COMICS: It's The Marvel Universe Vs. Nick Fury In First Look At ORIGINAL SIN #7

COMICS: It's The Marvel Universe Vs. Nick Fury In First Look At ORIGINAL SIN #7

All roads have been leading to this! In this lettered preview of Original Sin #7 from Jason Aaron (Thor: God of Thunder) and Mike Deodato (Dark Avengers), the heroes of the Marvel Universe prepare for their final stand against...Nick Fury? Check it out!

Operating in the shadows, Nick Fury has protected the Marvel Universe from unseen forces. Protecting the Marvel Universe by any means necessary, Fury has "guarded the wall" for decades right under the noses of both S.H.E.I.L.D. and the Avengers. Now, drained of the Infinity Formula that kept him youthful, the battle-hardened soldier is rapidly aging, his time left short. But his job is never done and he’ll stop at nothing to protect the Marvel Universe from what’s coming – even if he has to go through the Avengers to do it! Armed with the Watcher’s eyes, the secrets and sins of the entire Marvel Universe are now at his disposal. The knowledge Uatu kept could now be their very undoing! How can anyone stand up against a tactical genius with access to all the heroes greatest weaknesses?

Written by JASON AARON
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Pasto - 8/8/2014, 6:51 PM
Marvel/DC crossover? Whats up with Deathstroke...
AsgardianHobo - 8/8/2014, 6:55 PM
If everyone's lies are going to be uncovered.........Nick Fury is [frick]ed!
MutantMinority - 8/8/2014, 6:55 PM
This series kinda lost me. Started off interesting and then ... Meh
LordOfTheZegaRealm - 8/8/2014, 7:03 PM
@Pasto LOL. Nick Fury does look like Deathstroke, except Deathstroke looks a little more spry.
dethpillow - 8/8/2014, 7:16 PM
see this issue is where it runs the risk of just going dumb.

Jason Aaron is a great writer, but there's almost something built in to the nature of an 'event' comic that calls for things to just start shitting themselves right now. and what are you gonna do?

definitely gonna give it a fair shot and every benefit of the doubt tho, so far it's been a really decent event. and even if it completely shits itself, well, it's still gonna end up being better than Civil War to me.
and that is progress.
Infinity wasn't bad either but this one's been tighter and less of an 'event'. I'll always love Infinity becuz it gave us the Black Order and those demon assassin guys that were in the first one, running around and spying on people.
Infinity had some good stuff in it.

wcwpoet - 8/8/2014, 7:17 PM
I was interested until the Nick Fury reveal that was kind of lame & even them fighting is pointless to me. I'm tired of the hero vs hero crap. Remember when heroes actually fought villains?
dethpillow - 8/8/2014, 7:22 PM
i was so happy to see white Nick Fury in a comic tho. it looks like they're killing him off at the end of this one.

in some ways appropriate to the content of the whole series up til now, but I think big mistake.

I think they should've recast Fury in some whole new incarnation. and just flipped everyone's head over it.

started a franchise of white Nick Fury movies, Indiana Jones/Buck Rogers/Philip Marlowe/Doctor Who/Flash Gordon type of pulp supernatural interdimensional detective stories. have him kinda like a hard boiled, pulp Cable. traveling thru time and space and popping up and dealing with dames and whiskey and cigars and cosmic level murder cases and stuff.

then you could have them both, black Fury and white Fury. and white Fury would be what he's best at. he could pop up in the 50s and deal with a Satanic werewolf cult, then after those 2 issues, then he's infiltrating the home planet of the Skrulls or something, with some really hot 50's dame Skrull looking woman.
BritishMonkey - 8/8/2014, 7:29 PM
And that's the real Nick Fury, right?
dethpillow - 8/8/2014, 7:40 PM
@wcwpoet - yeah, totally hear you.

event things to do list...

1. hero mashup (stuff like mix and match. give Thor Cap's shield. give Black Widow Thor's hammer. make Punisher be Carnage. put Wolverine in an Iron Man armor. give someone Wolverine claws.)

