COMICS: Lettered Preview Of Soule And Pulido's SHE-HULK #3

COMICS: Lettered Preview Of Soule And Pulido's SHE-HULK #3

The first lettered preview has hit for issue three of Charles Soule and Javier Pulido's She-Hulk, in which on her quest for justice, Jennifer Walters will cross paths with the ruler of Latveria, Dr. Doom, as well as lawyer Matt Murdock, also known as Daredevil! Hit the Jump to take a look!

This April, the sleeper-hit of All-New Marvel NOW! continues! We present a lettered preview of SHE-HULK #3 – from critically acclaimed creators Charles Soule and Javier Pulido! When the son of Victor Von Doom seeks extradition from Latveria, Jen Walters will go to the ends of the Earth in her quest for Justice! Even if it puts her on the wrong side of one Dr. Doom! Time to settle the age old question – who would win in a fight? Plus, don’t miss a guest appearance by the Marvel Universe’s other legal crusader – the one and only Daredevil! Now is your chance to hop on board one of the most critically acclaimed titles of All-New Marvel NOW! when SHE-HULK #3 hits comic shops this April!

Variant Cover by KRIS ANKA
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smell - 3/27/2014, 3:16 PM
I'd tap that. Harder than her cousin did ever.
manofsteel1942 - 3/27/2014, 3:16 PM
Archie Comics presents : She-Hulk
KeefNCookies - 3/27/2014, 3:21 PM
Everytime I've ever thrown up has looked better than this art.
IcemanX - 3/27/2014, 3:24 PM
worst art ever
wookiefit - 3/27/2014, 3:37 PM
Like the story, art still draws me out of it and ruins it for me.

...draws me out....see what I did there?
wookiefit - 3/27/2014, 3:38 PM
So flat, no shading or contrast.
Dumegg - 3/27/2014, 3:43 PM
Man, i just cant get into the art work. It looks to dated,
To stylized.
....and yeah, there is no shading.
Like he just layed down flat colors then quit.
LoudLon - 3/27/2014, 3:44 PM
That's just horrible. Art-wise Marvel has reached a new low.
MarvelousMarty - 3/27/2014, 3:48 PM
Pitiful artwork.
DrDoom - 3/27/2014, 3:56 PM
The art

wookiefit - 3/27/2014, 4:07 PM
pointman - 3/27/2014, 4:10 PM
I'll start taking marvel seriously again when they start taking their comics seriously.
nowtheresaBATman - 3/27/2014, 4:23 PM
that 1st cover w/ that suppose to be Elaine from Seinfeld??

Also where to I send my resume' Marvel? I can't draw for shit but it doesn't look like it would matter AT ALL.
marvel72 - 3/27/2014, 4:25 PM
the kris anka variant cover is some nice artwork.
Osborn - 3/27/2014, 4:34 PM
I have no problem with this art style, it's fresh for american comicbooks but the colors really don't fit. That's a shame they colored it like any other superhero comic.

Aaand I must admit I'm pretty upset about the hate this art is getting... Since for me, superhero comics are a playground for artists where you can try to tell the same old superhero stories in all kind of way, some lame, some good, but the creative teams change all the time recreating the characters and everything... That's great! Diversity in a strenght and I was really happy to see this kind of art style make it to the mainstream comics. Maybe the usual comicbook fan don't get the point, but what Marvel is trying to do with a book like this is important
Osborn - 3/27/2014, 4:38 PM
Marvel is takine comics seriously here for me, more than ever. Comics are about telling stories, the art style is a way to set the tone of the story, american superhero comics strength is the artistic diversity. It's a bold move from Marvel. I just wish they do it better and get some good coloring for it
Namor - 3/27/2014, 4:42 PM
Thank god, I don't read comics anymore. I coulden't imagine giving up cash for this Please, never stop with the movies, or i'll be completely done with anything related to comics for the rest of my life.
loki668 - 3/28/2014, 12:51 AM
I'm wondering what a shaved wookie would look like?
ComicBookGoth - 3/28/2014, 6:55 AM
that's a gorgeous cover.

All hope lies in Doom.
SugarYumYum - 3/29/2014, 2:23 AM
I actually dig the art quite a bit. Sure it's stylized to the point of maddening but I feel the vibe, makes me pretty nostaglic for that particular era of cartoons.

Only thing though is it doesn't seem suited to an established character but rather a smaller, original property. But maybe that's the point?

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