COMICS: Secret Spider-Woman, Thor's Sister Is Angela, And More ORIGINAL SIN Revelations

COMICS: Secret Spider-Woman, Thor's Sister Is Angela, And More ORIGINAL SIN Revelations

All sorts of secrets have been revealed as part of Marvel's Original Sin panel at C2E2, including the fact that a young girl - Silk - was bitten by the same radioactive spider which gave Peter Parker his abilities, Spawn turned Guardians of the Galaxy star Angela is in fact Thor's sister, and more...

A number of secrets will be unearthed in Original Sin and its various tie-ins this year, and Marvel have today revealed a number of them during their C2E2 panel. Amazing Spider-Man will reveal that Peter Parker wasn't the only person who was bitten by the radioactive spider that day, and this is the character (called Silk) who will presumably be the focus of the upcoming Year One: Learning To Crawl miniseries. With The Watcher dead and his secrets revealed, the older version of this character will return in the pages of Amazing Spider-Man in issue #4 of the relaunched series.

Elsewhere, it will be revealed in Fantastic Four that Johnny Storm ruined an opportunity to turn The Thing back into Ben Grimm, and Johnny and Reed kept the secret from him. Original Sin: Hulk Vs. Iron Man will shed some light on Tony Stark's involvement in the creation of the gamma bomb, Daredevil #6 will reveal why Matt Murdock's mother left him and his father, and Uncanny X-Men #23 will see the last will and testament of Charles Xavier cause chaos in the life of Cyclops and his team. Deadpool #29 will tell the story of what happened to Deadpool's family, but perhaps the biggest revelation will come in Original Sin: Thor and Loki: The Tenth Realm #1-5 which will reveal the "Tenth Realm" that Angela comes from and the fact that Odin is her father. 

For more details on Original Sin and secrets relating to some other characters, be sure to head on over to Newsarama for more. How do you feel about these revelations?

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AlexanderLykins - 4/26/2014, 11:41 AM
SinAllnite - 4/26/2014, 11:42 AM
Oden been busy
QuestiontheAnswer - 4/26/2014, 11:43 AM
Greatest of all gimmicks. We couldn't think of a good story so here's some "shocking" reveals to ensure you buy our comics.
TheBuoyWonder - 4/26/2014, 11:43 AM
You'd have thought she'd try and capitalise on her spider powers after seeing spider-man...
JoJo1982 - 4/26/2014, 11:47 AM
Say whhaaa!?!

That explains a few thing

Angela and Thor sister and brother
lapress - 4/26/2014, 11:50 AM
The Fantastic Four and Uncanny X-Men seem plausible, but the other ones don't.
Parkerluckpersonified - 4/26/2014, 11:51 AM
@QuestiontheAnswer Isn't a shocking reveal pretty much the definition of a good story? would you prefer to see everything coming?

I love Angela but hope this doesn't mean that she will disappear from GotG cos i don't read Thor.

Also really excited to find out Silk's story, should be interesting and she has a hot silhouette :-P
yinyangpalms - 4/26/2014, 11:57 AM
So Marvel is so piss poor on ideas that they are using Angela like that character is some big deal and have created yet another Spider-Man derivative.

That's pretty sad!
SugarYumYum - 4/26/2014, 12:05 PM
Better be some good shit in that will, don't make me glad Cyke toasted your ass Xavier.

Angela a child of Odin? Meh.
thunderforce - 4/26/2014, 12:05 PM
So is Angela going to be in GOTG movies of Thor movies lol .
Amazing512 - 4/26/2014, 12:06 PM
I love how any big revelation is deemed "Just a stupid gimmick to lure I reader because they have no more ideas blah blah blah".
Why dotty some of you idiots actually try reading the stories first? This all sounds very interesting.
kinghulk - 4/26/2014, 12:07 PM
what angela is thor's sister? does this mean she wont appear in guardians of the galaxy again?
and odin sure does get around doesent
Simonsonrules - 4/26/2014, 12:07 PM
Judging from the images above, the secret is "boobs".
KiddSoul - 4/26/2014, 12:07 PM
Hmmm...Some things are better left off as mysteries?
marvel72 - 4/26/2014, 12:07 PM
this event sounds awesome,i hope its as good as last years infinity.
thunderforce - 4/26/2014, 12:10 PM
Oh and why is Marvel creating more characters for Sony movies ?
KiddSoul - 4/26/2014, 12:12 PM
I'm curious about the 10th realm. Sounds and looks interesting...
kinghulk - 4/26/2014, 12:13 PM
marvel72- i loved infinity it was really enjoyable for me, im not sure what to think of original sin though.
ThePowerCosmic - 4/26/2014, 12:14 PM
Issue 0 of this was awesome! Should be another excellent event like Infinity.
thunderforce - 4/26/2014, 12:14 PM
Don't stop with 10 keep on going make it 20
kinghulk - 4/26/2014, 12:15 PM
kiddsoul- angela is from heaven so the 10th realm is probably heaven
BritishMonkey - 4/26/2014, 12:15 PM
Angela still seems extremely out of place to me in Marvel, and now they're saying she's a sister of Thor makes no sense whatsoever.
Are Luke Cage and Danny Rand really distant cousins too?
kinghulk - 4/26/2014, 12:16 PM
thepowercosmic- so it's worth the money? im not sure what to think of this
DanteSparda - 4/26/2014, 12:23 PM