2. hero vs hero

3. outlandish things always happen (meaning things are always pushed to their ULTIMATE level of consequence. like in an event, if Peter Parker eats a ham sandwich on Thursday, it leads to MJ's death at the hands of a Galactus controlled Aunt May. the more outlandish the better. in a Spider-Man comic, Peter eats ham sandwiches every other day, nothing happens.)

4. character breaking (events always love to make characters do things they would never do or have stupid epiphanies and life changing decisions that are completely out of character. this helps drive point #3 above. every character gets to be written as an 8 year old kid version of themselves who over reacts, over commits and just becomes a huge pain in the ass to everyone who loves them.)

5. false claims of how much the universe will be changed from now on. (probably the most obvious one, but has to be mentioned. after all the above 4 things to do, of course the actual consequences of the event are gonna be swept under the rug. it is the only smart thing to do. why would you wanna deal with that crap long term? and when they do stick to it, like with Scott and the X-Men schism, it makes no sense, and as a reader, you constantly have to make up reasons why this ridiculous situation is allowed to perpetuate itself.)

and i think, if you look at this, just minus point #5, and everything else is pretty much exactly the same as a What If?

events are What If?s that they actually try and pretend happened. they are shooting themselves in the foot long term, cuz history is gonna be littered with all this stupid ass uncharacteristic crap. that's why Civil War sucks so bad. would've been a great What If?
absolutely great.

i just pretend it never happened. that's what i do. cuz I wouldn't be able to look Tony or Steve in the eye, or Peter Parker especially, after all that junk happened. total maudlin horse, grade C melodrama and like 8 year old kids playing with action figures and making up their own stories for them as they go along. horrible writing. doesn't matter if they say the word "political" in it. that doesn't make it mean anything. just goddam horrible writing.

it's totally the realm of What If?s. which is cool, but that's what they are, and for good reason.
dethpillow - 8/8/2014, 7:41 PM
@BritishMonkey - yes, if they are being genuine about anything at all, that is the real Nick Fury there.
dethpillow - 8/8/2014, 7:43 PM
this particular event really hasn't suffered from being an event much tho.

i don't think. this has been a pretty good one for once.
great setup, solid writing and actually coherent and not too ridiculous at all.

ridiculous in the rad way that comic books are. like the way Remender can be, but not ridiculous like crossing any characters or just being ludicrous and melodramatic.
xcan - 8/8/2014, 8:03 PM
deth, agreed from what I could grasp. Good to see the true Nick Fury back... even if they're gonna say he was under some youth serum for the last 30 years and now they're gonna knock him off... but it's worth it.

Remember when SHIELD was cool and smoked cigars and were dirty and had central characters like 'Dum Dum'? Those were the days.

True Fury.. here's one for you! I miss you guys :(

xcan - 8/8/2014, 8:06 PM
Modern faux SHIELD in TV and print. The door is that way =>
OrionPax - 8/8/2014, 8:31 PM
Soooooo is it me,or did the basically make Fury look like Cable? Reeeeeaaaal original Marvel
SidDaAstroSloth - 8/8/2014, 8:40 PM
What the? Fury is a Deathlok now or what?
ScionStorm - 8/8/2014, 8:45 PM
@dethpillow The Black Order was pretty cool. The Ebony Maw was a fantastic new character. My favorite part of Infinity, though, was the stuff on Hala. Thor throwing his hammer round the sun ("And what if I am more than just a man?") to smash the Builder from behind, Ronan smashing the Supreme Intelligence's casing and shouting "This moment is everything. This is OUR moment!" And the entire Accuser Corp. raising their hammers in a pledge to join the Terran thunder god in battle and fight for freedom.
ScionStorm - 8/8/2014, 8:52 PM
@dethpillow I want Hickman to write a comic set in the early years of the universe. Back when Galactus was young, before The Elders of the Universe became who they are, back when the Builders were just beginning their Superflow project, back when the Celestials were just beginning their experiments. Back when the universe was young.
wallhead - 8/8/2014, 9:11 PM
slow news day
Verzwei - 8/8/2014, 9:22 PM
It's a shame this event is just an excuse to get rid of Vanilla Fury in favor of Chocolate Nick (not that I don't like him, just he's the second best Nick Fury there is). Still a great story though.

