/21/2012, 7:27 AM
So like ... Iron Man 4.5?
StrangerX - 6/21/2012, 7:28 AM
stupid choice
Moriarty117 - 6/21/2012, 7:30 AM
I agree with Grif.

Warner and DC need to focus on getting their main Justice League heroes exposure, who cares if they follow the Avengers formula of lead-up movies?

This is just another sign that the Justice League is going to crumble, and I really really want it to work!
Zarog - 6/21/2012, 7:33 AM
This gets greenlit, but a Wonder Woman movie from Joss Whedon couldn't?
OnLeatherWings - 6/21/2012, 7:35 AM
Never seen a group of people with there heads so far up there ass like the folks at WB
Tevii - 6/21/2012, 7:35 AM
Ah another BRILLIANT choice over at WB. Metal Men is an ok idea, but with the entire DC Pantheon at their disposal, this is a stupid choice for WB....
But thats the only kind of choices they like to make

Just another thing to add to my editorial
SupermanReturns2 - 6/21/2012, 7:37 AM
With all the available characters to help establish a possible Justice League, this is all they've come up with?! I agree with StrangerX.

timepuzzler - 6/21/2012, 7:38 AM
The Metal Men are great! What's with all the hate?
DaenerysTargaryen - 6/21/2012, 7:46 AM
Metal men before Wonder Woman? What is it with DC and giving REALLY unknown characters movies over their big A-listers?
thalidomide - 6/21/2012, 7:48 AM
Since I don't have any comments about the article I'll just react on tea's post..

SupermanReturns2 - 6/21/2012, 7:48 AM
Besides, with 3 Transformers films, 3.5 Iron Man films, audiences are going to feel it's simply retreading over too familiar terrain.
CaptainObvious - 6/21/2012, 7:51 AM
Thank you once again, WB, for proving you are all a bunch of incompetent idiots.
dezdigi - 6/21/2012, 8:00 AM
JM4Superman - 6/21/2012, 8:14 AM
They need to focus on a flash or wonder woman movie instead
TheDARKestKNIGHT - 6/21/2012, 8:14 AM
@Natrag cool JL mockup!
thewonderer - 6/21/2012, 8:14 AM

Theres a lot of problems with what your saying.

First, DC started the CBM industry with Batman and Superman, so you know, even if I agree they're doing a poor job right now, I think they deserve some respect.

Second, the flopping of Green Lantern and the end of Nolans Batman. If a shared universe means less quality than forget it, imo. Green Lantern sucked but if other directors can achieve with other DC characters what Nolan achieves with Batman, than screw the shared universe and make more of the excellent films.

Marvel is cheap, REALLY CHEAP and I hear really mean to the people they hire (considering no director returned sans Favreau whose said his time there was bad).

Third, DC shouldn't HAVE to follow Marvels design. It would just seem like a cop out. I hope DC's actually brainstorming this.


Superman - The problem is Man of Steel started off as an independent project. Snyder may not be too keen on letting DC intrude on his project. I don't think DC does that too often, interfering with the directors vision. True, Snyder could add a small scene hinting at a league...but that risks hindering other plans Snyder had for Supes and his world.

Batman - Bale will NOT return. So this is a major major issue. I have no idea how they should work this out. Reboots the only way I guess but do it TIH style.

Wonder Women - Seeing how GL was terrible, who exactly can they give this to? Who would've thought the casino royale director would make a bad GL film. Which director can they even give this property to? Its hard, considering the costume is quite revealing and the origin quite laughable.

Flash has a strange power level dynamic compared to the rest, Aquaman is a joke to everyone, and Martian Manhunter has the same problem as Wonder Woman.

