COMICS: New Preview Of Dan Slott And Ryan Stegman's THE SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN #1

COMICS: New Preview Of Dan Slott And Ryan Stegman's THE SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN #1

Amazing Spider-Man #700 is now on sale, and as you should know by now, it introduces an all-new Spider-Man. However, if you haven't read the issue, then you may want to avoid this new lettered preview of January's The Superior Spider-Man #1 as it features more than a few spoilers!

THEN!...Peter Parker spent a lifetime living up to the responsibilities his powers foisted upon him but his Amazing story finally ended dramatically in the historic Spider-Man #700. NOW!...The new Amazing Spider-Man has arrived and he is better in every single way. Smarter, stronger...Superior.

Superior Spider-Man exclusive first look

Written by DAN SLOTT
Pencils & Cover by RYAN STEGMAN

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murf - 12/26/2012, 5:13 AM
Seems pretty sweet, cue all the fanboys with no imagination decrying it as the worst thing ever, personally I think it's a interesting premise and I am looking forward to seeing what happens over the coming months. Seriously all you fanboys moaning about this story line are coming across as whiny bitches, it's comics this sort of thing happens if you want to read a pure Peter Parker story read a back issue or wait 12 months for parkers inevitable come back
Niklander - 12/26/2012, 5:17 AM
Well I am okay with the change but it's like you are telling me that Joker becomes Batman when Batman dies. I need some time to accept it people
CaptainSpain - 12/26/2012, 5:18 AM
Boh, It's a huge mistake. A coward, masked reboot. Spider-man, no more.
Se acabó Spider-man.
NERO - 12/26/2012, 5:34 AM
Christ on a cracker, can we please get an original story idea in the modern comicbook era that isn't utterly freaking stupid? Slott, what the hell man? Marvel what the hell? I didn't think they could do anything dumber than the Clone Saga. I was apparently very [frick]ing wrong.
simpleman - 12/26/2012, 5:37 AM
@youareanidiot you think somebody cares about your thoughts? You just shared with your opinion about it, and @murf shared with his own.

I'm still pretty pissed off with the way Peter died, unnoticed by his family and friends, but, on the other hand, it's something new in Spidey's history and I wanna know how it'll turn out.
DCjohnny - 12/26/2012, 5:46 AM
I really hate the comics when they change the alter ego of the superhero ...
KNIGHT3000 - 12/26/2012, 5:48 AM
Making Otto the new Spider-Man isn't like making Joker Batman, its like making Penguin Batman... which is way worse.
BlazHen - 12/26/2012, 6:02 AM
Give it a chance people!!!
Invictor - 12/26/2012, 6:14 AM
This first issue looks pretty cool, I have to pick this up!
JayRich001 - 12/26/2012, 6:15 AM
Terrible plot. I just want to know how much longer untill Peter comes back.
LAZYEYECOMICS - 12/26/2012, 6:16 AM
Ok I hate this idea. but the damage has been done. ok how are they going to fix this.. say the peter parker that died was actually a clone, set in place by osborne and the jackal... spidey is on "Ice" ina lab.. Well there is a time machine, see the FF and or Dr Doom??? It could be a spidey from another dimension?? Since you cant actually trade actual places like the story goes could it all be a bad dream?? Hmmm mabye madame web will come through later and do something to make things right.. There is a lot of other directions they can go to fix things.. Hope they do it..
Wildaniel - 12/26/2012, 6:17 AM
I still cant believe this. I wonder how long it will take to bring back the real 616 Peter Parker/Spiderman!
DarkResistance - 12/26/2012, 6:18 AM
I'll pick up the first issue to burn it....come on a coward spider-man that just doesnt want to fight crime and that flees...terrible plot like already mentionned
PParker95 - 12/26/2012, 6:19 AM
I understood that Peter Parker was still Spidey´s body in this story, but believing being himself Octopus in that body. Peter would be loaded with extra information to his brain. The Octobot only relocate the Octopus brain patterns in the body of Peter, as same as Vision used the brain patterns of Simon Williams. The real Octopus we saw in this story would die, but believing being Peter ...What a mess! In any case, also he would survive in a last attempt to transfer his consciousness to the golden octobot. Anytime, we would have a Peter Parker who is believed Octopus with his body and an Octopus believed Peter in the famous golden octobot.
Invictor - 12/26/2012, 6:19 AM
@Wildaniel, they most likely will bring back Peter Parker to have another identity crisis just like in the Clone Saga which would be very cool to give Otto a threat to his identity as Spider-Man/Peter Parker.
Invictor - 12/26/2012, 6:20 AM
Then also a villain fighting other villains, that sounds pretty cool
PParker95 - 12/26/2012, 6:21 AM
Dr. Connors can help, because they know the secret of each other.
ToTheManInTheColdSweat - 12/26/2012, 6:26 AM
what youreanidiot said, well [frick]ing said.

