COMICS: Otto Octavius Is Pitted Against Ultron In First Look At SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN #6AU

COMICS: Otto Octavius Is Pitted Against Ultron In First Look At SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN #6AU

Otto Octavius has succeeded in stealing the life and body of Peter Parker, but how will the former villain deal with his first big Marvel event? Hit the jump for a first look at Dexter Soy's stunning artwork from Age of Ultron tie-in, Superior Spider-Man #6AU.

Marvel is pleased to present your first look at Superior Spider-Man #6AU, from the red-hot creative team of writer Christos Gage and artist Dexter Soy! With Ultron running rampant throughout the Marvel Universe, the Superior Spider-Man must think fast, and act faster as the clock winds down to complete annihilation. How does Doc Ock fit into this new world? Can he work with the few remaining heroes to make it out alive?

With the robotic revolution in full force, no fan can miss how Age of Ultron will ultimately change the Marvel Universe leaving no hero or villain unscathed! So what are you waiting for? Head on over to your local comic shop and reserve a copy of Superior Spider-Man #6AU today! Fans have been demanding to know more about Age Of Ultron since Free Comic Book Day last year, and come this March – some of those questions and more (including an ending nobody will see coming) will be answered in Age of Ultron!


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JDUKE25 - 2/26/2013, 12:57 PM
Looks insane
Dax - 2/26/2013, 1:11 PM
It looks cool, but its just not as compelling knowing that it isn't Peter Parker.
AmazingFantasy - 2/26/2013, 1:11 PM
Dare I [frick]ing say it, but Otto is using Spider-Man's powers better than Peter as of late.

I mean, that is amazeballls!!!
CaptainObvious - 2/26/2013, 1:12 PM
Please kill him, Ultron
MrDonut - 2/26/2013, 1:12 PM
Alright that last suit? It's got my [frick]ing attention, props go to Spider-Ock, but he's still a polished turd
teamLUCCI - 2/26/2013, 1:12 PM
I hate saying this. AbsoLUTEly hate saying this...I...I...LIKE OTTO Spidey...fighting ULTRON...
I feel dirty.
NoJobBOB - 2/26/2013, 1:12 PM
Been reading TASM comics for a while now. Haven't gotten to the Dying Wish story yet but Im only about 10 or so away. Guess that will be my day today cause I want to read these new ones.
DanteSparda - 2/26/2013, 1:16 PM
Superior Art
Ramiel - 2/26/2013, 1:20 PM
Spidey-Ock is such an ass-kicker! Ultron is no match for Superior.
mawilli4 - 2/26/2013, 1:27 PM
Age of Ultron is going to be [frick]ing epic. I hope Ultron wins.
TheSoulEater - 2/26/2013, 1:27 PM
Bkams - 2/26/2013, 1:28 PM
WOW... just WOW...!!! It looks like a manga drawer or somebody who likes manga draw it. It looks amazing!
dellamorte1872 - 2/26/2013, 1:28 PM
Damn that's the nicest looking cover I've seen on Spidey for a long time
TrollHunter - 2/26/2013, 1:29 PM
Wow, I am LOVING that art
KeefNCookies - 2/26/2013, 1:33 PM
Great art, peice of crap character.
MutantEquality - 2/26/2013, 1:37 PM
No way. I can't believe that I'm impressed with this right now.
HavocPrime - 2/26/2013, 1:41 PM
That art is sex to the eyes.
Tony93 - 2/26/2013, 1:42 PM
Looks good..
How come its not peter parker? I havent been up to date on his comics,
what happened?
DanteSparda - 2/26/2013, 1:46 PM
Ehem, so... when are they releasing the Octopus Ultron toys? I want them.

marvel72 - 2/26/2013, 1:49 PM
ultron will own otto octavius.
WruceBayne - 2/26/2013, 1:58 PM
Everybody's so butt hurt that Peter Parker isn't Spider man. SUCK IT UP! Every month you still pick up Superior Spider man and b*tch and moan that Otto is Spider man. Otto/ Spider man is a better character. Yep, I said it.
Ocelot - 2/26/2013, 1:59 PM
was just about to ask where is octovious, and that the title's wrong as it's spiderman. Still aint used to the mind swap
BigDamnHero - 2/26/2013, 2:04 PM
Wow... That looks insanely good! I'm definitely all for Superior Spidey.
Tony93 - 2/26/2013, 2:36 PM
Sure did thanks
ew - 2/26/2013, 2:53 PM
Great to see Dexter Soy picking up more work after Captain Marvel. His work is amazing.
Shadowelfz - 2/26/2013, 2:59 PM
I bet Ottos going to save the day with something cool in an attempt to get fans to like him.
ThatFan - 2/26/2013, 3:00 PM
I can't even enjoy looking at the art.
ThatFan - 2/26/2013, 3:03 PM
HEY! Wouldn't the whole universe see that Spider-man has DOC OCK robots fighting for him. What the heck! And he'll just get away with it, because when ever Dan slott writes something, all the characters are stupid.
BubblesShedAndBreakfast - 2/26/2013, 3:07 PM
That art has great shading and coloring but the line work seems weak to me. Not hating on it just seen better pencils.
Shara184 - 2/26/2013, 3:11 PM
Never read a Spidey comic but from the previews Otto seems cooler than Peter.... I like the dark and menacing Spidey♥ :p
Wildaniel - 2/26/2013, 3:22 PM

Dont waste your time or money on Superior Spiderman, its horrible, but for some reason I keep reading it, lol. Im just waiting on Parker to come back.
Pheezmatic - 2/26/2013, 3:23 PM
Otto spidey kicks ass....Petey spidey is gunna come back tho nd kick his ass. i heart petey spidey :P
Temple - 2/26/2013, 4:00 PM
Looks cool.
AC1 - 2/26/2013, 4:06 PM
That's some stunning art.
KingLing - 2/26/2013, 4:09 PM
Otto Spidey has been fun. This will be a good battle of the brains.
dellamorte1872 - 2/26/2013, 4:13 PM
@mrmx - i totally agree that's why I dropped Spidey with BND. It was obvious Marvel was not letting Spidey mature brining him back to basics like that after all the mythos changes I enjoyed growing up, it was all retconned it was a DARK day for any Spidey fan. It was literally a slap in the face to us old school fans. So obviously I don't read this title any more but I appreciate Marvel actually trying a truly new direction, in a sense.
dellamorte1872 - 2/26/2013, 4:14 PM
Equivocal - 2/26/2013, 5:02 PM
I always liked Ultron, and now more than ever !!!

please KILL 'superior spiderman' !

*wishing & sighing*
LittleDanglyThing - 2/26/2013, 5:16 PM
Superior Spiderman is my favorite comic right now along with Hawkeye. Its really good idk why it gets any hate at all. Read it, see for yourself and stop complaining as if its permanent. Its not (but I hope Peter keeps some of the traits and ideas Otto has).
UltimateTypeface - 2/26/2013, 5:52 PM
Is Spidey-Oc turning the Ironman-Ultrons into Ironman-Ulron-Ocs with Spidey Tracer-thingies?

Everthing is merging together..

I wanna see Silver-surfer-samuri-sable!
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