COMICS: Check Out The Debut Of The Superior Spider-Man In DAREDEVIL #21

COMICS: Check Out The Debut Of The Superior Spider-Man In DAREDEVIL #21

Fans won't discover the identity of the Superior Spider-Man until next week's Amazing Spider-Man #700, but the new Spidey actually made his first appearance in Mark Waid and Chris Samnee's Daredevil #21. Hit the jump to check it out!

Make no mistake about it. Daredevil is a series you should most definitely have on your pull list. However, if you're not a fan of the Man Without Fear, you might still want to consider picking up issue #21 when you next visit your local comic store as it features the first appearance of the Superior Spider-Man. We've included a scan of the final page (which is doing the rounds online) below, but you'll have to buy the comic itself to see even more. In a recent interview with Newsarama, Marvel senior editor Stephen Wacker had this to say about the cameo. "I don't know that we made a conscious effort to showcase Superior. Basically you'll see Spidey across the line as much as you normally do within a given month, but as this is our new status quo, when you do see him it will be the new "Superior" Spidey. There will still be a couple months of "Amazing" Spidey appearances here and there probably since our books don’t operate on a strict "day-and-date" continuity, but over the next few weeks all the books should catch up with what Slott and [Ryan] Stegman are setting up in Superior Spider-Man #1."

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Jollem - 12/23/2012, 1:48 AM
Darth258 - 12/23/2012, 1:59 AM
@Jollem: you and me both.. Though i'm still stuck at Fear Itself, got to see how this thing develops.
Kalel219 - 12/23/2012, 2:01 AM
It's Doc Ock and the ending is a huge cop out of the last 100 issues or whatever Slott thinks he set up.

No need to thank me, your wallet already has
capMO - 12/23/2012, 2:19 AM
issue 700: WORST. "TWIST". EVER. Slott's a terrible writer
MovieTheaterLad - 12/23/2012, 2:25 AM
The comics and cartoons board over at 4chan found out about the secret identity a while ago. We've had scans of it being posted all over and everything.
charlie2094 - 12/23/2012, 2:26 AM

Really? I've really been enjoying many of the Now titles such as Indestructible Hulk, Deadpool, FF, Thor: God of Thunder etc. Sad to see Peter Parker go, but still looking forward to reading this, though I suspect it won't be too long before Parkers back, given the reaction. Would prefer that if they wanted to shake things up and introduce a new cast of characters, then just create someone new! We don't often get new big heroes, instead making other characters current heroes.
Jollem - 12/23/2012, 2:42 AM
@Darth258 - i entirely loved what bendis started with Dissasembled. i dug what they did with Civil War. then, as the "events" kept coming out, i was like; "whuh? this is where you're going with this?" there were things i didn't really care for and the "Heroic Age" was only heroic for about 2 seconds

these comic companies, tho, are some of the few entertainment properties that are fortunate enough to have been able to enjoy decades and decades of doing what they do. you can only do so much before you eventually kind of run out of ideas or not kick so much ass all the time. look at the simpsons. they've been on for 23 years and i feel like they've been "partied out" from time to time. lots of comic ip's have been around since the 30's or 40's, so it's understandable the way stories and things go sometimes. that is to say, i'm not jaded. not yet, anyways ;)
Jollem - 12/23/2012, 2:43 AM
@Charlie2094 - lol. i might have explained myself in my last post :)
GUNSMITH - 12/23/2012, 2:52 AM
Jollem - 12/23/2012, 2:54 AM
...actually, using the simpsons wasn't a good example. what i should have said was, there are some t.v. shows that don't even make it 3 of 4 years before they "become partied out", as the grif would say

@tea - i feel silly for not getting that?
Jollem - 12/23/2012, 3:05 AM
@Charlie2094 - also, i really like when they create cool new characters, too. like the sentry or h'el
Jollem - 12/23/2012, 3:29 AM
Space - 12/23/2012, 3:47 AM
Slott, you suck! FAIL!!!

siggisuperman - 12/23/2012, 4:19 AM
I have enjoyed Marvel Now A LOT Thor series is one of the best I have read. A+X has been fun. Cable & X-Force is a very exciting title. Captain America is great and JR JR's art looks great in it. The indestructible Hulk shows a new side of Bruce Banner and is quite entertaining. For me the biggest surprise was Thunderbolts. I was super excited for it. Then I read issue #1 which was terrible. I almost gave up but decided to read #2 and it was much better
Ancar - 12/23/2012, 4:34 AM
I've just read Amazing Spider-Man 700 and it is agreat plate of shite. If I was the owner of Marvel Comics, Joe Quesada and Dan Slot would be fired already.

