COMICS: The Fall Of Marvel's First Family Continues In FANTASTIC FOUR #2 Preview

COMICS: The Fall Of Marvel's First Family Continues In FANTASTIC FOUR #2 Preview

The Fantastic Four will be getting an "All-New Marvel NOW!" relaunch this month from James Robinson and Leonard Kirk, and the publisher has released a preview of the second issue. The solicitation promises will feature a sacrifice which "will shake the family to their very foundation"...

Marvel is pleased to present your first look at FANTASTIC FOUR #2 from the blockbuster creative team of James Robinson and Leonard Kirk! Manhattan is under attack by mysterious foes. From a corrupted pocket universe swarms scores of destructive creatures, wreaking untold havoc on the Big Apple! The Fantastic Four are the only ones capable of stopping the swarm. But to achieve that final victory, one of the Fantastic Four must make a terrible sacrifice that will shake the family to their very foundation! The strings continue to be pulled and the pieces are in play for the Fantastic Four’s downfall! Don’t miss the shocking FANTASTIC FOUR #2 on sale this March!

Art & Cover by LEONARD KIRK
Variant Cover by ART ADAMS
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MrCBM56 - 2/14/2014, 3:40 PM
What the [frick]...

Are those really the costumes? Not feeling it.
MrCBM56 - 2/14/2014, 3:40 PM
Look like The Incredibles.
scapegoatjones - 2/14/2014, 3:41 PM
reed looks like zoolander in one of those panels
pointman - 2/14/2014, 3:41 PM
Ahhhhhhh. Arthur Adams continues to show that he is a master. Those old x-men annuals and the longshot series were awesome twenty plus years ago.

I have been out of collecting books in a while? How many times has the FF been rebooted?
FantasticSpidey - 2/14/2014, 3:43 PM
when does the first issue come out
FantasticSpidey - 2/14/2014, 3:44 PM
Suits suck... But im more hesitant that Hickman is not writing it.
FantasticSpidey - 2/14/2014, 3:45 PM
The more I see these suits the more I hate them. Make them blue and we're good.
DarkSuperman - 2/14/2014, 3:48 PM
You guys don't like the Red/Black? I kinda like'em. They're bold and in your face. Edna Mode would be proud. Lol
HelaGood - 2/14/2014, 3:48 PM
should stick with the blue.
DarkSuperman - 2/14/2014, 3:49 PM
I do miss the traditional blue though.
marvel72 - 2/14/2014, 3:50 PM
if i remember correctly james robinson is a fantastic writer.
pesmerga44 - 2/14/2014, 3:52 PM
I definitely miss the good old blue costumes but I liked the white costumes better then these red ones to dark for the F4 for me.
DarkSuperman - 2/14/2014, 3:53 PM
"On an outer space adventure...they were hit by cosmic rays...and then the four were changed forever! In some most fantastic need to fear, they're here, just call the four! Fantastic four! (Don't need no more!)Reed richards is elastic...sue can fade from sight, johnny is a human torch...and ben just likes to fight, here comes the four! Fantastic four!"

god, I loved they're 90's cartoon. That theme song was dope too. Lol
CherryBomb - 2/14/2014, 3:55 PM
I'm with MrCBM...

I hate the costumes. What's the reason behind the colour change, anyone know?
KeefNCookies - 2/14/2014, 3:56 PM
Love the art but really against the red/black design. Sucks since every single else on the page is pure platinum.
FantasticSpidey - 2/14/2014, 4:00 PM
The change almost just seems like they are changing it to try and separate themselves from the other writers/artists who have done F4/F.

I loved the White and Black of FF and the newest F4. ANd obviously the blue/black and blue/white are classics, but red just seems off, and kinda wrong altogether.

For starters, Thing is orange, and when Johnny is on fire, he is too and having sue and reed in red just blurs everyone together if you ask me.

Blue/Black/White creates a better contrast, and so does White with Black.
Mrsinister - 2/14/2014, 4:01 PM
Not buying. I boycott marvel comics because they cancel books too often
FantasticSpidey - 2/14/2014, 4:03 PM
the art is gorgeous.

