COMICS: First Look At Marvel Universe Post AVENGERS VS. X-MEN (Low-Res)

COMICS: First Look At Marvel Universe Post AVENGERS VS. X-MEN (Low-Res)

Spoilers! In Entertainment Weekly's Comic-Con issue there's an image of the Marvel Universe in the aftermath of the Avengers vs. X-Men crossover. Click the jump for fresh info and new costume designs for Captain America, Thor, Hulk, Iron Man and Cyclops.

CBR's devrim has seen the article and has posted a summary:
Uncanny Avengers: (Oct 2012) written by Remender. It is going to be the new flagship marvel title and will have among others Cap, Thor, Wolverine, Rogue and Havok in it and both sides will still have some AVX tension.

Avengers: (Dec 2012) Bi weekly with more then 18 avengers on the team. Written by Hickman with one shot stories and longer galaxy spanning multi-issue arcs

X-men: (Nov 2012) hold on to your hats...... Bendis!!! about the original five x-men time-travel two the present in a pleasantville style story and who are not going to like what they see once they are in the present and will find it unacceptable. Bendis says the time travel aspect of the story is not as important as the character based drama.

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Alphadog - 7/3/2012, 12:28 AM
First... and awesome. I wonder what it is about.
lapress - 7/3/2012, 12:31 AM
Nick Fury looks different...
Alphadog - 7/3/2012, 12:35 AM
All three stories sound interesting story but i miss the old days from jim lee's run on x-men, back then the stories where better.
Alphadog - 7/3/2012, 12:37 AM
lapress that's not nick fury it's his son
mrtrampoline - 7/3/2012, 12:38 AM
Hmmmm looks like 616 is taking a few pages from the Ultimate universe....
Knightrider - 7/3/2012, 12:44 AM
What is hulk wearing? Holding judgement on caps suit, which has needed updating for past 20years.
sungo2 - 7/3/2012, 12:50 AM
Ughh... I hate the new character designs. Too "New 52" for my liking.
Noctis198 - 7/3/2012, 12:52 AM
[frick]! they spoiled the ending by having cyclops live. I thought he was gonna die unless this really is a reboot of sorts.
novaprime - 7/3/2012, 12:55 AM
I love ittt
novaprime - 7/3/2012, 12:55 AM
And the new Nova Costume is Brutaly insane
PsyGuy - 7/3/2012, 12:56 AM
I hope Jean is somehow trapped or has to stay in the future for good.
SkinnyOne - 7/3/2012, 1:00 AM
Jean is back :)
REDSTORM - 7/3/2012, 1:04 AM
Finally somebody posts an article about it. I put this in the chat hours ago! :D
iJackSparrow - 7/3/2012, 1:05 AM
What the HELL is going on with the Erik the Red Cyclops costume? And oh, JEAN GREY IS [frick]ING BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
JDUKE25 - 7/3/2012, 1:07 AM
Love Cylops, not sure how I feel about his look. Need a better view.
FireKnightRises - 7/3/2012, 1:08 AM
Hardcore team

I think the black iron man is rodhey and what's up with wolvie yellow suit?? he should wear brown tan suit! even spidey got new costume
longbowhunter - 7/3/2012, 1:09 AM
Odd. I'll probably pick up Avengers and Uncanny Avengers.
FireKnightRises - 7/3/2012, 1:12 AM
cyclops with X visor is [frick]ing ridiculous and look like eyepatch is new trend
marshma2088 - 7/3/2012, 1:15 AM
pesmerga44 - 7/3/2012, 1:18 AM
A couple of things one why does Thor have swords he doesn't need them he needs the cape not a big fan of that, also really strange cyclops costume design seems completely out of left field, the Nova design is cool and I do love seeing a Nova back in the titles but I want Richard Ryder ever since Annihilation he was one of my favorite superheroes, and also the return of Jean Grey this event seemed to be leading up to this so not really surprised.

Now on the titles info so Wolverine is still in Avengers books of course he is they could have killed off Wolverine for at least a little while with this event but Marvel doesn't have the balls. Also Rogue and Havok are going to be Avengers really personally love Havok is I have always been a big fan of him just really strange to see these two being Avengers.
jj2112 - 7/3/2012, 1:45 AM
Spidey and Cap's suits should never be updated. I think they're two of the few iconic suits in Marvel comics and previous updates didn't last, they'll be back to normal soon.
jj2112 - 7/3/2012, 1:47 AM
Oh and why the Ultimate Fury?
Lightsplasher - 7/3/2012, 2:00 AM
My god why the hell did just replaced the Original Nick Fury ! I really like the Ultimate's Fury but for Earth-616 ? Otherwise , Thor's and Cyclop's costumes are ugly from my point of view ...
IronManny819 - 7/3/2012, 2:06 AM
....I'm not sure how I feel about this.
Asterisk - 7/3/2012, 2:13 AM
The Hulk has a...costume now? Umm, ok?

