There are two big storylines currently taking place in Steve Rogers and Tony Stark's respective solo titles, and you can get a first look at Rick Remender and Nic Klein's Captain America #18, along with Kieron Gillen and Joe Bennett's Iron Man #22 right here!

• Will Dr. Mindbubble shatter Captain America’s already fragile psyche?
• The Iron Nail rises.
• SHIELD’s greatest secrets revealed to the world’s most dangerous man.

Pencils & Cover by NIC KLEIN

• MANDARIN CITY is aflame. Troy is in ruins. Who comes to help TONY STARK in his hour of need?
• Will Tony make the ultimate sacrifice to save the city?
• And WHO is hunting the ring-bearers?

Pencils by JOE BENNETT
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TheGreenRanger - 3/3/2014, 4:30 AM
War Machine looks cool though.... Can he get Peppers vibrator to attach to his suit? That would be wicked awesome.

Also, if Marvel Comics is going to rip off MCU designs. I want to see the Mandarin look like a little bitchass thesbian.
SugarYumYum - 3/3/2014, 4:30 AM
When will Cap's book get interesting again? And what the hell is going on in Stark's story?
SychoSid85 - 3/3/2014, 4:33 AM
Dr.MindBubble? No thanks. Also, why is Ironman fighting Lex Luthor?
TheGreenRanger - 3/3/2014, 4:42 AM
This is all I see Marvel producing anymore...
TheGreenRanger - 3/3/2014, 4:48 AM
And before anyone thinks I'm a DC fanboy. Im not. New 52 is dead to me until they stop drawing Supes like a priest's favorite alter boy.
CaptShipwreck - 3/3/2014, 4:56 AM
Gotta love DC fan boys trolling everything
TheGreenRanger - 3/3/2014, 5:00 AM
Trevor should get acquainted with Big Bob from Harold and Kumar... that seems like a fitting punishment for robbing me of $10 on a ticket to IM3
MrCBM56 - 3/3/2014, 5:00 AM

Oh please shut the [frick] up.
CaptShipwreck - 3/3/2014, 5:17 AM
Oh shoot I better shut up then cause someone on the Internet behind a keyboard told me too ... I know how fanboys are so easily upset
ScRipt69 - 3/3/2014, 5:23 AM
Superhero costumes are always difficult for me to swallow but seeing Cap and Falcon in the desert dressed like that is just ridiculous, Falcon suit is just dreadful, the movie Cap America suit was handled so well, that I can stomach, falcon is a joke, I hope he is not in the TWS, he looks great there.
TheGreenRanger - 3/3/2014, 5:27 AM
mattbo - 3/3/2014, 5:29 AM
is Captain America worth reading?
charlie2094 - 3/3/2014, 5:32 AM

I'd say no, but try it, you never know

Both these titles are in desperate need of a new team behind them, neither of them are really any good...would've thought Marvel would put their best on two of their biggest characters, but apparently not...
jj2112 - 3/3/2014, 5:36 AM
Cap's current run is not very good. Iron Man doesn't look much better either.
ScRipt69 - 3/3/2014, 5:39 AM
@TheGreenRanger... Yeh I could typed that a bit better, I blame the massive can of Monster I just downed.... ooh I'm all giddy like a school girl at a 1D concert
Tetrahedron - 3/3/2014, 5:48 AM
Greenranger, you make four posts and in each one you somehow manage to "subtly" allude to gay sex or male genitalia. Go suck a dick and get it out of your system, man. You're clearly gagging for it.
TheGreenRanger - 3/3/2014, 5:49 AM
Tetrahedron - Maybe Im just waiting for you to come over.
jimoakley666 - 3/3/2014, 6:17 AM
Firstly, the Cap artwork is very nice. But I don't think Klein got the notes on Cap's new suit. Editorial should get their lazy arses all over that.

