COMICS: First Look At Rick Remender And Steve McNiven's UNCANNY AVENGERS #16

COMICS: First Look At Rick Remender And Steve McNiven's UNCANNY AVENGERS #16

Earth's Mightiest Heroes head into action in a bid to stop the Apocalypse Twins once and for all in this first look at Rick Remender (Uncanny X-Force) and Steve McNiven's (Amazing Spider-Man) Uncanny Avengers #16. Hit the jump to check it out!

• Thor vs Uriel! Feral and vengeful after the death of a teammate, Thor is a mad God out for blood!
• The heroes of Earth rally to stop the unimaginable evil the Twins have released!
• In order to stop the Twins, The Wasp must do something that will curse her evermore!

Pencils & Cover by STEVE MCNIVEN
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marvel72 - 1/23/2014, 4:23 PM
what a creative team,i f*ckin love it.
Grimfoe - 1/23/2014, 4:26 PM
Looks pretty cool.
CauseImBatman91939 - 1/23/2014, 4:26 PM
looks really good but what happened to caps face
jlabatman - 1/23/2014, 4:34 PM
This does look good, remender delivers again!
ATrueHero1987 - 1/23/2014, 4:44 PM
This series has gotten better and I'm very happy McNiven is on the book...too bad he's not on the book for very long. -__-
orpheus - 1/23/2014, 4:50 PM
This series is reaching new heights of what an Avengers book can be - I love the internal strife the team's having, the complicated relationships, the murky connection some team members have to the antagonists as well as consequences for actions and behavior for even characters like Cap.
ComradeGrey - 1/23/2014, 5:04 PM

That's a [frick]ing comic book. I might need to get MU.
Doopie - 1/23/2014, 5:05 PM
another repeat post???
blackscienceman - 1/23/2014, 5:05 PM
 photo SupermanHammer_zps4776e6f7.jpg
dellamorte1872 - 1/23/2014, 5:43 PM
I'm digging the art, I will say outta all the AVENGERS books to choose from these days THIS is the one that intrigues me most. As a diehard XMEN fan I appreciate their combining of two unique mythos; melding them together into a new take? Sounds better than some of the other stuff MARVEL has going right now
Volthoom - 1/23/2014, 5:58 PM
i want to read it but I'm not sure if i should.
DeeAyeRon - 1/23/2014, 7:15 PM
this series has been awesome. I grew up with the avengers in the 90's and I love how the style is similar yet a vast improvement. of all the series I collect, which doesn't include the 100 avengers series going on today, this series is my favorite
Havensent - 1/23/2014, 7:23 PM
Badass book and badass art = Must Buy
huckfinnisher - 1/23/2014, 9:17 PM
Thor is the most awesome marvel character period.
rabid - 1/23/2014, 10:15 PM
Excellent art, but Remender's writing is soooo baaaad. Still, I keep reading because none of this is throwaway stuff. Each part of this plot is affecting a different corner of their frigged up timeline.
loki668 - 1/24/2014, 12:04 AM
Cap's face is the set up for the next storyline: "The Phantom of Washington D.C."
jimoakley666 - 1/24/2014, 1:33 AM
[frick]ing ace. Thor is going to kick many an arse. Wonder if Cap is permanently scarred now?

Ha, I know...
jimoakley666 - 1/24/2014, 1:35 AM
@rabid - ....Right. Anyway...
loki668 - 1/24/2014, 2:19 AM

I hope that they use Thor's new battle cry
niknik - 1/24/2014, 9:26 AM
Still hate the "new look" uniforms. Why does Vision look like he's wearing toddler unitard PJ's and slippers? Cap's so called "helmet" now gets shredded more often than his cowl ever did, and his angular hockey padded suit looks like it is made from spare plumbing parts. Thor is the only one who still looks good.
AnthonyLantern - 1/24/2014, 11:02 AM
Awesome! I love this series

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