CinemaSins Argues For A Cinematic Marvel Crossover Film

CinemaSins Argues For A Cinematic Marvel Crossover Film

The (very) popular creative team at CinemaSins have yet another video which most fans will likely agree with. This time, they're arguing for a film containing the characters owned by Sony, Fox, and Marvel Studios. Check it out!

As part of their new Dear Hollywood series, the heads over at CinemaSins have made a video arguing for something that fans have been craving for many years; a complete Marvel crossover film between Fox, Sony, and Marvel Studios. Even though the chances of such a film are slim to none, that won't stop fans from asking for it. "The only people who don't think a Marvel crossover film is a good idea are the people who can actually make it happen,", said Jeremy. What are your thoughts on a crossover film(s)? Do you agree with the video below? Sound off below!

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FastFurious789 - 6/4/2014, 7:43 PM
OcciferPing - 6/4/2014, 7:44 PM
All studios who own Marvel properties should join together and make a Civil War adaptation. Make it a 3.5 hour epic movie.
FastFurious789 - 6/4/2014, 7:44 PM
Also, i thought it was already stated that spiderman would be joining the avengers in Avengers 3??!!? it'll happen , but idk when.
GuardianAngel - 6/4/2014, 7:45 PM
Yeah, Marvel! Stop being stupid! Why don't they just do a DC crossover as well? Everyone's been asking for it. Batman vs Avengers vs Spiderman
FastFurious789 - 6/4/2014, 7:45 PM

though the x-men universe cant fit into the mcu
the x universe has too much problem, and depths as is. it wouldnt fit into the crossovers, but spiderman can.
OcciferPing - 6/4/2014, 7:47 PM

Yeah that's definitely true.
remembertheking - 6/4/2014, 7:53 PM
it'll never happen. Everything that the cinema sins guy said can be refuted. Sure they love money but having Spidey in avengers will not in any way improve avengers box office. everyone who watches spiderman already watches Avengers. Note: i said avengers and not cap or thor or even iron man. The marginal income from spidey in avengers is close to zero.

Next, opening up xmen to avengers just makes the two universes incompatible. this aint a fuccking comic book. in avengers there is no acknowledgement of mutants existing. Same with spidey films there are no hints that the avengers exist. there are many more reasons. Spiderman in x-men is just another mutant. there is nothing fantastic about 4 in the x-men universe. once again, you can do it in the comics as there are only less then half a million comic book fans or even less. With movies, people want grit, realism and consistencies. the audience of the movies is largely non-comic book readers who dont give a shit and will never pick up a comic book.
Kurne - 6/4/2014, 8:02 PM
For Marvel, Sony and Fox's sake, a crossover should be set in an alternate universe. Same actors, same setting they've laid out for each franchise, just pretend as if they've co-existed all along. None of them have to worry about it affecting future films/story, unless they want it to.

Problem is who would direct it.
AlexanderLykins - 6/4/2014, 8:03 PM
I like their videos, but they have been saying some dumb things about Marvel Studios.
AlexanderLykins - 6/4/2014, 8:04 PM
Not going to happen. With Feige at the helm this is literally impossible.
AlexanderLykins - 6/4/2014, 8:05 PM
I'm okay with that too.
TheDarman - 6/4/2014, 8:07 PM
I agree. I think Sony, however, has always had a shred of pride when consulting Marvel about a possible crossover. Sony has never said "just take him for a film and have him play with the Avengers". I'm starting to think Sony might do just that. Look at the post-Avengers bump that Iron Man got. Iron Man got a whooping 94.8% increase in its box office from its last film. In comparison, should Sony's The Amazing Spider-Man 2 top out at around $710 milion (which I think it likely), The Amazing Spider-Man 3 would make around $1.3 billion. Marvel would, then, also be able to use Spider-Man which they've never been able to use before and, perhaps, increase their profit margin. I don't know if it would make more money than it would otherwise because I simply don't know and neither would the studios. But if it makes more than The Avengers, Marvel would at least have reason to question if it helped.
Pedrito - 6/4/2014, 8:08 PM
The X-men universe is in the 70s right now. Next movie will be in the 80s. Eventually they can do a modern day Avengers crossover.
Stryker and Trask were Hydra. Take it from there.

Or they could do a 3-part 3-studio Civil War, which each studio taking a movie a piece.

Nah just kidding. Not gonna happen.
OpticBlastWins - 6/4/2014, 8:10 PM
if only it were that simple and they were that rational
AlexanderLykins - 6/4/2014, 8:16 PM
McGee - 6/4/2014, 8:16 PM

McGee - 6/4/2014, 8:19 PM

AlexanderLykins - 6/4/2014, 8:22 PM
I guess?
Jollem - 6/4/2014, 8:22 PM
screw it. everyone in the pool

this could work out just great if that trivial money thing wasn't an issue
AlexanderLykins - 6/4/2014, 8:23 PM
Have I ever told you that you rock?
Jollem - 6/4/2014, 8:23 PM
"with the decreasing interest in the TASM franchise"

