COMICS: First Look At Bryan Hitch's REAL HEROES #1

COMICS: First Look At Bryan Hitch's REAL HEROES #1

Bryan Hitch will be both writing AND pencilling the six issue miniseries Real Heroes, and we have a first look at issue #1! What happens when a group of actors who are used to playing superheroes on film are forced to don their capes and cowls in real life? Find out after the jump.

The celebrity stars of the blockbuster The Olympians films are about to take “method” to a whole new level. In Bryan Hitch’s all-new six-issue miniseries REAL HEROES, a group of actors who are used to playing superheroes on film are forced to don their capes and cowls in real life when a nefarious foe endangers their city. REAL HEROES #1 is Hitch’s first foray into writing and drawing his own work, and hits the ground running with an explosion and a brutally-orchestrated fight to the death.

Written by BRYAN HITCH
Pencils & Cover by BRYAN HITCH
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JeighJeigh - 12/11/2013, 7:47 PM
Looks awesome. Definitely picking this up. Cool concept as well.
ds9epicfan - 12/11/2013, 8:01 PM
Interesting concept!Nice artwork!Might give it a read!
airbeyonder18 - 12/11/2013, 8:02 PM
I LOVE this idea!

Although I'm gonna wait for the entire volume so I can enjoy it at once...
WruceBayne - 12/11/2013, 8:19 PM
Hitch has never steered me wrong before, I'll check it out. I just hope this comic comes out faster than Jupiter's Legacy.
Supervenge - 12/11/2013, 8:20 PM
I like the idea too but those look like more then your average human street criminals. If they have no powers aren't they all just going to die? Unless it's a war of the worlds thing where the aliens get sick and weak and can get beat by average people.
Tetrahedron - 12/11/2013, 10:46 PM
Kryptonian Steve Rogers fights the Abomination and the Leader? Luckily the Wasp is there to save the day! :/
Alphadog - 12/11/2013, 11:26 PM
Definitely picking this up. This scene looks like one of the films they're doing so it doesn't really show their powers. I'm still wondering to how they're gonna fight in the actual story.
126thst - 12/12/2013, 6:06 AM
Ultimate Hulk vs. Johnny Storm. Awesome!!!
sameoldthing - 12/12/2013, 7:28 AM
That title logo is so generic & bland.
Hitch is a top artist...needs better title logo fast.
Supervenge - 12/12/2013, 10:07 AM
Oh so that's actually a movie scene? I just thought the bad guys thought they were actual heroes because they played them in movies

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