Now they will have to call Mephisto again to put things right.

Dock Ock is the new friendly neighborhood and they think any fan in the world would like this shitte?
WruceBayne - 12/23/2012, 5:10 AM
Spider-Man is not Doc Ock. I don't care what the Internet has told you. It doesn't make sense. If Ock and Peter just switched bodies why would be need the hand and toe claws to stick to the wall? The bodies the same (powers and all), the mind is just different. Mark my words "Spider-man is NOT Otto Octavious".
KeefNCookies - 12/23/2012, 5:33 AM
Read Amazing Spider-Man #700 immediately followed by Avenging Spider-Man #15.1

It's been a long time since I read such garbage... prepare yourself.
Sora - 12/23/2012, 5:39 AM
How did you read it if it only comes out next week?
bazinga85 - 12/23/2012, 5:41 AM
I haven't read ASM #700 yet, but if what you guys are saying is true, and Doc is the new spidey, then "frick" you marvel. I hope daredevil kicks this "new spidey's" ass so hard that he'll be forced to switch bodies with peter again.
CaptainObvious - 12/23/2012, 6:20 AM
Wacker is a moron who thinks Doc Ock will be a more iconic Spider-Man than Peter Parker. Him, Dan Slott, and Joe Quesada need to be fired for being horrible storytellers and for ruining Marvel's flagship character.
WruceBayne - 12/23/2012, 6:24 AM
@KeefNCookies- I've seen the body switch and Peters in Otto's sick body and vice versa. But I don't think that's the end of it. Otto might remain in Peters body but that doesn't necessarily mean that, that's who's behind the Superior Spider-Man mask. Otto might use his brand new body to become a villain and someone else (who can't stick to walls) picks up the Spider-Man mantle.
storyteller - 12/23/2012, 6:27 AM
Geeze, some of your really do think Marvel is trying to make sure this is the new permanent status quo. You know the rules of Spider-man. He can't have a string of good luck without something awful happening to him.
KeefNCookies - 12/23/2012, 6:31 AM
Again, read Avenging Spider-Man #15.1 (also leaked w/ASM700). It shows the creation of the new suit. Its pretty straight forward, and sadly, extremely disappointing.
0ptimusCrime - 12/23/2012, 7:04 AM
Read it Yesterday (already out in Europe) and im very angry now,

gonna start reading superior, only when parker returns

[frick] this SHIT MARVEL!!!
capMO - 12/23/2012, 7:08 AM
we all know Parker will be back sooner or later, doesn't make this piece of s"#¤ story any less stupid
FightAs0ne - 12/23/2012, 7:53 AM
At least Ult. Peter went out fighting like a badass protecting his family. And he had a great person like Miles to carry on his legacy. The way that the Amazing Peter went out, that was just.....wrong, and now he has Otto in his body....
Franshu - 12/23/2012, 7:58 AM
So, Ock's gonna be the new spidey from now on? SERIOUSLY? Even though it's completely out of character and takes a huge sh!t on, like, 50 years of comic book history? Great move, Marvel... After One More Day/Brand New Day, I didnt think Spidey could be screwed up more than it already was, but the amazing Quesada/Slott team keeps surprising me.
Franshu - 12/23/2012, 8:01 AM
Besides, Miles morales being Spider-Man... it's a different continuity, not the mainstream 616 universe, so it's not that terrible. And yeah, Ultimate Peter Parker went down fighting and had a proper death, and was replaced by Miles, who's kinda like the same character only latino.
Gunslinger - 12/23/2012, 8:02 AM
Thor, All New X-Men, Avengers Arena, indestructible Hulk are pretty good. Marvel Now has quite a few good books going on. Thor is the best of the line. Only Marvel book that competes is Hawkeye.