But its like someone took an Aston Martin and slapped red Sherwin Williams paint on it.
pesmerga44 - 2/14/2014, 4:03 PM

Then don't tell me you buy DC comics because DC has cancelled so many books their whole New 52 comic book series most couldn't make it past a year before being cancelled. DC cancels so many of their books.
MightyMilton - 2/14/2014, 4:16 PM
I wonder who they'll kill off. My guess is Reed, he kinda deserves it after all these years. Also the costume sucks, but I'll still read it for the 10 issues they release before they cancel it.
KINGPEN266 - 2/14/2014, 4:25 PM
i love the color of the suits
spiderclone - 2/14/2014, 4:30 PM
im sick of relaunches, but the art looks beautiful and the costumes are great
scapegoatjones - 2/14/2014, 4:36 PM
lol at Mr. Fan telescoping up for a better look. creative way to exhibit his power.
Kwyjibo - 2/14/2014, 4:41 PM
the shocking sacrifice is.....they'll demolish the Baxter Building....homeless heroes...don't know if serious, or kidding
Sp1d3y - 2/14/2014, 4:43 PM
the suits look pretty badass. but honestly they should relaunch the 616 universe and ultimate universe, mixing them into one Ultra universe.
MightyZeus - 2/14/2014, 4:44 PM
Not really a fan of the red costumes but the art does look stunning.
Erojuan - 2/14/2014, 4:48 PM
Red uniforms??? WTF
LoudLon - 2/14/2014, 4:56 PM
In other words, "we're changing the FF to more closely resemble the upcoming Fox relaunch in order to wrangle in a wider, younger crowd."

Just watch. In Marvel NOW, the FF will be teenagers. Reed Richards will be emo, Thing will be goth, Sue will be a riot grrl and Johnny will be a wise-cracking black guy.

I never thought I'd say this, having been a fan for 3/4 of my 42 years on this earth, but after over a decade of relaunches, canon re-writing and everything else, Marvel Comics is beyond repair. What they really need to do is go back in time to 1993 and warn their old selves that if it ain't broke, don't [frick]ing fix it.

Maybe Dr. Doom will lend them his time machine.
rabid - 2/14/2014, 5:00 PM
Venomized brood? Okay.

Hey didn't they say their costumes in the new film will be red and black? Makes sense now, especially after how the last arc ended.
InfiniteMonkey - 2/14/2014, 5:03 PM
How many bloody reboots are they going to have.
ComradeGrey - 2/14/2014, 5:06 PM
Um...LoudLon, this is from Marvel NOW and I see a white Johnny....
TheBeard - 2/14/2014, 5:16 PM
hate those costumes, which means fox will use them in the reboot
TheStranger - 2/14/2014, 5:23 PM
When did they start wearing these craptastic red uniforms?
TheStranger - 2/14/2014, 5:25 PM
@TheBeard I'd put money on it. I hear Uwe Boll is being considered for the directors chair. =P
TMcFarlaneFan - 2/14/2014, 5:35 PM
@MrCBM56 You're a smart Mother F**ker thats right!
Space - 2/14/2014, 5:35 PM
Blue/Black is classic
White/Black is great
Red/Black looks weird
DavidMiller - 2/14/2014, 6:09 PM
John Byrne!
Come Back...
JohnTom88 - 2/14/2014, 6:09 PM
Red-Black should be Ant Man/Pym team
Blue-White is Reed Richards Fantastic Four
Gold-Red is Iron Man and his drones
SpideyQuad - 2/14/2014, 6:27 PM
Reminds me of the British during the Revolutionary war. Over here, over here… shoot me!
SpideyQuad - 2/14/2014, 6:41 PM
When you're going into battle the color red just can't be that practical.

ComradeGrey, I think LoudLon realizes that. I believe he's being sarcastic, in a way to say he's not buying what more than likely Fox is going to be peddling next summer. I understand exactly where he's coming from, he's a traditionalist and the history counts to him. To me Fox is pulling a classic WB here and it will more than likely blow up in their faces.
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