COMICS: Malekith Strikes In First Look at IRON MAN #23.NOW

COMICS: Malekith Strikes In First Look at IRON MAN #23.NOW

This March, Iron Man battles for his life against supernatural forces unlike anything he’s ever faced when "Rings of the Mandarins" kicks off in Iron Man #23.NOW (from blockbuster writer Kieron Gillen and red-hot artist Luke Ross) in an Iron Man epic that will be remembered for the ages!

The powerful Mandarin Rings have surfaced, seeking new hosts. For months, Tony has clashed against new enemies possessing the destructive powers of one of Iron Man’s greatest foes. But while the rings search for new hosts – a deadly foe seeks to claim all ten for his own!

Malekith the Accursed seeks their power, and with an army of Dark Elves at his back he may just have the power to do it! When a single ring possesses the power to level cities, how can Tony face off against all ten? Thankfully, he’ll find help in the most unlikely of places. But even the help of Marvel UK’s Dark Angel and his brother Arno may not be enough to stop the cataclysmic power of Malekith!

It’s the world’s most cutting edge science versus the most arcane science known to man when Iron Man squares off against Malekith and his armies this Marhc! Don’t miss the start of the brand new arc that will have everyone talking when Rings of the Mandarins kicks off in IRON MAN 23.NOW!

Variant Cover by JOE QUINONES
Animal Variant by JENNY PARKS
Deadpool Party Variant by LEONARD KIRK
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Josh Wilding
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charlie2094 - 2/25/2014, 3:44 AM
Lol, love the Deadpool cover :P

Would really like to be reading this series, but what I have read wasn't really any good...has it improved at all?
breakUbatman - 2/25/2014, 4:01 AM
Hey Josh you misspelled March.

Marvel Now put me off Iron Man when they put Land on art duty
batz11 - 2/25/2014, 4:03 AM
dethpillow - 2/25/2014, 4:08 AM
@Charlie2094 - you know, Gillen's stuff on Iron Man is so puzzling.
cuz i know what u mean, exactly, I totally want to like it...
but every issue i read, i just don't get it, they all bother me. and the writing's perfectly good, it's not that it sucks, it just really annoys me.

and I like Gillen too, i loved his whole run on Young Avengers, so I like his style and everything, and I like the art that he's been matched up with recently.

i don't know, it's just puzzling to me.
dethpillow - 2/25/2014, 4:11 AM
i'm gonna take a peek at this and see if it turns out good, cuz i'm rooting for it. but the Annual sucks. it just totally sucks.

I don't know why anyone should get away with putting that out as an Annual for an established character like Iron Man. it's [frick]ing ridiculous. how bad it sucks. it's like a joke. Annuals now are just about as good as .1 issues it seems like. [frick] that. [frick] Marvel if they keep trying to pull this crap too.

Iron Man Annual "#1", whatever the [frick] that means, just totally sucks so bad that it's embarrassing.
NitPicker - 2/25/2014, 4:23 AM
I hate the black and gold armor. I'm gonna have to read this story though.
parascythe - 2/25/2014, 4:33 AM
I tried to copy how the hand holds the piece of helmet it's kinda awkward
MarvelSquadie - 2/25/2014, 4:48 AM
Deadpool for the new MANDARIN! lol rings on his toes
KrazyForKomix - 2/25/2014, 5:29 AM
"I can't wait for them to introduce Trevor as the REAL Mandarin!"
Now there's a phrase you'll never hear . . . seriously anyway.
knocturnalzen10 - 2/25/2014, 5:30 AM
has anyone seen when the rings came across red skull lmao lol
Pasto - 2/25/2014, 5:31 AM
Deadpool cover is awesome sauce, the one where Tony is holding Pepper is also very cool. Love the new suit to.
KrazyForKomix - 2/25/2014, 5:42 AM
@ NitPicker

Yes there's precedent.
Who cares? Just because some bad idea has been done before DOES NOT mean we should do it again.
I repeat . . . just because a bad idea has been tried before DOES NOT mean we should do it again!

Bring back and keep the ONLY color combo that IS Iron Man, red and gold.

p.s. and yes, he can go ahead and have special RARELY used armors that have different color combos.
Nigrutin - 2/25/2014, 6:31 AM
LOL that Deadpool cover :D
nordberg - 2/25/2014, 6:34 AM
Those look like my wife's feet.
421YoloSwag - 2/25/2014, 7:09 AM
dat cover is great n dat cat LOL whose dat magic dude fighting iron man lol #ironman #comics #marvel #comicbookmovie
rabid - 2/25/2014, 7:54 AM
The black and gold armor is important. In the future that Cable is trying to prevent, Iron Man becomes a villain while wearing that armor. A year before Tony put it on, we saw glimpses of it in X-Sanction.
beane2099 - 2/25/2014, 8:21 AM

I actually just reread X Sanction a week or ago and all I saw was Iron Man's future Purple and Gold armor infused with Sentinel tech. Was there maybe another story where they showed the black and gold as a future villain?

I've actually been keeping up with Gillen's Iron Man through friends' digital copies. I like it. I like that we have Arno Stark finally too.
wookiefit - 2/25/2014, 9:45 AM
I hate the black and gold armour also. I also hate how in some books it's this color, and in another book it's a different armour.

I wonder if they are going to try and connect the rings to the Infinity Gems?
SuperSomething616 - 2/26/2014, 2:57 AM
My only gripe about this story line is that Iron Man used to be able to take on 'The Mandarin' one on one...

So why now is he having such issues with 10 Mandarins when they only have 1 ring each....

I like idea and along side Thor this is my second fav monthly but come on...
rabid - 2/26/2014, 9:00 AM
That was the hologram of the hybrid sentinels Stark's going to create. Another scene shows him in the black and gold suit. It's possible that was in one of the tie-in issues and not the main title.

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