I want to see Spidey's new outfit in better detail soo bad. It probably looks like the Alex Ross concept one, which I dig.
Sparrowsabre7 - 7/3/2012, 2:24 AM
I like most (though Logan's is unchanged... lol) I just wish Cyke's was blue instead of Red, the blue and red made a nice contrast, the X visor is neat too.
MrsTonyStark0507 - 7/3/2012, 2:28 AM
jj2112 - AGREED!! Cap's suit is perfect!! Seriously people, knock it off with the "Cap needs updating" crap. There is a reason for his look!

WTH is up with Thor in that pic?!? I really need this explained! Where is his cape and why the hell does he have swords????? :/
MrsTonyStark0507 - 7/3/2012, 2:30 AM
I think the Cap in that pic looks more like the movie version of Cap, which unlike most, I didn't hate. I think it was as updated as Cap should ever get.
MrsTonyStark0507 - 7/3/2012, 2:32 AM
Oh, I didn't even notice Iron Man's color. I sincerely hope that is just the low res quality of the pic. That would be very, very wrong to take the red out of Iron Man's suit. All kinds of wrong!!!
SuperSomething616 - 7/3/2012, 2:36 AM
SuperSomething616 - 7/3/2012, 2:37 AM
Really not impressed!!! I thought this was what the ultimate universe was for? Why all the stupid costume changes...

Seriously is the house of ideas actually running out of them?
ThatOneDude - 7/3/2012, 2:41 AM
I don't know...

Hulk and Thor look badass though
skidz - 7/3/2012, 2:46 AM
Cyclops, Captain America and Hulk are the only ones I can see any difference.
skidz - 7/3/2012, 2:47 AM
The Thor costume looks inspired by the movie.
AC1 - 7/3/2012, 3:04 AM
Spider-Man's costume is also different. Can't see much of it but the arm stripes are gone. Maybe the redesign is based on Alex Ross' concept costume?
I like Cap's costume too, from what I can see. Thor would look better with a cape.
DTor91 - 7/3/2012, 3:05 AM
And with this, I am officially done with Marvel. It's bad enough I dropped all of the books I used to collect aside from Winter Soldier, but these designs, for the most part are horrid. They just gave Thor the Liefeld treatment. No cape and two swords on his back? Really? Plus he was given a modern design in 2007, which lasted until now. It was a perfect modernization that kept elements of the old and made it contemporary. Thor and Iron Man did not need any changes. Iron Man will always update his armor, but Bleeding Edge has been around for just a few years, and this armor here does not look so sleek. From what is shown here, it looks like a step back. I can live with Cap's. Spidey's....I'll have to see a full shot, but he's a character with a timeless design. And Hulk with armor.....really now. Cyclop's last major redesign was in Joss Whedon's Astonishing X-Men run, along with the Wolverine one shown here. Both costumes are sleek, simple, and are contemporary. They've received minor changes and updates throughout the years after, but the same basic look was still present for both. Cyclops didn't need a new costume. DC did much better redesigns with their relaunch. They were modern updates that kept the important characteristics of the older costumes in mind, for the most part anyway. For Marvel, this is looking like change for the sake of change. For most of my life, and up until a few years back, I was bigger Marvel fan than a DC one. I know I'm coming off as extreme and harsh and I really don't post anything like this, especially when I don't know how the stories will be and this is very quick judgment, but Marvel has just lost me with this image alone. I'll stick with the movies, but until I see them go back to what was already there, or much better and successful modernizations or redesigns, I'm not picking up any more Marvel comics. I was very open to the DC relaunch as well, and that was highly controversial. Once I read about the rumored Marvel relaunch, I was also very open to it. But upon seeing this......I know change is always necessary, I'm fully aware of that and fully understand that, but right now, this just seems like change for no rhyme or reason.
jimoakley666 - 7/3/2012, 3:07 AM
There is some [frick]ing cool stuff going on there!

Love Cyc's X-Visor, Spidey in red and black, Iron Man's cool black armour, Thor and Cap's new movie based uniforms, Fantastic Four in black and white FF style uniforms, and is that a white-haired Nick Fury or and eye patch wearing Cable?

Not keen, however, on Hulk's armour (why? And with bracelets?) And what the hell is with that bloody raccoon thing again? Hopefully he'll just stick with the Guardians and not the Avengers.
FriendlyNeighborhoodSpidey - 7/3/2012, 3:20 AM


Unless it's temporary... then it's ok. :)
laughterman26 - 7/3/2012, 3:36 AM
that actually looks insane
laughterman26 - 7/3/2012, 3:37 AM
captain america,hulk, iron man and thor that is.
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