COMICS: Merc With A Mouth Teams Up With Spider-Man In DEADPOOL ANNUAL #2 Preview

COMICS: Merc With A Mouth Teams Up With Spider-Man In DEADPOOL ANNUAL #2 Preview

Get ready for a completely wacky team-up issue as Deadpool dons the red and blue tights of Spider-Man... but be prepared for things to go completely pear-shaped. Hit the jump for a preview of the second Deadpool Annual.

Christopher Hastings (writer) Jacopo Camagni (artist)
David Nakayama (cover)
ON SALE: 05/21/2014 PRICE: $4.99

• Hang on…is that Deadpool or Spider-Man? YES.

• Deadpool “helps out” his “friend” Spider-Man by donning his webs!

• Think Spidey will appreciate it?


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HurricaneXavier - 5/15/2014, 8:01 PM
Deadpool is such a cool character.
BATMANx - 5/15/2014, 8:10 PM
Marvel should pay Fox for Deadpool movie rights. Deadpool stealing Ironman suit and pissing hulk off price-less
Hulksta - 5/15/2014, 8:23 PM
koolaidbag - 5/15/2014, 8:43 PM
Deadpool is notorious for having a great butt, (real fact), so that would be a dead give away
Ramiel - 5/15/2014, 9:14 PM

Deadpool in the MCU would be hilarious.
loki668 - 5/16/2014, 1:31 AM
Deadpool in the MCU would be AWESOME! Deadpool vs Hulk would be the fight everyone would want to see.
Doopie - 5/16/2014, 1:47 AM
Does Spidey break DP's neck when he slams him? I know DP will heal but jesus Spidey
OnePunchBaldy - 5/16/2014, 2:25 AM
seriously a Deadpool Spider-Man buddy cop movie needs to happen
dethpillow - 5/16/2014, 3:25 AM
@Batman1X - yeah, Deadpool actually makes so much sense in the MCU.
I'm fine with X-Men property in general being elsewhere, I think that makes sense, but Marvel would know how to do Deadpool right.
and he would really be a great addition.

and I know a ton of people would be all "but rated R... doesn't have the balls ... uhhhhhrrr." i know that, it's so obvious i can hear it all now. but Marvel would know how to do Deadpool right.
dethpillow - 5/16/2014, 3:40 AM
i just made the connection recently that Brian Posehn who's been writing Deadpool recently with Gerry Duggan, (not this issue apparently tho),
but this whole new run, starting with Dead Presidents,

he's this guy...

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

he's been in so many things.
Mr Show, Sarah Silverman's show, wrote for and appeared in a Tim and Eric episode, co-wrote a season of Metalocalypse, wrote an Aqua Teen Hunger Force, wrote a Space Ghost, done little bit pieces on a ton of things...

this is one of the lead writers of Deadpool recently. crazy. i don't know why but i always find it so crazy when comic book writers do anything else but write comic books. like Kieron Gillen, I was all amazed to find out did video game reviews sometimes for Rock Paper Shotgun.

that's no major deal going on there, but I was still about to have a cow over it. "dude, you write Iron Man and Young Avengers... this is crazy, and then you write pieces for this blog, does anyone know this?"
it seems like such a crazy thing, but then you realize the reality of writing comic books and stuff. but someone writing books for Marvel or DC, I still have this weird idea about what that actually means.
Doopie - 5/16/2014, 7:20 AM
^^^ I found this out recently too. I was surprised
PunkRockJesus - 5/16/2014, 2:12 PM
Deadpool sucks.
Counts - 5/17/2014, 10:16 PM
I went to a Posehn show right after he was announced as DP's new writer, he was so excited I knew! What an awesome person, I left an even bigger fan!
dethpillow - 5/17/2014, 11:29 PM
@Counts- it's totally weird, cuz actually, guys like him are thinking of it as like a labour of love almost. u know?

it doesn't pay as much as we might think, until u start getting into major creator level royalties and stuff. definitely better now than it used to tho. but for Posehn, it's probably like ice cream money. in the sense that it pays, but other stuff pays more. i could really imagine guys like that being totally happy when people approach them on that level.

and i really love what they've done with Deadpool this whole run. some people might see it as too this or too that, and losing sight of what they think the character is, but i think they've really done what needs to be done with him to keep him relevant in any sense. great stuff. Deadpool is actually one of the hidden gems of what Marvel's been up to in this whole Marvel now thing. totally great writing.

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