COMICS: "Dimension Z" Continues In First Look At CAPTAIN AMERICA #7

COMICS: "Dimension Z" Continues In First Look At CAPTAIN AMERICA #7

A beaten, broken and mortally wounded Steve Rogers continues battling his way through Arnim Zola's "Dimension Z" as he searches for his adopted son, Ian. Hit the jump for a first look at Rick Remender (Venom) and John Romita Jr.'s (Kick-Ass) Captain America #7!

• Zola’s master plan revealed!
• Ian’s fate decided!
• Captain Zola’s quest for lies and injustice!

Pencils & Cover by JOHN ROMITA JR.
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Josh Wilding
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RexMason - 5/24/2013, 8:01 PM
RexMason - 5/24/2013, 8:03 PM
This comic sucks.
SageMode - 5/24/2013, 8:03 PM
Why does JR Jr still have a job?
Moakynubs - 5/24/2013, 8:07 PM
I've been loving this book, it's cool in it's own weird way.
kevberg - 5/24/2013, 8:09 PM
why is his shield so small?
GLprime2814 - 5/24/2013, 8:16 PM
This book has been well not that good.
CaptainObvious - 5/24/2013, 8:18 PM
When is this story arc going to end already?
MementoMori - 5/24/2013, 8:26 PM
@kevberg - I was just about to ask the same thing. What is up with that?

I dunno why, but the art rubs me the wrong way. Not the worst I've seen by far, but it just doesn't do it for me.
ShogunNevets - 5/24/2013, 8:28 PM
Reminds me of Kick Ass (the art)
superotherside - 5/24/2013, 8:42 PM
I love this book. It's fantastic. If you have read any of the Cap's classic wacky sci-fi stuff you'll understand where this comes from. And if you're like me you'll love it.
SychoSid85 - 5/24/2013, 8:43 PM
Jr Jr is losing it.
Ramiel - 5/24/2013, 8:44 PM

That's because it's the same artist.
GodzillaKart - 5/24/2013, 8:45 PM
Must be hard to continue to write new stories for characters who have been around for decades. Romita Jr.'s art is as fantastic as ever.
Benjamitesandwich - 5/24/2013, 8:46 PM
What happened to the amazing colorist? Last issue's made JRJR's art really pop. Dang, it was gorgeous.


I absolutely love how this story is testing Captain America as to the very ideals that define him. Great read!
campblood - 5/24/2013, 9:12 PM
in some scenes he has 2 red 1 white stripe on his sheild and other panels its 2 red 2 white
thebearjew - 5/24/2013, 9:16 PM
CampBlood idk what youre talking about same strips in all the panels i see red stripe on rim middles stripe white inner stipre red
BeeneMachine - 5/24/2013, 9:26 PM
They need to drop Romita Jr.
GodzillaKart - 5/24/2013, 9:29 PM
Romita Jr. is a [frick]ing master. That guy could make any story compelling.
Jollem - 5/24/2013, 10:18 PM
great art. i love seeing people actually using their utility belts!
ZombieOverEasy - 5/25/2013, 3:22 AM
I actually dig JRJR's art on this and I'm not really a fan of his art normally. Why is his shield constantly changing sizes though? I swear it was bigger in the last issue.
76cidgrad - 5/25/2013, 4:19 AM
I was going to say that JRJr is a lousy artist, but I really believe he is a lazy artist. Between the bad art and atrocious scripting, Marvel has finally convinced me to abandon Cap. I've been an avid fan since Avengers #4 and Tales of Suspense, but this title is a waste of money. And they screwed up Winter Soldier, too! Next thing you know, they'll replace Peter Parker with Doc Oc....
SunfireUrA55 - 5/25/2013, 5:05 AM
Its 2013 and we have sooooo many AWESOME artists who can draw a whole lot better than this crap, and we still get this crappy Romita drawings? Come on Marvel! It really is ok to retire his retarded art work.
76cidgrad - 5/25/2013, 5:15 AM
JRJr can't even draw the shield consistently. Is that a Frisbee on his arm on the first page? Cap deserves a better artist. Where did all the good ones go? I'm tired of Manga and grade school scribbling. Where's the new Neal Adams, George Perez, Marshall Rogers?....
76cidgrad - 5/25/2013, 6:44 AM
I have ultimate respect for JRSr. Jr is capable of better than expanding-contracting shields, which should be basic. I have been a graphic designer for over 25 years, so I am speaking from a professional standpoint. I have been following Marvel since Day One, so I'm familiar with the quality that Marvel artists used to produce. I stopped being a fanboy years ago. I'm not the only one who expresses these views, so there must be some validity to my remarks.
Jonathan, I'm sure you're a much better person than I am. Thank you for pointing out my flaws with your superior knowledge and experience. I can't wait to see your first professional publication....
UVLantern - 5/25/2013, 9:34 AM
End this already arc already. Terrible art. I hate seeing the Captain being drug through the mud like this.
LikeAPhoenix - 5/25/2013, 1:39 PM
OMG, the art is disgustingly awful, even worse than before! Wish JRJr would go away to DC already!

Who cares if he's been around for years and that his Dad is JRSr. Their styles are light years apart. One is awesome and the other is crap. Besides, he probably got his start at Marvel because of his Dad's position of power at the time. Nepotism much??

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