I thought clone saga was bad in my days, but this shit is just [frick]ing retarded. I bet you it is gonna be a [frick]ing weak conclusion, because that is obviously Peter brainwashed to think he is Otto. Peter learns love and shit after the fiasco for the one millionth time. I have seen it all before.


Keep buying those comics fanboys, one day you'll find out you - the fans are the ones getting screwed every time you support shit.
UltimaRex - 12/26/2012, 6:33 AM
OMD to this makes the retcon out of Clark and Lois' marriage look incredibly sensitive and well thought out.

Congrats Marvel, you've made the new 52 look good.
GUNSMITH - 12/26/2012, 6:35 AM
0ptimusCrime - 12/26/2012, 6:39 AM
cant we make a Poll, simply:
"what do you think of the new Spider-man Comic"

A: Awesome, Love it
B: Might Pick it up.
C: Only pick it up When Parker Returns
D:Grif Style: "this whole thing.....[frick]ING SUCKS"

and send the results to Marvel®
Sora - 12/26/2012, 6:47 AM
Hopefully Parker's personality will re-surface and merge with otto's personality. Might result in a spider-man that was similar to that of the 90s
Not a clown but a joker who takes things a bit more seriously
that I would love
BlazHen - 12/26/2012, 6:52 AM
@youareanidiot...I guess we'll have to agree to the disagree, I understand that you've been perhaps a long time fans of The Amazing Spider-Man..but I've been following The Amazing Spider-Man's storyline without purchasing the books...I will start The Superior Spider-Man to actually "give it a chance". Maybe the story will sucks like everyone expects or maybe not. Maybe it would be a good story, enough to satisfy us as Spider-Man fans. I was a huge fan of Peter Parker in the Ultimate Universe, and I was mad as hell when they killed him. Although, with the introduction of Miles Morales, I wouldn't say that Peter's death was worthy, but nevertheless The Ultimate Spider-Man starring miles Morales is entertaining at the least. My point is, at the end of the day is to give a chance to the new Superior Spider-Man, and if we don't like it we simply has to not purchase it and i guess Marvel will realize that they fail...
xSaintx - 12/26/2012, 6:54 AM
I'll still check it out. I might not like it but I'm not going to claim otherwise until I actually read a few issues. Plus an opinion is an opinion. Berating others for having one that differs from your own is fruitless. Be mean spirited towards Marvel; not those looking forward to reading a comic book.
NTOCG - 12/26/2012, 6:55 AM
Wow! The remarks on this board are so over ther top. Everybody knows this won't last forever. The writers are doing something new - we should celebrate that as opposed to crying that the stagnant industry that we love is trying out new ideas.

As much as you whine, you know this will create a boost in sales, and despite whatever fantasy world you live in - money is what drives every industry.
maxxgone - 12/26/2012, 7:01 AM

i agree with you, that complaining before we even know a storyline is a stupid and sad venture.

but that's not the case AT ALL.

the storyline is that doc ock has switched bodies with peter. a lot of us don't like that & are voicing our irritation at another one of marvel's 'shock & awe' writing campaigns.

being daring and risky - solely for the sake of being daring and hip and risky and cool is not good writing. it is as contrived as it appears and sounds.
Gunjin - 12/26/2012, 7:06 AM
Next we can have Deadpool become Spiderman!
SpideyQuad - 12/26/2012, 7:10 AM
If I understand correctly the only difference with Spiderman is Dr. Octavius's mind is in Peters body.