Very intriguing, and the fact that Angela is actually Thor's sister makes me feel like she fit better in the Marvel Universe, actually is the fact that she's asgardian alone.
LivLuv - 4/26/2014, 12:25 PM
Silk will be around long enough to reveal she has a son named...Miles! I can just see it!!! There's a Peter Parker in each Universe, why not a Miles Morales?!!!
Franshu - 4/26/2014, 12:29 PM
Uh, the spider died immediately after biting Peter, still on his hand. It's all there, in Amazing Fantasy 15, but whatever...
NightForce - 4/26/2014, 12:34 PM
All of this sounds [frick]ing lame.
MrDonut - 4/26/2014, 12:34 PM
Hmm... I can picture 'Silk' having some connection to the 616 Miles Morales. Reed and Johnny being naughty? Well, that deserves a clobbering but hasn't the whole 'the Thing becoming human' thing been played out now? As for Angela? Don't know enough about her to care, though it'd be awkward if Thor ever try hit it lol...
GliderMan - 4/26/2014, 12:36 PM


NightForce - 4/26/2014, 12:37 PM
"WHATT? Turns out some random chick got bit by the spider 2 seconds after Peter did?
"Angel girl is ACTUALLY Thor's sister!
DoomBot666 - 4/26/2014, 12:42 PM
They recently acquired Angela, so they're tying her to the Marvel Universe! Why wouldn't Marvel give their new characters a push? Same happened with DC and that Pandora girl. Both companies have done things like this for ages. It's called retconning
DoomBot666 - 4/26/2014, 12:48 PM
I have been looking forward to Original Sin since they announced it. I am not going to let you butthurt "fans" who are afraid of change ruin this. If you want the same old shit read the old comics. I want an exciting, twist-filled ride, and it looks like I'm getting that with Original Sin. GOD BLESS AMERICA or something like that
SimpleeComplex - 4/26/2014, 12:51 PM
"New revelations" are Kind of like retroactive continuity in a different wrapping paper. A way to introduce new plot plints and characters.
Platinum - 4/26/2014, 12:53 PM
Well at least Slott understands that the spider that bit Peter could've bit anyone and not just him.
SimpleeComplex - 4/26/2014, 12:53 PM
And where has this Spider-Lady been this whole time hmmm. Secretly training?? Waiting...for the right moment to take revenge on Parker for being the 2nd and not the 1st person to get bit by the radioactive spider bwahhhHhhahahhH!!!!
boboMELOSHE - 4/26/2014, 12:55 PM
Angela does seem really out of place with the Guardians plus I love Aaron's Thor run. This could be great!
SugarYumYum - 4/26/2014, 12:56 PM
I dig Angela being in the Marvelverse, I'm just meh over the being Thor's sister thing. It'll be worth it if the 10th realm is all sorts of cool.

And the spider dying immediately after biting Peter is being retconned in the new Amazing series (which I just read has over 500K preorders holy shiet).
LivLuv - 4/26/2014, 12:56 PM
"The spider did die. Its the radiation that kept its body moving long enough to find its last victim" - watch that'll be the excuse! Wasn't that used before....
kinghulk - 4/26/2014, 12:57 PM
bobo- no one is out of place wth the guardians they are all misfits lol. i liked her with the guardians.
LordHuck - 4/26/2014, 12:58 PM
MrMartinMarvel -

I'm pretty sure it did't, because the Grand High Editor Lords at Marvel just said it didn't

Who the #$%& are you compared to them? Nothing. That's right.
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