COMICS: Punisher Continues His Battle with Electro in Preview of THE PUNISHER #4

COMICS: Punisher Continues His Battle with Electro in Preview of THE PUNISHER #4

Nathan Edmondson and Mitch Gerads' new Punisher series has been one of the highlights of All-New Marvel NOW!, with Frank Castle now in LA taking on drug gangs and the supervillain Electro. Hit the jump to check out a preview of the new issue.

Nathan Edmondson (writer) Mitch Gerads (art/cover)
ON SALE: 04/02/2014 PRICE: $3.99

  • The Punisher, captured by the Dos Sols gang, is caught in the maetaphorical lion's den. Tough luck, detaphorical lions.
  • The 131 get the call: Take down the Punisher with extreme prejudice.
  • A new player tosses her hat in the ring, and Frank's gotta ask himself a question: "Do I feel lucky?" Well... do ya, Frank?


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MidNightWind - 3/27/2014, 7:42 PM
Sweet! Love Punisher!
nuclearpriest - 3/27/2014, 7:47 PM
Never heard of Mitch Gerads before, but I'm loving the artwork. Seems like he would be an ideal artist for a run on Captain America.
marvel72 - 3/27/2014, 9:00 PM
great title thus far.
Geotheleo - 3/27/2014, 11:06 PM
jimoakley666 - 3/28/2014, 1:32 AM
Looks brilliant. Gettin' it on paperback. Are they discounting Vietnam and not ageing Castle anymore?
sameoldthing - 3/28/2014, 2:04 AM
Castle inhabits a comic book universe & he's just human but it has been proven & confirmed by comic creators working on
Punisher stories that Frank has a pain tolerance & physical capacity to take incredible abuse.

He's easily the toughest sumbitch in Marvel Universe.
No healing factor,No powers just a hard core mutherfu--er!
DanteMcFarlane - 3/28/2014, 2:21 AM
Last pic:
,,Look inside yourself, Frank. You are more than what you have become. You must take your place in the Circle of Life."
adamcawa - 3/28/2014, 8:45 AM
that image with electro shocking Punisher's head at his temples reminds me of the torture scene from the Princess Bride
JorEllinator - 3/29/2014, 8:53 AM
I hate how Marvel keeps trying to integrate him into the mainline MU, he doesn't fit in. He should be in the universe, but stay out of the big league stuff. It's like John Constantine, he should have never been involved with Trinity War or Forever Evil.

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