COMICS: RUNAWAYS' Victor Mancha To Get His Own Solo Series

COMICS: RUNAWAYS' Victor Mancha To Get His Own Solo Series

Marvel are giving the son of Ultron (Victor Mancha from The Runaways) his very own solo series, simply called "Ultron". Amilcar Pinna is on art duties but the writer remains a mystery. Check out the cover to Ultron #1 by Kalman Androsofsky for now anyway..

• Ultron took over the world.
• Ultron killed the heroes.
• Ultron…is your father.
• When you’re Victor Mancha, android teen Runaway, “daddy issues” doesn’t quite cover it.

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marvel72 - 1/18/2013, 3:43 AM
son of ultron,can't say i've heard of him.
Xiim - 1/18/2013, 3:51 AM
Victor Mancha was designed by Ultron, his full capabilities were never fully divulged... if I recall the thing was that over time his cybernetics would become more and more organic. Anyway his abilities were cybernetics and electric control... he could use electricity strongly enough to control the magnetic spectrum.

The main important part of his backstory is that Ultron designed him to be well... a fanboy. His dream would be to become an Avenger and become the world's greatest hero... and then kill everyone. He was first brought to the attention of the Runaways when one of their teammates came back from the future to warn them about him because he succeeded... He however wasn't evil now, just a teenager so they had him join the team, hoping they could beat the future and also keep an eye on him.
pepe - 1/18/2013, 3:59 AM
... Then who´s his mama?
ZombieOverEasy - 1/18/2013, 4:04 AM
His mother was a toaster oven down on her luck...
shamo - 1/18/2013, 4:05 AM
so many great characters without series yet this guy gets one.
simpleman - 1/18/2013, 4:06 AM
Hope Runaways will get their own series again.
GhostKILLERgx7 - 1/18/2013, 4:13 AM
@Xiim that's awesome, do you know the issue that he shows up in? i know ultron wanted to make the perfect fusion of tech-organic, but i had no idea he had made a son. kinda looking forward to reading this stand alone book now.
Introspection - 1/18/2013, 4:13 AM
This is great. One of my favorite characters from Runaways.
pepe - 1/18/2013, 4:28 AM
@ZombieOverEasy: Aaaaah... the cylon-conection...
Xiim - 1/18/2013, 4:28 AM
#Pepe - His mother was just a woman. She was a latina woman who found Ultron's head in a junk pile from one of his scraps with the Avengers... She was infertile and he promised her a son if she would be his arms and do as he said. So she built him a body under his instructions and he built her a child from her DNA.

@GhostKILLERgx7 - He first appeared in Runaways Volume 2, Issue One.

Xiim - 1/18/2013, 4:29 AM
I am really pleased to see Marvel didn't forget about this character... especially with Age of Ultron forthcoming...

However I must say I would kind of love if this ended up with him becoming a team with his brother Vision.
BigDamnHero - 1/18/2013, 5:33 AM
Unexpected... Yet awesome! I love Runaways. Marvel need to bring it back.
siggisuperman - 1/18/2013, 10:16 AM
I love runaways and I am so happy that they are moving forward with everything foreshadowed in The Runaways years ago. I always liked this character and will be picking this up. You can bet your asses it's going to tie into the upcoming Ultron Event
Chewtoy - 1/18/2013, 10:50 AM
Bah... Ultron's first born, the Vision, is the one who really needs some attention. But whatever...

I really hate that Ultron head. I get that it's supposed to remind you of Ant-man, but still... such a step backwards in cool design.
GhostKILLERgx7 - 1/18/2013, 11:19 AM
@Xiim or have vision be his mentor since he is/was an avenger?
gonna also try looking for that runaways issue this weekend so thanks a lot man
Temple - 1/18/2013, 11:54 AM
Yes, this is as close to runaways as we are going to get, and I'm cool with this.
hueyfreeman - 1/18/2013, 12:29 PM
@shamo Thats right! Thats it exactly! I don't give [frick] about victor mancha
BlueDemon - 1/18/2013, 2:43 PM

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