COMICS: 'Stryfe' Returns As "Vendetta" Reaches Its Epic Conclusion In UNCANNY X-FORCE #17

COMICS: 'Stryfe' Returns As "Vendetta" Reaches Its Epic Conclusion In UNCANNY X-FORCE #17

This January, "Vendetta" reaches its epic conclusion in the pages of Uncanny X-Force #17, from blockbuster writer Sam Humphries and red-hot artists Harvey Tolibao and Dexter Soy! Why has classic X-Force villain Stryfe returned? Hit the jump for a first look at the issue.

Classic X-Force villain STRYFE has returned and is determined to exact his revenge upon Cable…by taking from him what he holds most dear: his daughter, Hope! But rather than killing Hope, Stryfe plans to corrupt her. He’s put Bishop—the man who relentlessly hunted her across time—in Hope’s crosshairs…and the means to end him in her hands. Will Stryfe get his revenge by enabling Hope to get hers? One thing’s for sure: after this, X-Force will never be the same. Don’t miss the senses-shattering conclusion to “Vendetta” this January in UNCANNY X-FORCE #17!

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Bl00dwerK - 1/3/2014, 3:27 AM
Wouldn't it be great if they killed each other?
Doopie - 1/3/2014, 3:28 AM
always wanted me a Stryfe hat...comes in handy when juicing lemons
gambgel - 1/3/2014, 3:42 AM
is that Boom boom?
SageMode - 1/3/2014, 4:48 AM
Wow. haven't seen this dude in the pages for YEARS. Cool villain.
knocturnalzen10 - 1/3/2014, 5:09 AM
@sagemode -_-
Enphlieuwince - 1/3/2014, 5:34 AM
Amazing artwork though...
CherryBomb - 1/3/2014, 6:20 AM
RetroFit - 1/3/2014, 6:33 AM
I'd love to see an X-Force movie with Stryfe as the bad guy. Looking just like in that top picture. Reminds me of The Mouth Of Sauron. I'm sick of human-in-a-suit-without-their-helmet-so-you-can-see-who-the-big-name-actor-is-that-we-paid-five-million-dollars-to looking villains. If they tone down Apocalypse to look more human and 'realistic' I'm gonna snap. Give us a [frick]ing cartoonish, over the top bad guy straight out of the comics that looks like a [frick]ing comic book bad ass!
ComicsToFilm - 1/3/2014, 7:10 AM
@blackandyellow If Stryfe sucks, what's been your contribution to comics? Using the word sucks doesn't count...
Keldor - 1/3/2014, 7:23 AM
Usually blackandyellow sucks, but on this one rare occasion I would have to agree with him. Rob Liefeld sucks.
rabid - 1/3/2014, 7:56 AM
So will this turn out to be Cable himself again or will it be the original Stryfe that Kang pulled from the decaying timestream?
TheRealRemyLebeau - 1/3/2014, 8:09 AM
Isn't stryfe cables clone? It's been years since I saw or checked up on him.
SimpleeComplex - 1/3/2014, 8:46 AM
@retrofit lol good observation
rabid - 1/3/2014, 3:09 PM
Usually, he's Cable's clone. But Cable and Hope also wear the suit in the future timelines.
Space - 1/3/2014, 3:12 PM
novaprime - 1/3/2014, 5:37 PM
Arts Amazing!
ThunderKat - 1/3/2014, 10:35 PM
Wow, Stryfe's back. Is somebody using Paste Pot Pete?
JokersWild - 1/5/2014, 5:00 PM
Remember the days when characters would only be on 1 X-Men team?

Stoopid multi team characters

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