About Spidey... Thing will change back to the way they were real soon. It's sensationalism people. Using shock factor as a substitute for creativity in order to sell comics. Remember when Batman died? Or Superman? Or when Bucky became Cap?
CaptainObvious - 12/23/2012, 9:52 AM
Doc Ock tried to wipe out 99 percent of Earth's population and stole the hero's life and family all in a year. How exactly does Marvel expect us to get behind a character who does that? If I ever meet Quesada or Slott, I would really enjoy giving them a piece of my mind and call them out for their stupid ideas.
Shara184 - 12/23/2012, 10:29 AM
Wanna bet in a few months the twist will be Doc Ock realizes he's actually Peter Parker but with Doc Ock's memories instead
PenditaMarah - 12/23/2012, 10:33 AM
Marvel need to be reboot,just like new 52.marvel sucks a lot nowadays.
3XmenAndaBabyHope - 12/23/2012, 10:35 AM
It seems that a lot of people think that with the title "superior Spider-Man" Marvel is telling us that this version is better than Peter Parker. The way I take it is that this new Spider-Man, whomever he is, is arrogant and believes himself to be superior. That is what got me interested in this new comic.
Durranto - 12/23/2012, 11:01 AM
Amazing Spider-man 700 was leaked via torrent sites (easy to find if you look for it) and I have to say I am disappointed in the issue. I thought Peter gave in to easily in the end. Ock will be the Superior Spider-man, I will buy it to see how it goes, but will drop it if its pants.
And just so you know, I have Amazing Spider-man 700 on order, so I am not doing the ol comic stealing thing! :)
Thythoutrust - 12/23/2012, 11:01 AM
I had a long conversation about this with one of my friends the other night. After we got sh*tfaced, we figured out what the problem really was: We're fine with them killing Peter, it's just the way they did it. It's just so, soooooo LAAAAAAAAAMMMMME. Argh. Lame. Lame. Lame.

Who's idea was this? Dan Slott's 5 year old son? The milkman? Someone who hasn't read ASM for the past 40 years?
CaptainObvious - 12/23/2012, 11:05 AM
@3XmenAndaBabyHope- Not when Marvel advertises the comic like this:"!...The new Amazing Spider-Man has arrived and he is better in every single way. Smarter, stronger...Superior."

They truly do believe that Doc Ock will be better as Spider-Man than Peter Parker. Just keep telling yourselves that, Marvel while we enjoy comics, movies, video games, and television shows that feature Peter as Spider-Man.
duncboy - 12/23/2012, 11:06 AM
In general, I would say that I'm a DC-fan-boy, but I've actually just started reading a handful of Marvel books. In addition to the 1 or 2 Marvel and 10-15 DC books I read on a monthly basis, I just picked up the following "Marvel Now" titles; Iron-Man, Avengers, All New X-Men, Thor: God of Thunder, Indestructible Hulk, and Cable & X-Force - there may be 1 or 2 more, and even now I'm thinking of picking up Dare Devil from issue #1 because I like Mark Waid so much. So in less than a year, I've gone from reading ZERO Marvel comics on a monthly basis, to 8-9... and I don't download/torrent any of these; I pay for each and every one. With that said, as soon as the "Superior Spider-man" shows up in any of these books, I will immediately drop them.

Unless the internet is wrong and the new Spidey is not Doc Ock, I have no interest in this character at all. Seeing a long-time villain take over as the main character in a long-existing character, is just dumb. If I wanted to read stories about the bad-guy winning, I'd pick up my newspaper or go read an article from the internet. So, if this terrible idea of a character somehow manages to make it's way into my new favorite Marvel Books, which obviously it will, it's back to the DC line of things.

Ironically, Ultimate Spider-man with Miles Morales has been one of my favorite reads. So I'm not necessarily against a new Spider-man at all, especially if Peter was to go out with a big bang, but like this? C'mon Marvel...
Introspection - 12/23/2012, 11:33 AM
It's like getting a forced damn retirement. This is utter BS. I don't even understand it. There are so many cooler people they could have replace him like harry Osborn or kaine.
jimoakley666 - 12/23/2012, 11:33 AM
Marvel Balls.
Mrcool210 - 12/23/2012, 11:34 AM
the explination on why is the worst, oh dock ock wanted to be the hero all along? BULLSHIT
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