COMICS: The Man Without Fear Continues His Batle Against Coyote In DAREDEVIL #21

COMICS: The Man Without Fear Continues His Batle Against Coyote In DAREDEVIL #21

Writer Mark Waid (Indestructible Hulk) and Chris Samnee's (The Rocketeer: Cargo of Doom) Daredevil #21 sees the Man Without Fear continue to unearth a mystery which has been building since issue #3 as his battle with the Coyote rages on. Check it out!

• The final showdown with Coyote!
• Big clues to a mystery building since issue 3!
• Daredevil – wanted by the NYPD!

Click on the preview pages below to view the full-size versions.

Written by MARK WAID
Pencils & Cover by CHRIS SAMNEE

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Josh Wilding
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shamo - 12/16/2012, 5:06 AM
shit comic.
Gunslinger - 12/16/2012, 5:10 AM
^ shit comment
marvel72 - 12/16/2012, 5:20 AM
daredevil is one of the best marvel comics,actually one of the best comics full stop.

if marvel studios ever want to make a movie of daredevil,this series would be perfect for adapting.
shamo - 12/16/2012, 5:55 AM
books shit. Hawkeye's the best comic at Marvel.
jimoakley666 - 12/16/2012, 6:24 AM
Shamo = trollish tool.

This comic looks ace. Love Samnee's artwork.
shamo - 12/16/2012, 9:05 AM
Batman? i guess you're saying that because of my avatar? i actually don't care much for Batman, i simply like Bane.
ImnotDaredevil - 12/16/2012, 9:37 AM
Been reading ol' hornhead since the mid/late seventies & I've got to say I'm enjoying this run. Good to see him back on top;)
Invictor - 12/16/2012, 9:58 AM
Josh, you kind of spelled Battle wrong in your headline. It's all good, everyone makes mistakes, good article btw.
Temple - 12/16/2012, 11:45 AM
This is gunna go down as one of the best daredevil runs, watch.
pepe - 12/17/2012, 1:46 AM
One of the best Comics at da moment!

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