COMICS: The Battle Between Luke Cage And Namor Continues In UNCANNY X-MEN #12

COMICS: The Battle Between Luke Cage And Namor Continues In UNCANNY X-MEN #12

The battle between the Avengers and X-Men continues in Tabula Rasa, and it's payback time as Namor decides to settle the score with Luke Cage after their battle on Utopia. Hit the jump to check out a preview of the fight courtesy of CBR.

• The Avengers and X-Men take their battles world-wide.
• Return to Tabula Rasa!

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Pencils & Cover by GREG LAND

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DoomXfactor - 5/10/2012, 5:43 PM
It's Clobbering Time you X-[frick]s!
DoomXfactor - 5/10/2012, 5:48 PM
Arrrgh!!! I'm torn...I don't know who to root for
superotherside - 5/10/2012, 5:59 PM
Namor should have defeated the Thing. I could see Iron Man winning against Magneto though. But it was stupid just to have the Avengers winning each fight. Namor will win against Luck Cage. Sorry Luke.
jackpackage - 5/10/2012, 6:09 PM
They should rename the series The Marvel Universe vs. The X-Men. I mean you have Spidey a member of the Fantastic 4 you even have an X-Man on the Avengers.
Wildaniel - 5/10/2012, 6:10 PM
Namor is my boy, lol. He should rip Power Man apart!

Here is a preview for AvsXM #4, sadly not on main, lol...
Minotauro - 5/10/2012, 6:13 PM
Namor? The dude that is suppose to be an underwater heroe but can fly?

Lol. Pointless. smh
Supernature - 5/10/2012, 6:15 PM
This event sucks hard so far.

And the art is really [frick]ing ugly. Expected when it's Greg Land "drawing" but still...
Wildaniel - 5/10/2012, 6:29 PM

Sometimes my articles make it on main.
CyberBishop - 5/10/2012, 6:34 PM
Since I was a kid I have always hated Namor...
CapsUnknownSidekick - 5/10/2012, 9:40 PM
Someone seriously thinks that Greg Land's work is ugly? Opinions are never wrong, but that just doesn't sound right.
ICStoopedPeople - 5/10/2012, 10:20 PM
Wow... Sunspot and Hetzipah (whatever her name is) vs. She Hulk and Thing...

Yeah, no, that is a completely fair match up. wtf
spidermanfan2099 - 5/11/2012, 3:04 AM
@Gambit... there are FAR worse artists than Land in comics today! Do you only read like 4 titles or something... thats the stupidest statement i've ever read!! Liefeld still works in comics!!
dellamorte1872 - 5/11/2012, 4:19 AM
this is such a stupid series, THING really beat NAMOR IN THE OCEAN? Namor shoulda won! they were IN the ocean! thats pretty bad, MARVEL always stated that in the ocean he'd be the strongest against anyone. They chumped him tho and trapped him in a way where the THING wins.....stupid.
dellamorte1872 - 5/11/2012, 4:21 AM
then they send in LUKE CAGE? if he beats NAMOR as well I will bre sincerely glad MARVEL didnt get any of my money for this series
AztecRainGod - 5/11/2012, 6:56 AM
Namor would have slapped Cage around under water. This isnt written very well.
MassExecutions - 5/11/2012, 7:07 AM
They just keep making Luke Cage stronger. Back at his introduction they didn't really talk about his strength, just his invulnerability. No way he should be able to take Namor.

Thing beat Namor underwater?!? Now I must go read this issue and see if it is truly as crazy and contrived as you say.
ThaMessenger07 - 5/11/2012, 7:26 AM
Unless Cage has been upgraded this is horse shit. Especially the fact that he made Namor bleed....

And Thing beating Namor was complete horseshit as well...
Illcommunicatione - 5/11/2012, 8:34 AM
How can Thing beat Namor, he can't even beat Paper? (or Spock)
ralfinader - 5/11/2012, 9:27 AM
@Gusto - Sweet Christmas, what a picture!

This forced event is lame.
niknik - 5/11/2012, 12:59 PM
Yeah, they lost me when Thing beat Namor UNDER WATER!!! On land maybe, but no way under water. This whole series has $hit writing, with Cap being a douchebag coming to take the girl away like some jack booted thug. Totally goes against EVERYTHING that character has stood for since his silver age return back in 64. Hell, it was just two years ago that he was fighting for heroe's rights to freedom from government control in the Civil War storyline and now suddenly he's on the opposite side of that equation????

These writers have NO CLUE who these characters are. Total P.O.S. writing and more importantly editing on Marvel's part. The writers may be still in diapers but the editor in chief has been around long enough to know better.

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