BTW I'm really enjoying the pieces leading to 'Time Runs Out' in AVENGERS and NEW AVENGERS.

Verzwei - 8/8/2014, 9:36 PM
Nothing really changes the Marvel or DC Universe because fans don't embrace change. Just look at how good Superior Spider-Man was and what it is now... It's like some people just like watching reruns of the same old show for all of their lifes (think Friends for eternity).

And yes, I known the premise for SpOck was cheesy as hell and even I though it was shit until giving Otto a chance.
Snotzo - 8/8/2014, 9:40 PM
Make old Nick Fury evil, he's already half way there. Like make him a villain on the same league as Doctor Doom and Red Skull.
DoomXfactor - 8/8/2014, 9:43 PM
Sad to see the real Nick Fury go. He was always my favorite. I have a love/hate relationship with Marvel Comics nowadays...
Verzwei - 8/8/2014, 9:50 PM
That just wouldn't work. SPOILER ALERT!, I think. His motivations are defending the universe by any means necessary and now he needs a successor for the dirty work. He reallywants to protect everyone, even behind the curtains, unseen. With that level of Villany, it would just ruin his whole character development.
KingRainbow - 8/8/2014, 10:10 PM
@Verzwei: YES! Change. That's what everyone is so afraid of, goddammit. Sometimes it goes bad, sometimes it goes good. You never know 'till you actually read it. As in, half the people I know who friggin' bash Superior Spider-Man haven't actually read it. People are still stuck in the 80's and don't even know it... I'm surprised they aren't called hipsters :/

Although, Spider-Ock was kinda like Batman-ish or Damian Wayne-ish...
Verzwei - 8/8/2014, 10:34 PM

I absolutely loved Superior Spidey... It was so funny to see the arrogance of Otto used for the greater good. I'm sure that will not be the last we see of him as #32 shows him SPOILER FOR SURE! in an alternative 2099 timeline trying to survive alongside a bunch of other webheads the return of Morlun. He will definitely stick in 616 for a while after SpiderVerse... (or die an heroic death before the eyes of Puny Parker).

I'm sure I'll be enjoying Superior Iron Man (even more if we have Arno alongside him) and The Unworthy Thor (if he really is getting an Avengers Now! series, and not just a supportive role in Thor-not-really-ita)
loki668 - 8/8/2014, 10:57 PM
Just lock up the Country Kitchen Buffet!! When Fury can't get in for his "Senior Breakfast Buffet", he'll become disoriented from hunger. Then, just sit him in front of the game show network and give him a sammich! Problem solved!
Foolkiller - 8/8/2014, 11:04 PM
I like this concept. Nick Fury was always a "by any means necessary" type of guy. Remember Secret Wars? Sadly it looks like the end of him is nigh, but there may be a bit of potential for others to discover his activities over the last few years, and possibly find out that he was right.
ScionStorm - 8/8/2014, 11:34 PM
I think @Verzwei is a Skrull. He keeps going on about
Missy - 8/8/2014, 11:49 PM
So.... I missed a lot.

