COMICS: The ALL-NEW X-MEN Meet The Future Team In First Look At Issue #16

COMICS: The ALL-NEW X-MEN Meet The Future Team In First Look At Issue #16

Kitty Pryde, Deadpool, Beast, Charles Xavier's grandson and a grown up Runaway are all members of the X-Men in the future, and as "Battle of the Atom" continues, the All-New X-Men comes face to face with them in this first look at issue #16!

• Wolverine vs. Future X-Men!
• Young Scott Summers and Jean Grey run away to stay in the present day!

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SpectacularJoSh - 8/30/2013, 6:06 AM
LOL at the "Beast meeting"
ABLEE337 - 8/30/2013, 6:06 AM
^^^intruder is first^^^
Ramiel - 8/30/2013, 6:07 AM
Iceman and Deadpool....Hahaha!
ABLEE337 - 8/30/2013, 6:11 AM
I may have to pick this one up, like the humor.
MatchesMalone1989 - 8/30/2013, 6:34 AM
Bet you its Ice mans son.
jimoakley666 - 8/30/2013, 6:37 AM
This looks [frick]ing ace!
KraftB0X - 8/30/2013, 6:39 AM
How has All-New X-Men been so far? I love the art and this humor is really getting to me from those pages lol. I might just have to pick 'em up.
thewolveRAYne - 8/30/2013, 6:43 AM
Now this looks cool. Glad I pick this up every month. This and uncanny. Looking forward to how all this time traveling works out.
Havenless - 8/30/2013, 6:50 AM

I bet it's a golem he once made that somehow came to life.

They already did out-of-control-monstrocity Iceman in Mutant X. I think this will be different
DoomXfactor - 8/30/2013, 7:18 AM
Bendis is killing it in this series. I [frick]ing love it.
DangerDuck83 - 8/30/2013, 7:41 AM
I freaking love Deadpool!!!
TelaVizion - 8/30/2013, 7:55 AM
this gonna be great... Mad that the main series is only 2 issues
CherryBomb - 8/30/2013, 7:55 AM
The Scott and Jean cover is amazing.
TelaVizion - 8/30/2013, 7:56 AM
Storm bout to f*ck old Kitty up.... Don't be touching her man
thalidomide - 8/30/2013, 8:07 AM
Definitely going to get this one.
MightyZeus - 8/30/2013, 8:21 AM
I might get it. The illustrations and the concept some what interests me.
Mrsinister - 8/30/2013, 8:23 AM
They should have used xmen 2099
Introspection - 8/30/2013, 8:27 AM
Kitty looked like she was going for something a little more than a hug.
Shadowmaster35 - 8/30/2013, 8:35 AM
HAHA I'd prob react to myself being a giant lump of ice like that too. Interested in seeing where this goes. Ohh, and of course Granov's cover is freakin awesome!!
marvel72 - 8/30/2013, 9:08 AM
long time x-men fan,i'm gonna be all over this like a rash.
OtakuPapi - 8/30/2013, 9:17 AM
i was so looking for Battle for the Atom 1 this week! Amped for it coming out next week with Infinity 2
TheFox - 8/30/2013, 9:25 AM
If there's one thing Bendis really knows how to sell, it's characters meeting each other for the first time.

This looks like a great read! Can't wait to pick it up.

TheDpool - 8/30/2013, 10:09 AM
One series I really am enjoying, Hope the future Deadpool has a few lines other than what we just saw hate it when they show popular characters futures selves but never use them.
PeterDarker - 8/30/2013, 11:52 AM
Deadpool!!! HAHAHA!
ChanceX74 - 8/30/2013, 6:56 PM
So does this mean two or three time jump events are going on simultaneously? There's this, the '60's X-Men in the present, the distorted space time continuum issues from Age of Ultron... Didn't Hulk just go back in time?

Time travel in the Marvel Universe is like a trip to the grocery store.

With everyone displaced, how does anyone know who's doing what or how to fix anything? Do these editors even consider the logistics? Future X-Men come to send past X-Men back but the present's already been changed causing Hulk to have to go back, all while everything's currently distorted by AoU.

How does future X-Men even know they're in the right present with all these story-lines occurring at the same time?

Sure, if you only ascribe to one team of books it has no impact, but if you look at everything that's happening as a whole (even the events in the books you aren't reading), it's ridiculous and makes no sense whatsoever.
mrjones - 8/30/2013, 11:11 PM
the comment made by ChanceX74 makes so much sense.

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