COMICS: "The Secret Origin Of Tony Stark" Continues In First Look At IRON MAN #12

COMICS: "The Secret Origin Of Tony Stark" Continues In First Look At IRON MAN #12

451 continues to reveal "The Secret Origin Of Tony Stark" in this first look at Kieron Gillen (Young Avengers) and Dave Eaglesham's (Fantastic Four) Iron Man #12. Hit the jump to find out more about the mysterious circumstances behind the birth of the Armored Avenger!

• The Birth.
• 451’s ulterior motive proves to be a big one. In a very literal sense.

Cover by GREG LAND
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TheAbomination - 6/29/2013, 2:46 PM
Tony is a drunk British actor. THAT'S the twist.
StarlordX - 6/29/2013, 2:58 PM
Tony Stark was genetically modified as a baby by an alien robot to become a weapon builder. That is no Joke
PersonOfNoInterest - 6/29/2013, 3:27 PM
The next step is for 451 and Tony to travel to the edge of the universe and open up a Starbucks... where they will rake in the cash and prosper like a couple of BOSSes.

Or maybe 451 is taking Tony to the planet of the Green Women from Star Trek so that he can... uh, spread the seeds of 451's experiment and have a whole army of Starks with which to take over the multiverse. The current issue of Guardians of the Galaxy was a spoiler because Tony played space doctor with Gamora. Yeah, Tony will get to live out the fantasy of being the only man on a world of women while having a pervy android watch it all.
airbeyonder18 - 6/29/2013, 3:28 PM
Too weird for me...
EpitomeofAwesome - 6/29/2013, 3:32 PM
Cool art
marvel72 - 6/29/2013, 3:37 PM
has this series improved at all? this & captain america have been highly disappointing,not the worse marvel now titles but very low on the list.
SuperiorMrGod - 6/29/2013, 6:48 PM
The thing that was special about Tony is that he wasn't special but he made himself special, this SHITTY [frick]ING BOOK is ruining that with a very forgettable convoluted silly disney story. [frick] this "secret origin"!
SuperiorMrGod - 6/29/2013, 6:51 PM

The worst series in my opinion has been Wolverine and the X-Men. Really silly series. Kinda reminds me of the Incredibles to an extent.

What is your least favorite and where does Superior place on that list?
marvel72 - 6/29/2013, 7:32 PM
@ mrgod

i liked wolverine & the x-men when it first started right up to avx but now i'm a bit behind on that title.

marvel now

-thor god of thunder
-all new x-men
-uncanny x-men
-indestructible hulk
-new avengers
-uncanny avengers
-guardians of the galaxy
-journey into mystery
-x-men legacy
-uncanny x-force
-cable & x-force
-savage wolverine
-superior spider-man
-fantastic four
-young avengers
-avengers arena
-captain america
-iron man
-secret avengers
-red she-hulk
-morbius the living vampire

i read daredevil,hawkeye & venom as well which are all great books,thanos rising is my favorite cosmic title & i haven't read yet x-men,you know all female team book.

i don't buy comics i borrow them of a mate of mine & end up buying the trade paperbacks of the ones i like probably everything from thor god of thunder - fantastic four.
Blastaar - 6/29/2013, 7:40 PM
Interesting that they are just getting around to revealing more about Tony's mom when none of it was ever mentioned in the Iron Man films. I was wondering when they'd ever get around to who she was and what happened to her. By not revealing who she was in the movies, it made it seem like she may have been just some random fling Howard Stark may have had, paid her off and kept his son.
SuperiorMrGod - 6/29/2013, 8:01 PM
@ Marvel72

My list is so similar it's not funny. Although I'd put New Avengers near the bottom, not enjoying the series that much.
chrismyers - 6/29/2013, 9:35 PM
Shame matt fraction didn't write more than just the three books, so far his marvel now stuff has been awesome...really can't get into the marvel now iron man though. seems like paint by numbers dull and lifeless....Thor god of thunder is by far the best thing going but the majority of the books are good.
worst being iron man and uncanny avengers and probably avengers up to infinity has been messy writing to say the least!! Biggest surprise for me though has to be Nova....loving it!
GLprime2814 - 6/29/2013, 9:50 PM
What disappoints me so much about this story is that it tells you that everything tony stark is was and will be is being pre determined by a robot called 451 and he's the one who made him who he is.
It cheapens the character and doesn't make him that special anymore.
Tony's not smart because he was blessed with a beautiful mind but genetically engendered by a genocidal droid.

The more I read the marvel now stuff the more I welcome a reboot.
chrismyers - 6/29/2013, 10:05 PM
@ GLprime 2814

They have shot themselves in the foot I think (marvel) by half rebooting everything, its so odd the whole market strategy..theyve numbered everything 1 yet still make loads of references to previous continuity so if I were a new reader I would have dropped so many books purely because i wouldnt have a clue what the [frick] they are talking about!

Yet it has worked so well with FF and Fantatic4 and thor and hawkeye it would be such a shame to lose the new story lines they are developing the rest as far as I'm concerned are begging to be rebooted. Also if you read all the story lines they are constantly ripping each other off....
Iron man & thor, nova multiple time/age story structure
Captain america and fantastic four, guardians, avengers, ff, uncanny avengers - illuminati, a arena - dimension jumping
All new xmen, thor, uncanny xmen uncanny avengers - time travel

The only ones immune hulk daredevil and hawk eye...and apart form thor those three are by far the best books they have. Doesnt that tell them something??
chrismyers - 6/29/2013, 10:06 PM
oh and also body swapping....captain america, spiderman, uncanny avengers (red skull)
GLprime2814 - 6/29/2013, 10:30 PM

jimoakley666 - 6/30/2013, 12:14 AM
This new origin wasn't really needed, was it?
MightyZeus - 6/30/2013, 12:15 AM
Look's alright.
SnapperCarr - 6/30/2013, 5:10 AM
utter shit.
Shadowelfz - 6/30/2013, 5:18 AM
God that's awful. I know Iron Man is Marvels new cash cow (at least in their minds) but do they really need to change his origin to something so... convulted? Alien mobsters?

Well thats what you get for hiring Gillen to write this crap. I hope Marvel doesnt keep this new 'origin.'Iron Mans origin was perfect as it was. Some times simple is better.
ScionStorm - 6/30/2013, 8:31 AM
That second page artwork is amazing.
aRandomSinisterClone - 6/30/2013, 10:00 AM
i hate how every Marvel character is now "special" before they were even born. It takes away anything Tony did himself to become a self made man. Marvel, your ruining your characters for shitty arcs.
aRandomSinisterClone - 6/30/2013, 10:01 AM
@shadowwelfz god damn right, simpler is better.

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