ha. says you
koolguy16 - 6/4/2014, 8:24 PM
it will never happen
Jollem - 6/4/2014, 8:26 PM
WeddingTux - 6/4/2014, 8:28 PM
jmartinez986 - 6/4/2014, 8:52 PM
dang, CinemaSins creativeness has really taken a tumble since last year..
this videos used to be good and make sense..
now its almost like they are doing this just to talk s#it..
one can tell just by going around this site that the majority of people dont want Fox's X-men to cross over with movies by MS due to inconsistency and lack of well written stories.. except for Xmen2, FC, and DOFP, that people feel its safe to say Fox is in the right path..
skabeds - 6/4/2014, 8:54 PM
I think a X-men X Avengers is more likely. For those of you saying it could never happen because they don't even acknowledge mutants exist you obviously didn't stay around for the end credits scene of Cap 2. They don't have the rights to "mutants," so hence "the age of miracles." Marvel is trying to work mutants into their MCU as best they can. I'm sure if they had the rights it'd be the age of mutants instead. They're just trying to work in characters who were born with superpowers. We'll that's the way I see it anyway. With ALL the villains in the Spidey universe coming from ONE source it'd be hard to believe that The Avengers just wouldn't say, "hey it seems this guy is the reason for all these super powered villains," and then just wipe him out in one shot. The only way they I could see them fitting in Spidey is if he did like a cameo (say the end fight sequence) where a lot of secondary/undeveloped characters were introduced or used. Avengers 3. It will happen. There's no way that the current Avengers alone could take on Thanos. I imagine its going to be 3 hours of everyone from the Avengers (including the characters they add before then), GOTG, as well as the tv universe.
Spock0Clock - 6/4/2014, 9:04 PM
Dear CinemaSins,

I enjoy your videos nitpicking movies and take them all in good fun, even when I don't agree. But whenever you talk about Marvel comics characters, you make me roll my eyes so hard I think I can see my own brain die. Please talk about something else from now on.

Spock o'Clock (AKA Party Time)
Ramiel - 6/4/2014, 9:15 PM
I like his idea. Spidey shows up in Avengers, and an Avenger or two shows up in one of his movies. It's brilliant!
Jollem - 6/4/2014, 9:15 PM
Dear CinemaSins,

Stop pickin' on my marvel studios!


p.s. If you're just making a funny video to entertain people, then keep it up.
McGee - 6/4/2014, 9:19 PM

DeusExSponge - 6/4/2014, 9:29 PM
In order to get a Marvel vs DC cross over, we must first get over the large wall that separates Marvels various properties. I still find it stupid that we can't even get one singular Marvel Cinematic Universe. Oh well, at least we're getting more movies out of this!
TheRationalNerd - 6/4/2014, 9:29 PM
I'd be down for it happening but it'll never happen. Spidey has a "slight" chance and that's it...
Jollem - 6/4/2014, 9:32 PM
@McGee - lol. wicked

i say gandalf the white shoulda taken it
TheRationalNerd - 6/4/2014, 9:35 PM
Cinema sins has went on all movies in the past! lol This video is no different, who cares! It's just a video...some of you all take this stuff way too seriously.

Scarecrow Voice: "You need ta lighten up!"

PS: Lol at that "Emo Weirdo Parker Parker Portrait"
DatScarletPimPerNeLL - 6/4/2014, 11:25 PM
More likely to see Dark Horse/Image/Valiant characters to crossover on the big screen first than Marvel characters spanning several studios happening sadly.
MightyZeus - 6/5/2014, 12:13 AM
I would actually love for it to happen but i don't see a crossover happening any time soon. I only wish that Marvel acquires the rights to Spider-man and The Fantastic Four.
BoomTubeB - 6/5/2014, 3:28 AM
more likely to see a Spiderman & X-men crossover !

Lhornbk - 6/5/2014, 3:52 AM
No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, and oh, btw, NO! Just no. Avengers does NOT need Spiderman, and members of the Avengers don't need to lower themselves to being in a Spiderman movie. Quite frankly we've had enough Spiderman for awhile, give us about a decade long break, let the rights revert to Marvel, and then maybe have him be a part of the MCU. But even then, keep him out of the Avengers. At most, maybe have him just briefly help them out. (And yes, in case you haven't figured it out yet, Spiderman is NOT one of my favorite characters. He kind of used to be, but the Raimi films kind of soured me on him, as has reading all the Spiderman fanboys on here either whining about the TASM films or declaring the TASM films the greatest thing ever. It's not that I hate Spidey, just think he's overrated as a character, and overexposed. As I said, give him about a decade long break from movies and then reboot.)

And an even bigger "HELL NO!" to ever having Civil War adapted. I have no desire to see heroes fighting each other, and I don't really like seeing comic stories translated directly to film. I don't mind getting ideas from comic storylines, but don't try to translate them directly from comics to screen. TWS may have been partly adapted from a comic, but it had enough about it that was different to make it a great story and movie.

I will say that I wish Fox and Marvel would come to an agreement about mutants. If Marvel can use certain mutant members of the Avengers, they should be able to call them mutants and even mention their parents if needed. And Marvel should be able to use adamantium.
Lhornbk - 6/5/2014, 4:11 AM
I thought the Raimi films were good when they first came out (even thought #3 was at least decent), but looking back on them, they just don't hold up well. They're extremely repetitive, in fact you could argue that they all have basically the same plot. Peter has a mentor/friend who gains powers, turns evil, somehow figures out who Spidey really is, then kidnaps MJ to bring out Peter in order to either turn him or kill him or use him. And in all of them, the villain is turned evil by something else, at least partly (Norman is kind of a jerk, but the serum makes him schizo, as it does to his son in the third to an extent. The arms turn Doc Ock evil, and the symbiote turns Brock evil, although he was kind of a douche. Sandman actually had decent motives. Why not give us a truly evil villain for once?) The last 2 films both have really bad montages too (can't remember if the first had one of those.) And there is just too much harping on the whole "with great power comes great responsibility" thing, both in those movies and by Spidey fanboys on this site. Evidently, having great power means completely giving up having your own life and especially having love in your life. The second one hammers that, with the scenes of ghost Uncle Ben wanting Peter to choose between being Spidey and having a regular life. Most other heroes manage to do both, why not Spidey? (You don't see fanboys on here whining that Tony Stark should break up with Pepper because his responsibilities as Iron Man come first or that he should break up with her to keep her safe. And he doesn't even try to hide his identity.) All of this has just soured me on the whole character, so keep him far, far away from Avengers.

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