COMICS: Bishop Returns In First Look At UNCANNY X-FORCE #2

COMICS: Bishop Returns In First Look At UNCANNY X-FORCE #2

In this first look at Sam Humphries (The Ultimates) and Ron Garney's (Amazing Spider-Man) Uncanny X-Force #2, time travelling mutant Bishop finally returns to the Marvel Universe. "RRRAAAA--! HWROAAAR!" Eloquent fellow, isn't he?

• What secrets does the man with the "M" on his face bring from the future?

Pencils by RON GARNEY
Cover by KRIS ANKA
Variant Cover by ED MCGUINNESS

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Josh Wilding
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Tainted87 - 2/24/2013, 5:23 AM
Wow, dialogue is really superb here...

Is Bishop going to be Kyle Reese?
NorrinRaddical - 2/24/2013, 5:42 AM
worst dialogue here...
TheDARKestKNIGHT - 2/24/2013, 6:12 AM
Art is crazy good!
longbowhunter - 2/24/2013, 6:18 AM
First issue was ok. I like the cast and the art, have yet to be sold on the story.
XavierLehnsherr - 2/24/2013, 7:05 AM
Wow, Ron Garney's gotten a lot better since his Captain America days.
marvel72 - 2/24/2013, 7:11 AM
issue one was good not as good as all new x-men or uncanny x-men but still a decent read.

loving that spiral variant cover.
MutantEquality - 2/24/2013, 7:13 AM
Good to see you back Bishop.
DioFoRio - 2/24/2013, 9:03 AM
damn Ron Garney got really good.
Zombie137 - 2/24/2013, 9:53 AM
Art looks amazing, but it looks like BISHOP has two regular arms there. Last time we saw him he had one cyber arm didnt he?
jimoakley666 - 2/24/2013, 11:28 AM
Garney's work is looking very good lately. They still doing the butterfly thing with Psylocke though? That's a bit lame.
deamon - 2/24/2013, 12:00 PM
Jason Momoa should play Bishop in movie.
comicstocode - 2/24/2013, 12:15 PM
that's gotta be an alternate bishop. either way, 'bout time.
IronManny819 - 2/24/2013, 3:56 PM
Is it weird that I'm attracted to Spiral?
ZombieOverEasy - 2/24/2013, 5:17 PM
Man...I really need to get back into X-Force.
TonyChu - 2/24/2013, 7:01 PM
I guess they need to stop her.
pepe - 2/25/2013, 6:12 AM
Hey... Bishop is a good guy. Why ya go and make him bad!!!! Marvel: Y U no have brain-cells?

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