Was old Fury the one who killed Uatu?
dethpillow - 8/9/2014, 3:09 AM
@ScionStorm - intersting, that's completely the side of Infinity that I didn't dig so much. but that's cool to know that it exists for a reason, I guess. you know?

and yeah, i would love Hickman to do something exactly like what you're saying. what he's doing on Avengers and New Avengers now is just really amazing stuff that I feel so lucky that he's at Marvel for whatever reason right now.

it's really great stuff and I love the whole mythology that he's building up about the Builders and the Mappers and all that Black Swan Babylonian type stuff and AIM and the Mindless things or whatever. it's pure comic book crazy and it's perfect.

right now for me, Hickman and Aaron are doing the most real deal classic Marvel history stuff. where every issue, i'm just ... woah, i wanna read that again. but then also plus it's just feels like comic book history happening right there in front of you.

there's other great writers, I'm sad that Fraction seems to be over with Marvel, but Spencer, Ewing, Gillen. those guys are also my favorites now. Remender is weird, he's almost a lot like Hickman or Aaron, cuz he's so crazy like comic books should be, but there's something harder to follow about him, i think. he's great also tho.

i think of Remender as the most old school storytelling, there's something really unapologetic about him that makes him feel old school.

I'm glad they got Soule doing stuff for them too. he could take stuff different ways if he gets comfortable. and then it's also easy to take Bendis for granted. I just wish he would lose some of the titles he has and just focus himself more.
dethpillow - 8/9/2014, 3:13 AM
@xcan - haha, yeah, SHIELD used to be cool.

who knows where that lays actually, but it sure is tempting to look at AOS when I think about that.
AOS and MCU in general in a lot of ways. not knocking it really, cuz they did their own thing that they had to do. but SHIELD used to be really cool.
pepe - 8/9/2014, 3:18 AM
Good start... Very, VERY lame now
dethpillow - 8/9/2014, 3:19 AM
@CosmicLord - as far as i've read so far, we still don't know.

he keeps talking about how him and Uatu and a weird relationship. haha.
so if it is him, it's more complicated than just Fury being a murderer.
even up til now tho, Aaron's been writing this thing really great. and on the level. i actually like this event when i think about it.

not the spinoffs or any of the crossovers, but just the pure 6 issues so far. good stuff, i think.
TelaVizion - 8/9/2014, 3:20 AM
Some of you were clearly not paying attention when they created Nick Jr. to be in the comics. Nick Sr. serum ran its course through his body and was no more. The villain for that story found out he had a kid and hoped that the serum was passed through Nick Jr.

Nick Sr. been on his death bed from that point. It was time to finally age and die.
TelaVizion - 8/9/2014, 3:27 AM
@CosmicLord @dethpillow That's the only thing I'm not liking at the moment is that he wouldn't answer Panther the 50 or so damn times Panther asked "Did you do it?".

I will almost be highly pissed if it ends up someone else did it. At least have it that he sent one of his LMDs to take the kill shot. Time for that fool to go.
Verzwei - 8/9/2014, 3:28 AM
@ScionStorm it would be cool to shapeshift, but sadly I'm not XD

It always bothered me that Thanos and the Skrulls (seems like a band name!) had pretty similar chins. It must be just a coincidence, considering the big bad purple is a Titan Deviant and the skrulls are, well, skrulls.
dethpillow - 8/9/2014, 3:45 AM
@TelaVizion - yeah like every time someone asks, he's like 'uhh, well ya see..." and then BOOM!

there's an explosion or someone pops in the door and is pointing a gun at everyone.

it's that old movie kinda thing like.. just spit it out dude, did you kill him or not? and that actually doesn't work well in comic books. too long between beats or something. haha, but totally know what you mean.
dethpillow - 8/9/2014, 3:49 AM
Panther ain't nothing but a hound dog,
cryin all the time.
he ain't never caught no rabbit and he ain't no friend of mine....

i dig it tho. i've liked him a lot in this. and also everything going on in New Avengers shows him off in a good light.

man, it's time to roll out a Panther title. for [frick]'s sake.
dethpillow - 8/9/2014, 3:52 AM
@verzwel - that's always reminded me of Norman Osborn and Sandman.

Norman, Harry and Sandman are the only three people for some reason in the Marvel universe with that weird hair.

i'm kinda surprised they never revealed Flint Marko as a long lost brother of Norman or something.
wcwpoet - 8/9/2014, 5:43 AM
@dethpillow excellent points sir.
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