Secondly, how much of a kunt is this Abigail Burns in the Iron Man book? "I'm Stark's worse nightmare". Bitch, please. Really? What, have you sat on his cock but not told him you've got the clap? Jog on.
KrazyForKomix - 3/3/2014, 6:30 AM
I don't understand why Tony doesn't just make Cap a complete metal/force field battle suit that would completely protect him and be just as flexible as cotton. That way, Cap wouldn't be forced to wear that RIDICULOUS piece of head gear. Falcon (in the movies and comics) doesn't wear a child safety helmet. Black Widow (in the movies and comics) doesn't wear a child safety helmet. Hawkeye (in the movies and comics) doesn't wear a child safety helmet. Why does our greatest acrobatic fighter have to wear one of Iron Man's cast offs?
TheGreenRanger - 3/3/2014, 6:35 AM
Im sorry, but the whole detachable armor gimmick that they are using is really stupid. It kind of cheapens the idea of it being tough armor.
Rheynger - 3/3/2014, 6:46 AM
Most of marvels comics are jokes. The only three I buy are the new wolverine origins and wolverine, and punisher. They need way better artists and writers. The batman black and whites show dc has the talent.
TheGreenRanger - 3/3/2014, 7:01 AM
Rheynger - I agree. I dont think the art is as important as the story. It needs to be more appealing and captivating to the reader. This crap they are spitting out now is just horse shit compared to what they used to produce.
TheGreenRanger - 3/3/2014, 7:06 AM
Marvel apparently thinks that this is their fanbase still. Little do they know our reading level advanced slightly...
KrazyForKomix - 3/3/2014, 7:13 AM
Rheynger and TheGreenRanger
They are WAY, WAY to focused on using the comics to push/support/drive readers to the movies (thank you Disney). And I don't care that "this is how business works" or "the movies are more realistic," or "They have the right to SO get used to it, it's the future." Clearly they don't care about making movies based MORE faithfully on the comics history and story lines, so let the stories fly. Let 'em loose. Less on the MEGA Crossover events puh-lease.
MercwithMouth - 3/3/2014, 7:16 AM
I really like the artwork on both titles. Klein definitely has talent, but he's no Granov. But the stories just sound bad, and whatever is going on in Iron Man sounds shit.
Minato - 3/3/2014, 7:57 AM
Tony being adopted is a stupid idea. So where does he get his natural polymathic genius from if not from Howard Stark. I hate when new writers try to put their stamp on a heroes history by changing things about their past. It would be a lil different if this was a new 52 situation where I expect heroes lives to be retuned.
darklighter1 - 3/3/2014, 8:03 AM
Iron Man has been awful for about two years now and Cap isn't actually that bad, glad to see the wings being 3D again. Hated the Cap armor from the last few years.
LEOSTRATOR - 3/3/2014, 8:25 AM
This site is full of crybabies. If you are offended by what Marvel put out, don't read it. There are plenty of new indie books and other comic companies that are putting out good books. A lot of you lames just like to troll and complain and this site love to encourage it. Plus this site should show more support to indie and kickstarter books and the smaller comic companies.
TheGreenRanger - 3/3/2014, 8:29 AM
Comics are getting pretty damn thirsty for ideas.
Dustellar - 3/3/2014, 8:41 AM
Most of marvels comics are jokes?? WTF!!! Avengers, New Avengers, THOR: GOD OF THUNDER, Superior Foes of Spider-Man, Superior Spider-Man, Uncanny Avengers, Wolverine and the X-Men, Daredevil, Captain America, Wolverine Origin II, Punisher, Black Widow, HAWKEYE, etc... all good comics.
Bomki - 3/3/2014, 9:05 AM
Kaiju! love me some Pacific Rim :)
Kyos - 3/3/2014, 9:26 AM
My life is more complete because of the existence of Dr. Mindbubble!
pepe - 3/3/2014, 9:35 AM
I miss when new groups allways got a new name... Now all new groups are Avengers or X-men/X-force. Marvel is playing it realy safe...
KrazyForKomix - 3/3/2014, 10:32 AM
This site is full of corporate apologists. If company accountants make changes to characters you've read for years so that they seem like milk-soppy, watered down versions of what they used to be (NOT THAT LONG AGO), then fans should complain. If they don't like the characters as created . . . MAKE NEW ONES. We don't need reboots every five years. Just imagination.
Captain America was one of the first comics I ever bought. The fact that he now needs more protective gear than all of his team mates (not including Iron Man of course) is ridiculous. And this was done ONLY to be more like the movies. Pure and simple – no regard for the actual character Marvel has written for years. Successfully. He's a man out of his own time. NOT a man in need of a walker.

Plus this site should show more support to indie and kickstarter books and the smaller comic companies. Yup.
BuckyCap - 3/3/2014, 12:37 PM
I don't like the trend of changing the costumes/characters to be more like the movies. I am glad to see that Cap's costume is slowly returning to what it was prior to this "Marvel NOW!" garbage. He looked like he was going to go skateboarding in a 90's movie - with the helmet, shoulderpads, elbowpads, kneepads and padded gloves.

I will say this - at least JRJR is off of the Cap comic! I expected to be completely let down after becoming accustomed to Brubaker's storytelling on the title, but Remender is doing a great job writing. I really enjoyed the Dimension Z story after getting over the initial shock of the stupid costume and JRJR's terrible art. I rolled my eyes at "Dr. Mindbubble," but if Remender can keep my attention and interest while Marvel executives and JRJR assault my eyesight in every panel, then he can make a character like Dr. Mindbubble interesting.
DellRusk - 3/3/2014, 2:31 PM

Times change. Character designs change. Get over it.

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