COMICS: A Fateful End To One X-Force Member In X-FORCE #5 First Look

COMICS: A Fateful End To One X-Force Member In X-FORCE #5 First Look

This issue will impact the X-Force team forevermore. Story by Simon Spurrier (X-Men Legacy) and art by Jorge Molina (What If? Secret Wars). Description, cover and pages right past the loop.

X-Force comes face-to-face with Volga, the mastermind who's been weaponizing superhumans and using them in the undercover war that's being waged across the globe. But little does X-Force know that Volga has already weaponized one of their own...And by the time this issue is through, one member of X-Force will meet their end!

Written: Simon Spurrier.

Artwork: Jorge Molina.

Cover: Jorge Molina.

Released: May 14. 32 pages and priced $3.99.

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SidDaAstroSloth - 5/9/2014, 1:48 PM
I like the art
SidDaAstroSloth - 5/9/2014, 1:58 PM
SidDaAstroSloth - 5/9/2014, 1:59 PM
MercwithMouth - 5/9/2014, 2:12 PM
Artwork is incredible. And anything with Cable is good...
CherryBomb - 5/9/2014, 2:14 PM
Love the art, hate Marrow's hairstyle.
Nappa - 5/9/2014, 2:36 PM
Something is wrong with Sidney. DRG must have [frick]ed his mind up
DatScarletPimPerNeLL - 5/9/2014, 2:42 PM
Eh.....needs more pouches.
jimoakley666 - 5/9/2014, 2:53 PM
Gorgeous artwork. Love Molina's work.
Mercwitham0uth - 5/9/2014, 4:01 PM
Jizzing on art. Sorry Sid It's now been claimed.
WeddingTux - 5/9/2014, 4:05 PM
and the X-Force movie is gonna kick ass, too
DangerRoom - 5/9/2014, 6:39 PM
I hope it's fantomex. Can't stand that character.
LEEE777 - 5/9/2014, 7:05 PM
Love to see that X-FORCE movie!!!

Even if its Fox that's gotta make it!
BoomTubeB - 5/10/2014, 2:40 AM
nissssssce artwork !
TelaVizion - 5/10/2014, 4:32 AM
They bring Marrow back just to kill her off... I hope it's at least a cool ending.
dellamorte1872 - 5/10/2014, 1:25 PM
Couldn't help but notice you deleted my comment
Jackraow21 - 5/11/2014, 12:59 PM
Cable rocks. Bring on the X-Force movie FOX!!!

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