Another MARVEL Title To Be Announced On Tonight's Colbert Report

Another MARVEL Title To Be Announced On Tonight's Colbert Report

After Marvel split fan opinions with yesterday's female Thor announcement on ABC's The View, Joe Quesada is set to make yet another announcement on The Colbert Report tonight. Hit the jump for more..

Yesterday we learned, via announcement on ABC's The View that Thor would no longer be worthy of his trusted hammer and the title would be given to an all new female character. Now, it looks like Marvel are too continue the trend as Marvel's "chief creative officer" Joe Quesada is to announce a new comic book title on tonight's The Colbert Report!

The character in question is said to be one of Marvel's most beloved and that it (like yesterday) will usher in a new era for the Marvel Universe. Rumor has it that the title will be a brand new Captain America book in which Sam Wilson (aka The Falcon) will take up the mantle!

Stephen Colbert is no newbie to the Marvel Universe, once appearing in a Spider-Man story, running for President of the United States!
What do you want to see announced later today? And after yesterday's response to changing the sex of Marvel's God of Thunder, how do you think fans would react to (as long as it's true)  changing the race of Captain America? Sign off your thoughts below!

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Pasto - 7/16/2014, 8:11 AM
Black Captain America, CALLING IT NOW!
Pasto - 7/16/2014, 8:11 AM
*Munches on goldfish crackers*
Lozzy - 7/16/2014, 8:12 AM
Whos getting boobs and a vagina now?
yossarian - 7/16/2014, 8:15 AM
"The Average Adventures of Yoss!"

Watch him sleepwalk through conversations with his girlfriend!

Be amazed as he tries to keep his car in neutral for the majority of his drive so he can save gas!

Prepare to be stunned as he runs with his dog around the park!

Feel his inner turmoil when he is out of alcohol!
Pasto - 7/16/2014, 8:16 AM
That sounds like a damn fine read Yoss.
Doopie - 7/16/2014, 8:18 AM
Groot to become a Cactus
Doopie - 7/16/2014, 8:21 AM
And rocket to become a badger
KurtWagner1225 - 7/16/2014, 8:22 AM
isnt Colbert a comic book fan? that makes more sense..also i am pretty sure that Sam Wilson will be the new Captain America which is awesome imo
batz11 - 7/16/2014, 8:22 AM
@Lozzy Hope I'll be getting that tonight...
sKeemAn - 7/16/2014, 8:23 AM
Now Marvel is going the ethnic route. Gotta get them ratings in.
KurtWagner1225 - 7/16/2014, 8:23 AM
the reason is that Steve was a fighting a new villain called The Iron Nail who was somehow able to suck out the SS Serum out of him( that sounds dirty but whatever) so now Steve is old and is going to operate behind the scenes as a military strategist and commander in a way for the Avengers
batz11 - 7/16/2014, 8:24 AM
Doops, could see that working..."really doesn't give a shit"...

Gusto - 7/16/2014, 8:24 AM
Out of alcohol?
I don't like horror movies.
cotton - 7/16/2014, 8:25 AM
Yoss.... please make it happen, i'd read the hell out of that book!!
batz11 - 7/16/2014, 8:25 AM
LMAO yoss, that sounds very familiar...
sKeemAn - 7/16/2014, 8:26 AM
Gusto - 7/16/2014, 8:26 AM
Loz...I'm gettin' some mangina!

Doopie - 7/16/2014, 8:27 AM

Badgers are mean ass mother[frick]ers man

batz11 - 7/16/2014, 8:28 AM
I heard it's actually a Marvel/DC special cross-over, starring Gus...

SuperCat - 7/16/2014, 8:29 AM
Yep. Black Captain America.

sKeemAn - 7/16/2014, 8:29 AM
I need a serious smoke of some bud. I'm finding myself with idle hands lately and i gets into trouble when that happens.
MexicanSuperman - 7/16/2014, 8:29 AM
Probably they will gender swap Spiderwoman for a man...and he will be called Spiderman!!!!
cipher - 7/16/2014, 8:30 AM
I'd need someone to help me fill in the blanks if I ever hope to write my f*cking memoirs someday.

Most of my teenage years alone feel like one big f*cking booze-induced blackout.
Nomis - 7/16/2014, 8:30 AM
@ Pasto - The FIRST captain America was BLACK! Isaiah Bradley

There's a great min series called TRUTH: Red, White and Black that went into full detail on how this happen, and NOT even Steve Rogers knew about it till much later!
MexicanSuperman - 7/16/2014, 8:32 AM
@Gusto, that is pretty big Mangina you have there old man.
batz11 - 7/16/2014, 8:33 AM
ciph, I think we had sex...
Doopie - 7/16/2014, 8:34 AM
How about Captain Native American?

Gusto - 7/16/2014, 8:34 AM
batz11 - 7/16/2014, 8:35 AM
our twin daughters...

batz11 - 7/16/2014, 8:37 AM
...and I'm NOT an ideot!
yossarian - 7/16/2014, 8:37 AM
Those girls look natural.
batz11 - 7/16/2014, 8:38 AM
when you mix ciph and oompas, shazam!
Doopie - 7/16/2014, 8:38 AM
[frick] me it's like the children of the corn mutated
charlie2094 - 7/16/2014, 8:38 AM
Probably the Sam Wilson being Captain America like many guessed...which I don't like. Just improve the Falcon and give him his own title, or make someone new, never been overly fond of another character taking over a title, but whatever.
Phronesis - 7/16/2014, 8:38 AM
@Nomis Haha, nice! My memory is little but I do remember the mini-series. Haven't read it in years. I do remember Wilfred Nagel, Dr. Koch, How Bradley basically takes on the suicide mission on destroying the Nazi's in the concentration camp... etc.
Phronesis - 7/16/2014, 8:40 AM
Isiah Bradley is the grandfather of Elijah Bradley (Patriot) right?
ckal - 7/16/2014, 8:40 AM
its gonna be a black arab female transgender asian latino man
cipher - 7/16/2014, 8:40 AM
Well, they're definitely mine if the early pics are anything to go by:

The warm, fuzzy feeling in my heart is not unlike pride.
MisterPL - 7/16/2014, 8:41 AM
Invincible Iron Ma'am
fettastic - 7/16/2014, 8:44 AM
Bring that shit!

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