COMICS: NIGHTCRAWLER Returns For His Own Ongoing Series From Chris Claremont

COMICS: NIGHTCRAWLER Returns For His Own Ongoing Series From Chris Claremont

We figured as much after that "BAMF" teaser from Marvel last night, but now it's been confirmed that one of the most popular mutant characters of all time will indeed be taking the lead in his own ongoing...along with Wolverine of course! Check out some artwork after the jump.

Kurt Wagner fans rejoice; the fuzzy elf returns with an ongoing series from Chris Claremont and Todd Nauck. Apparently this series was originally conceived as the next version of X-Men: Legacy, (hence the cover below) but the overwhelmingly positive fan reaction to Nightcrawler's recent return led to the change. Here is some artwork, followed by Claremont's thoughts on the character.

“He’s smart, tough, creative [and] daring, with an instinctive understanding of people and situations. He has a wicked sense of humor and a devastating charm. As his body’s designed well outside the box of human experience, so too are his thought processes. His ‘normal’ is revolutionary to most people; throw him a problem, he’ll find a way to solve it that’s unique to him. He quite simply is the kind of man [who] others trust; to know him is to have faith in him.”

Nightcrawler #1 is coming in April, 2014.
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marvel72 - 1/15/2014, 2:05 PM
gotta love nightcrawler,one the greatest x-men.
marvel72 - 1/15/2014, 2:05 PM
Jollem - 1/15/2014, 2:07 PM
hells yes. claremont gets it(obviously)

nice cover. can't wait to see what nauk's gonna do, too. love ed mcguinness' 'crawler
Vegeta - 1/15/2014, 2:08 PM
Jollem - 1/15/2014, 2:10 PM
@batz - he could possibly be in the movie
Joementum - 1/15/2014, 2:11 PM
Forget him up w/ Colossus or Puck.

Anyway, hope he develops his own supporting cast.
Jollem - 1/15/2014, 2:12 PM
oh yeah. todd throws down. great sketches
staypuffed - 1/15/2014, 2:15 PM
batz11 Jollem
He's not. Alan Cumming (the actor who played him in X2) said he couldn't stand putting on the make-up and that it wouldn't be worth all that effort just for a small role in the movie.
staypuffed - 1/15/2014, 2:15 PM
Oh, and of COURSE, he'll be joined by Wolverine. Don't you have ANY confidence in the X-Men, Marvel?
Humperdink - 1/15/2014, 2:16 PM
I love that damn fuzzy elf.
I just ignore the whole 'devil's baby' back story.
Jollem - 1/15/2014, 2:18 PM
@staypuffed - yeah, he said that for x-3. was there any definite word for dofp from anybody? also, i like to think something kooky may happen with this time travel deal
gambgel - 1/15/2014, 2:19 PM
aw, Kurt..... such an awesome character and awesome on X2 too.

Its a shame Fox or Singer havent used him again during all these years.

Easily one of the best characters from ALL superhero movies to date. Really hope to see him again on the big screen, we wont ever get enough of the great blue elf
RorMachine - 1/15/2014, 2:19 PM
Ok, I get the whole "Wolverine is used to much" thing but in this case I think he's the best character to team with Nightcrawler by a mile.
TheWolverine08 - 1/15/2014, 2:21 PM
Cool to see Wolverine and Nightcrawler together.
ds9epicfan - 1/15/2014, 2:22 PM
This is excellent news.Nightcrawler is one of my absolute favorite characters in comics and is getting written by the legendary Chris Claremont,one of the most respected comic writers in the industry.And Todd Nauck's artwork is the icing on the cake!Way to go,Marvel,keep it up.
TheStranger - 1/15/2014, 2:25 PM
@Ror I agree, i'm definitely stoked for this!
Jollem - 1/15/2014, 2:26 PM

V8ER - 1/15/2014, 2:27 PM
I always liked the Nightcrawler/Wolverine team up, and Claremont is always golden! Plus Nightcrawler is my 2nd favorite X-Men. Loved him in X2 a shame he won't be back in DOFP
TheManWithoutFear - 1/15/2014, 2:31 PM
Wow super excited for this just to see Claremont write Wolverine again! We might finally see what I consider to be the 'real' wolverine again. He's been gone a hell of a long time.
marvel72 - 1/15/2014, 2:35 PM
@ monkeyballs

claremont's run has never been bettered,fourteen years he wrote the x-men.
MisterHolmes - 1/15/2014, 2:37 PM
Nightcrawler should be in DOFP, both bc hes a fan favorite and its awesome to see him in a live action movie, its a shame he only got one go at it.
CaptainComicBook - 1/15/2014, 2:38 PM
Nightcrawler's sequence at the beginning of X2 is the best action sequence in CBM history. Hands down.
pointman - 1/15/2014, 2:47 PM
Nightcrawler was my favorite xman, next to peter. Wolverine was at the top of the heap, but due to the movies he is no longer in my top 5. Kurt was the xman with a heart. I hope they write him correctly.
SuperiorMrGod - 1/15/2014, 2:49 PM
To all those who don't want to see Nightcrawler in his own series, the X-men series is an ensemble(or was anyway). If you think for one damn minute that it's okay for Gambit,Wolverine,Cable,Magneto,Mystique,Rouge, or any of these characters to have a solo series than so should Nightcrawler. He's an amaizing character and a truely unique one at that.

To the haters/skeptics is suggest you check out this thread, it's like over 500 pages -
Jollem - 1/15/2014, 2:50 PM
nightcrawler's been my favorite comics character since i was a wee one. since i started reading comics. anybody remember that he also had a solo run right after x-2 came out? it was drawn by darick robertson who also drew for transmetropolitan

Nomis - 1/15/2014, 2:51 PM

Bl00dwerK - 1/15/2014, 3:14 PM
I'd like to see it a trio: Nightcrawler, Wolverine, and Colossus...
TheAmarilloBlack - 1/15/2014, 3:18 PM
RorMachine - 1/15/2014, 3:22 PM
Gusto, forgot to add that exact date given.
GliderMan - 1/15/2014, 3:27 PM
Nightcrawler is alive, woopty doo, didn't see that one coming.

[frick]ING REBOOT.
JatevinM - 1/15/2014, 3:32 PM
staypuffed@ Cumming actually came out recently and said that he actually would like to play the character again.
Ramiel - 1/15/2014, 3:40 PM
I love Nightcrawler. He's my favorite to play as in the X-Men: Legends games and Marvel Ultimate Alliance game. Claremont is going to own this.
Jollem - 1/15/2014, 3:44 PM

LEOSTRATOR - 1/15/2014, 3:49 PM
Can we get an update on the costume.
Jollem - 1/15/2014, 3:57 PM
classic suit is best. i like the other designs

SpideyQuad - 1/15/2014, 4:00 PM
Nightcrawler and Banshee were my two favorite All New X-Men
AquaMartian13 - 1/15/2014, 4:06 PM
I'm too into marvel's comics(besides daredevil), but this is definitely interesting.
TheDemonsHead - 1/15/2014, 4:23 PM
Dunejedi - 1/15/2014, 5:21 PM
@Nomis, I knew I could count on you for some beautiful Claremont/Byrne fare of our fuzzy elf!

Yeah, Kurt is my all-time favorite X-Man. I'm so pumped they're letting Claremont have a crack at him. I want a few missions with Nightcrawler, Wolverine and Colossus only. They are the cornerstone of the second iteration of the team.
Dunejedi - 1/15/2014, 5:23 PM
@Bl00dwerk, real recognize real. Good call.
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