If this is so, why is Spiderman more powerful, and smarter. Over the years Peter has proven to be at least as smart as Octavius. But why more powerful? Also, what is the explanation for the finger and toe? Did Octavius somehow boost Peter's powers?

I'm just curious, I don't buy comics anymore reading the digital versions online. But I'll have to wait about six months before this is available, because I will not pay the crazy money they want for the new digital subscriptions.
jasonicus - 12/26/2012, 7:19 AM
Incredibly lame. What a travesty. How is Marvel allowing this?
ToTheManInTheColdSweat - 12/26/2012, 7:19 AM
Lmbo, Marvel has produced some of the blindest loyalists i have ever seen:
You are gonna spend 3.99 on a comicbook, that was engineered to be controversial just to make sales, Slott's being baiting you lil bitches for 3 months with "Eh ma gerd, i am gonna get death treats (yes treats because that fat [frick] with eat anything), itz goin be soo controversial"

AND your best excuse is wait and see? WAIT and SEE? lmfao!!!
siggisuperman - 12/26/2012, 7:49 AM
I would love to beat the shit out of anyone here wishing Aids, death by fire and what not to someone who is doing a great job writing Spider man. Even if the story is terrible you don't talk like that. How would you feel if you'd give someone a burger they don't like at your shitty job and all of a sudden you run into a mob of people screaming for your painful death and shouting that they wish you died in childbirth... WTF is wrong with people...
retr0g0dfather - 12/26/2012, 7:59 AM
If this was the direction this story was to take then, Peter and Norman Osborn should've switched bodies not Peter and Otto Octavious.
Sora - 12/26/2012, 8:02 AM
Hmm supposed you're right
Im just saying that it could be what they are planning
However I rather they had not started this whole thing in the first place
Can't see how this would pay off in a good way later on
I just want good old 90s spidey back
NegativeNerd - 12/26/2012, 8:08 AM
I'm not going to lie...I am beyond impacted on this. Not sure if it's a good or bad thing. Of course this is not the end of Peter Parker. Nobody important stays dead in comics. However, this is something I need to get use to.

But to all the people complaining, please take some action and let yourself be not buy it. Pirate it, do whatever you have to do to show your dislike.
Duskbyday - 12/26/2012, 8:11 AM
Wish people didn't give death threats to writers over something like a fictional character :L
DanU - 12/26/2012, 8:42 AM
Im sure Slott already has an idea in place to bring Peter back eventually. It's going to take some time however. Slott has a new playtoy and he wants us all to have some fun. I'll come along for the ride because I have enjoyed his run. Sales will probably stay about the same with people leaving and new readers coming on. Slott will tell us his vision and within 2 years Peter will be back. Let us all hope it will be a fun ride in the meantime.
Mentok - 12/26/2012, 8:45 AM
This is one awful idea.

@Gunjin "Next we can have Deadpool become Spiderman!" That sounds better to me, I'd pay good money for that (just for a couple of issues of course).
mctrinket - 12/26/2012, 8:47 AM
No, sir, I don't like it.
SuperSomething616 - 12/26/2012, 8:55 AM
Guys I'm just as pissed off as the rest of you...but let's face it we all know this wont's like supermans electric blue powers and costume...

And we all know comics are massively driven by the movie counterparts these days so we all know Peter will return when the next Spider-Man film comes out...

In fact if anything that is what I am more pissed about....what is the point to this...there are obvious get our clauses in the story so this can be reversed...and it will be at some why bother...

God I am so tired of how comics are managed these days...fcuk it like a dragon...I'm out...

rbfn04 - 12/26/2012, 8:55 AM
Maybe if they had different reason for Ock to become a hero, other than "LOL, I wanted to be a hero all along"... Or OMD didn't JUST happened.
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