COMICS: First Look At WINTER SOLDIER #14 - Ed Brubaker's Final Issue

COMICS: First Look At WINTER SOLDIER #14 - Ed Brubaker's Final Issue

Next month will see the release of Winter Soldier #14, Ed Brubaker's FINAL issue. He brought the character back from the dead, made him Captain America and then faked his death during Fear Itself. So, how does Bucky's story end? Well, get a first look at the issue right here!

• The grand finale of the BLACK WIDOW HUNT
• Will Bucky sacrifice everything to save his love?
• Can Black Widow even be saved?
• Ed Brubaker finishes his critically-acclaimed run and no one escapes unscathed!

Written by ED BRUBAKER
Pencils by BUTCH GUICE

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jimpinto24 - 12/20/2012, 3:09 PM
Ed Brubacker did a great job with his run on the Winter Soldier titles. I'm going to miss him. :(
marvel72 - 12/20/2012, 3:17 PM
@ jimpinto24

i'm gonna miss ed brubaker working on any marvel title. :(
jimoakley666 - 12/20/2012, 3:18 PM
Gorgeous cover. Nice interior work, too.
Koala0226 - 12/20/2012, 3:40 PM
Captain America has a lamborghini? XD
TheGambitFreak - 12/20/2012, 3:52 PM
His run on this has actually been one of my favorites this year. It was splendid.
I'll be picking this up immediately. I LOVE that cover, it's simplistic, yet showcases so much.
76cidgrad - 12/20/2012, 4:00 PM
The artwork in #15 is a joke compared to this.

Winter Soldier needs the gritty realistic art or it becomes just another cartoon.

Unfortunately this might be a title I drop after 14...
Bandido - 12/20/2012, 4:00 PM he is no longer with marvel?
longbowhunter - 12/20/2012, 4:12 PM
I like Bucky so much more than Steve. And that's because of you Mr. Brubaker. You'll be missed.
Koala0226 - 12/20/2012, 4:17 PM
Article Preview parapgraph says hos when it should be his
Funsize - 12/20/2012, 4:18 PM
I'm going to miss this so much!!! :(
mctrinket - 12/20/2012, 5:00 PM
Why the left side holster if he's a righty?
elessarundomiel2382 - 12/20/2012, 7:50 PM
But why is it...whenever they do cybernetic limbs, it always looks like Colossus?
eleven59 - 12/20/2012, 9:27 PM
I always think cable
pepe - 12/21/2012, 2:16 AM
You ppl should marry him then...

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