Its hard you know

MatchesMalone - 6/21/2012, 8:16 AM
I think it's hilarious that nowhere in the article does it say when this movie would actually come out, but everyone assumes that it'll be before any other DC properties. Fanboys crack me up. XD
CaptainObvious - 6/21/2012, 8:20 AM
@MatchesMalone- This is WB we're talking about here. The same morons who gave Catwoman and Jonah Hex their movies while pushing Flash and Wonder Woman to the side. People have every right to be angry.
elessarundomiel2382 - 6/21/2012, 8:25 AM
JUSTICE LEAGUE....All they really need to do is introduce Martian Manhunter going from Mars to Earth, then Aquaman from Atlantis to Earth, then maybe have Flash as the view point of all the weird shit....Technically they would have to do his origin but have a monologue of all the other origins. Maybe start off with a prologue on Mars then Atlantis, lead into the opening credits monologue of the origins then actually open with The Flash's origin with a flash of lightning ending the opening credits.
NextHero08 - 6/21/2012, 8:26 AM
Seriously, your complaining? I mean if people could sit and watch dribble like transformers, I'd say this film is a major step up. It has alot of potential and could be a very awesome film, as long as it's not all super cheesy. It will certainly be a change from all the tights, guns, alien and mutant movies. To the general public, it will surely gain their attention cuz it such an original idea. Hang up the tights and capes, put the reboots and their inevitable sequels to rest, bring on the Metal-Men!
RocketMadnessBoss - 6/21/2012, 8:37 AM
I like this, I really like this.

Funny how people complain about WB only putting out Batman and Superman, then hate on a new concept that WB is trying out just for you guys.
Dedpool - 6/21/2012, 8:37 AM
On the site I write for someone made the point Doom Patrol is better suited for the big screen and MM are better for the small screen direct to dvd...I have to agree.
MatchesMalone - 6/21/2012, 8:39 AM
@CaptainObvious- I see what your saying, dude. Do I think WB has a great track record? Hell no. Was it smart to do a Catwoman or Jonah Hex movie before The Flash or Wonder Woman? Clearly not. But show me in the article where it says the Metal Men will come out before a Flash or Wonder Woman movie. It doesn't. And that's my point. People are just jumping to conclusions. Now if and when this movie actually gets made, if the release date is before any of the other major properties DC has in development, by all means, be angry, because I will be right along with everyone else.
DanteSparda - 6/21/2012, 8:40 AM
Who the [frick] are those?

Make a Question TV series instead!
lntrn8 - 6/21/2012, 8:41 AM
Metal Men will be awesome. A breath of fresh air, really low expectations (even from us fanboys), and huge possibilities to be creative with SFX.

I do ask that they push the creativity in what the Metal Men will do visually on screen.

Green Lantern blew that opportunity with Hal Jordan only making a few constructs.

You know who would make a great Doc Magnus . . . RDJ!

Keep dreaming!

lntrn8 - 6/21/2012, 8:44 AM
oh yeah, & all you JL movie wishers . . . I've just accepted the fact that WB has no balls & no plan to bring the JL to the screen. I am happy with whatever good projects will come.
SpideyQuad - 6/21/2012, 8:56 AM
I remember the metal men well. Definitely old-school DC, and that's not necessarily bad. I enjoyed the few books from the series that I read. I can envision some success, again the caveat is whether it is done well or not.

The problem hasn't been the subject matter, it has been the poor execution of the subject matter that has haunted WB and DC movies.
Joe6Pack74 - 6/21/2012, 9:01 AM
I hope they face off against the "missile men". I love that issue of there comic. Classic.
Fogs - 6/21/2012, 9:05 AM
"Platinum could stretch or flatten"

DocBeez - 6/21/2012, 9:06 AM
Wow. WB really hamstrings DC. If they allowed DC to run their own show a little more, we'd get a lot more on screen that matters than we have so far. Metal Men...really?


We are forever waiting.
ralfinader - 6/21/2012, 9:07 AM
I was a huge fan ot Metal Men when I was a kid. I can see why this would get greenlit first, as it is not a flagship title like a Wonder Woman or Flash and they are not as concerned about it's reception. Since WB has no intention of creating a shared univers, which they have repeated as recently as a month ago, Metal Men could be a interesting stand alone film.

I said the same thing about Jonah Hex though, so hopefully this is not a steaming pile of cowflop like Hex was.
schneider625 - 6/21/2012, 9:11 AM
Yeah let's spend the money on this! Marvel could knock out multiple movies a year b/c they have other studios putting them out. We get one DC movie a year and this is what they [email protected] decide??
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